The 144,000 have been Sealed

The Book of Truth



Written Feb. 25


   Our Lord has spoken and you have been told the Seal of the Living God has been place upon your heads. From all walks of life and an unknown history, but you know you are.  An allegiance to a religion does not choose even the Catholic Church and the Jews, but many will come from the two witnesses. Know this; only God blesses the select not a man preaching from the pulpit. This is the Truth.

   The 144,000 prophesized in Revelations is now complete by the Word of God. All could trace their genetic descendants to the true tribes of Israel counter to what is presented to the world today. This is great honor and not since the Disciples I the time of Jesus have any humans been blessed with the Holy Spirit to this degree. The Remnant Army are now all over the world, hidden until now. Those you see with pride are the descendants of the Pharisees and Sadducees that crucified our Lord. They are not protected unless they change. This is the Truth. Let it be known that others of faith while not part of the 144,000 can still obtain the Seal of God with prayers.

   With protection and gifts comes great responsibility and know this, what is given can be taken away. Make no mistake; you represent Jesus to all that you interact with. Every action, word, gesture and thoughts, although not perfect must reflect our Lord and Savior Jesus. When you walk, you walk like Him. This is the mission. Be proud like I to serve in the Army of the Lord. You will not waver. You will not fear. You will not crumble as many die around you. The Remnant Army has the power of God. When you spread His Word remember this. He has said you are ready and so be it. You may stumble, but again no one in this army fails the Lord. When you doubt or fall, do not wallow in shame, but ask forgiveness and give atonement and lift your self up and march forward. This is your job. This is your faith. You march for your Lord, Jesus.

   You ask; but the messages we are use to almost will be now periodic from Jesus. Where will we get guidance? Ask those around you who seem to know as they have a gift and they will teach you, but only the two sites will still give you words to guide from the prophets which you know, Mary, Jesus and God Almighty. Except no others as you were told Maria Divine was the last one.

   You ask again; why are Christians being killed in the Middle East? Did you not think what was written in Revelations would come to pass? These are the martyrs, prophesized as this is just starting and there will be 100s of thousands to millions more, all dependant upon prayers. All have accepted their fate to die in the name of our Lord. This is what will save the sorry asses of you, tepid followers from what is considered hell.

   Most of human life will pass during the Chastisements or move on during the Rapture, which is far better than rape, murder or worse. Your governments and churches have betrayed you. They all lie. Global warming is a lie. It is about extremes as severe cold, snow, storms, floods, earthquakes escalating exponentially due to the wobble of the earth caused by a planetary magnetic anomaly increasing exponentially as distance closes within the inner solar system. Scientists will only reveal this with their own spin when celestial signs with the Sun leave no doubt to the world.

   The constant shifting of the poles on a daily basis causes air masses of extreme cold or warm & wet to collide or shift over areas not recorded in current weather history. Ask yourselves; were you not told the polar vortex occurs every several decades, but it is now constant and no one mentions the word. You are being lied to and very shortly the earth shall be ravaged. I ask every scientist and covert operative that knows the Truth. When are you going to switch sides? They will not protect you. They will not offer a safe refuge for your family unless you are all right with alternate agendas with your family dictated by your status of life on the pyramid scale. Will you be on the bottom, literally? This is the Truth. Americans raped the French, the Germans and the Italians during WW2.  Korea and Vietnam are a given, contemplate this.

   You are being told Isis is a threat, I say yes and no. They are a diversion as Russia and China is the true threat. You worry about Iran acquiring nuclear weapons when they will be given them just like North Korea as a scapegoat ushering in the 3rd World War. Dig deep and you find the Russians in the late Forties were given a complete functional nuclear weapon by covert west agreement. The nuclear technology once known to the world needed a cover story, thus spies with no way to gain the technology were executed again was this was closure, this is your world. The US never lets one department now everything, thus 6 months of development to a real bomb was a lie. This is not done today.

   Faithful, God the Almighty is about to clean up this mess on earth and reveal the Truth. Billions will die a physical death, but their souls will be saved, the essence of life. All politicians, corporations, national agenda will be exposed for all to see. The War has just escalated. Pay no attention as to the dark side is seem to be or will be wining in the paid media or real events. Know this; for no man or dark angel shall rise above God when the final trumpet calls all mankind. This is His Word.


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