The 3 Days Darkness Explained 

The Book of Truth




Written Apr 22


    Little is truly known how, why and what incurs when the 3 days of Darkness occurs during the End Times. Almost a decade a ago you were told here first that the earth would be pulled magnetically into the shadow of the 12th planet aka Niribu or Planet X (it is funny how the reference to the name 12th planet was dropped on certain sites when established for over a decade in force as if this would steer people away from the Truth or bury it under the guise of redundant posts of a musical band).

   Another site a mix of truth on the scientific side and fiction on the spiritual side has detailed how the earth’s poles would rotate 270 degrees at the extreme from over rotation and would settle temporarily 180 degrees in equilibrium away from their initial positions, the poles now upside down and the Sun rising in the west for several days until it readjusts to the Sun’s Magnetic field by flipping again. This is true.

   So just how does this happen? As the 12th planet rises above the ecliptic its south pole turns towards the north pole of the Sun. This is sudden. The north pole of the 12th plant in turn then points directly at the earth repulsing its North Pole then bounces back as the magnetic field of the 12th is not in a static formation about the ecliptic, but also is oscillating up and down in an ever expanding arc about the dominant magnetic field of the Sun. Did you just think the 12th planet would just ease its north pole toward us in a controlled fashion as it rose up into the returning solar winds that tries and force it back towards the ecliptic as a result it is pulled closer pulled towards the Sun? Its path while in the inner solar system when moving towards or away from the Sun is also sinusoidal and its frequency increases the closer it approaches the Sun and subsides when reversing. This is the window of opportunity that allows the earth to rebound or bounce back. How could it, if a constant magnetic sub atomic particle presented a flow at earth that did not relent?

   When the earth is pulled towards the 12th planet, it is also pulled towards the Sun as it eclipses the light of the Sun on earth. The Sun will be blotted out at the point of 3 days of darkness as foretold in the Scriptures, nothing new here. Temperatures will drop on average 80 to 100 degrees from summer temperatures in the Northern hemisphere, but for the most part due to the extreme wobble the air masses will mix causing tepid extremes except at the original poles where ambient heat is nil.

   The precursors before the event will be why one of the plagues of heat and a third of the earth is scorched shall occur. The 12th not only repositions the Earth closer to the Sun as many of you noticed the change in color from yellow to white, the size and brightness as it appears in the sky from the nineties. With this heat comes greater water vapor thus the source of the floods. All of this is God’s plan. The earth movements caused by the increased wobble will shift the plates relentlessly and this compression and release pressure will produce high pitched frequencies driving the insects and others from the soil, but worse bath particular areas with a stream of particles that dictate the density frequency of matter itself as phase shifting of matter like the US black projects saw in the Philadelphia project will occur a select varying location and government will scramble to cover the Truth. Beware as objects caught in this field of particles will elude your science as the transformation will be in both densities until completion. You will find nothing unless debris and bodies are planted by a government to cover what was a real event with few answers. This will occur until the same event happens just too many times and you will know you have been deceived, hopefully no answer will come instead of deceit.

   This is how the oceans will rise out of their basins due to the wobble, written in the Bible. Tidal waves will assault your coastline rendering most properties as lost, no insurance write offs here, total loss for the common man as the rich with their insiders have sold. You see this now as parts of your country California has record heat above 100 and Denver has snow, the east just coming into a delayed spring. This will escalate. The signs are there if you look. I the near future earth will be in the tail of the 12th and shall be pelted by debris streaming through the atmosphere flaming meteors assault the sky and meteorites as they hit the ground. All of this will happen while and before as the antichrist sits on the seat of Peter as an impostor of Jesus Christ. This will be a fact. This was written. This is the Word of God.

   You ask, what happens to those aligned with the service to self (satan) during the 3 days of darkness? Be careful as some will be given options by free will before this event as an option to escape, counter to a certain site that states there will be no offer to save mankind will be given. This again is a lie as both spiritual orientations were granted equal access to mankind through the same site, but one remains hidden for you to discern the Truth. Both sides have telepathy. Both sides can not interfere with the other to tell you the Truth. Both sides have a plan and can access to the human mind. One side lies and the other tells only the truth that the population can take without shifting free thought. They are handcuffed. Know this; both sides answer to God, but one side believes and worships another, satan. If you think these words are fiction, then this may be your downfall or you can rise up with knowledge as you have a choice.

  You the elite will be told of another planet or planets already surveyed with advanced technology where radiation, ambient microbes and bacteria, ambient life forms to support human populations for protein are within tolerance ranges to support billions and the indigenous population removed (murdered). All of this will be presented to sustain the elite of this world and the select will be given a new chance to shape a new world. It will be said that this is no different from when your European ancestors conquered and divided the Americas and its riches. The power and greed will appeal to such a degree that none you will pass up this chance with advanced transportation.

   No one of what you call undesirables will be allowed, thus escalating the intrigue as this is for real and comes in your time of need. This is your clue is not from God. Escape the earth changes and almost sure death on flying saucers will be seen as the only way to survive as turmoil and war which become severe as hundreds of millions die. When given the option, you will run as you were told this would not happen. So none of you will question your choice, but will flood the ships as the plan is already in place. The Bible states three ships will come to the Egypt of the time, but they will not be of man. This has been told to you in the prophecies, but few of have knowledge to protect your souls. You are asked again, that if you still worship money and power of your old master, this will lead to your demise. Cross over with repentance and you will want for nothing. This is a promise and you will fear nothing.

   Once on the ships, when you think you have been rescued, your thoughts will run wild. A planet more beautiful than earth will be presented a fictional holograph to fool all. Why should they lie, yet earth was created for you by God. How is this, when you were told there you would be no rescue of mankind? Look beyond what you are offered as a clue. Are there guarantees or just lies and faint hopes? Where are those who traveled before you? Are you alone or subjected by the “wisdom” of another? All of you in your rise to power told a lie as the truth to secure others and then discarded them in your rise to power. Do you not think and advanced race would not do the same thing if self serving like you? On earth you do not trust each other and now you trust another race with a technology beyond yours with your lives. You sound just like the Indians of North America who trusted the Pilgrims and English and most of them all died, check your history books.

   You will be pampered and all will seem normal until the planet you reach looks like worse desert slums of the earth you left. Where is the blue sky or is brown the norm? I did not see oceans or lakes upon approach, why? No clouds, maybe nature has another process of recycling water in this part of the universe. Is this a mistake? Is this another planet in distress and we are picking up survivors? Why is the surface a consistent tan to brown?  Is this a trick from the light of the Sun? No, this is your new home and you have been lied to. Your lives will transform to slaves at best, for others as food while alive to feed a race of intelligent of reptilian beings with little resources. What would you do to survive with no food, but could capture others if they agree?

   No one will protect you once you made conscience choice to deny your Savior and Lord Jesus. Many will cry out in vain as you experience three times or over the hate, pain, despair and fear of those you oppressed to rise in the eyes of others. Now you are the oppressed elite, and examples beyond even your mind will break down every fabric of your lives, fear, anger shall encompass every being of your fiber to give your souls to the dark side as you turn on humanity and what use to be your loved ones. This is source of power of satan. These words are to save your sorry asses as you are brought back from the brink if you reach out in remorse, can you?  Make the conscience choice to change as for many will not get the change to ask for forgiveness as you are slaughtered with little chance to think in order to capture your soul. This is the Truth.

   You will remember the Warning, not in a dream like state, but awake and fully conscience, let no man convince you the experience did not take place. You will visualize Jesus and realize He does exist, proof beyond a doubt shall be given to all, but many will still reject what they feel and see. As your life is reviewed images and the pains of others will be shown to you a part of you so hidden only God would know. This will be your proof. When He extends His hand of Mercy, a surge of power will fill and envelope your soul so quickly to overwhelm as you feel a love unlike anything you have experienced on earth. You will beg for it not to leave like the warmth and love of your mother after birth times a thousand over, but it must as you enter the next phase, being bathed the blood red rays purifies your remorseful souls, for some in excruciating pain. This is His Mercy as your soul is cleansed. Know this; as you are experiencing a severe burning upon the parts of your bodies that caused hurt and sin for a short period of time, you shall know what Hell is like, for you it is real no matter what those in power tell you after the fact. They goal of the darkside is to will lie and if you follow and lose your soul, Hell is for eternity.

 Lies, trap souls by deceit, this is how the game is played. This is nothing new on earth. But this time it will be different, as what seems good, polished giving to the poor will be rotten to the core. Most will be convinced and it will be family and friends that will apply pressure on you while you cling to faith now not accepted due to changes in man’s laws, not God’s.

   Extreme venom, cursing, and you’re stupid, these words will cut into your heart like a sharp burning sword as those you thought loved you, turn. Stay strong soldier as many will fail, but not you. Your focus is Jesus. What you and more important, the elite do not realize, in order to purify the earth, all that is evil shall and must be swept from the face of the earth. This is foretold in riddles in Revelations. Remember you cannot protect yourself from nature especially now and you think you can win this against God? Your leader satan was banished in a battle he lost, period. What ever he tells you, you will not win as this must happen to make sure those that choose God truly love Him as you dark ones are the tools. Heed these words traitors and turn, we will welcome you like the lost sheep and you will never look back.

   Although this information of earth changes or the Truth, the plagues of God was known to the British, as they have the original Egyptian scrolls detailing all events from the last pole shift that was found in the library of Alexandria. They were stolen and parchments deemed cultural or unimportant were left as the library was burned to the ground so no one would look. This is the Truth. Other treasures stolen out of the Middle East were acquired with deceit and a little gold as the peasants or thieves knew not of its true value while Egypt was part of the Empire. All of this is now controlled or in the hands of the Puppet Master.

  The 3 days of Darkness, one of the plagues that Egypt, was subject to the hand of Moses sanctioned by God, the Father Almighty. He was told of the darkness and that it would pass. This was conveyed to the Egyptians so they would release the Jews and fear God. The Almighty is in control of all aspects of the universe and man or any alien race shall not interfere with the will of God as all answer to Him even the dark side who in secret cower in fear. The secondary goal, it was hoped that their souls would be saved from the worship of false gods. As you ask yourself, why would 3 days darkness caused fear in the hearts of the Egyptians, yet no details of what happened other than darkness is recorded?

   On a long night many would sleep as they had no clocks. Darkness would be on the whole would not be questioned for the first 18 to 24 hrs. But when their priests were consulted, they conjured their gods (satan) in response, but it was over. As many thought, maybe it was a dream as long as the Sun rose and it did. All arguments would have been dismissed. A time piece did not exist, so no proof. Some realized that Moses’ God is God. Know this. Events of the roaming spirits and souls taken as they willfully succumbed to fear and accepting their fate, their tales were sanitized by men of today from detailed events scribed on the scrolls of the past. You ask why? Because, this time, it will happen again, only on a global scale.

    Now for the nerds, let’s get technical. Details of how the earth would be pulled into the shadow of a rogue planet, was not necessary to be explained in the past, as the universe is controlled by God. This event is still in the very near future (many, many months, but not a decade). I will warn you of this. Do not be fooled by this technological world, and knowledge beyond your science and advanced machines presented to fool all as this again is worship a false idol. All who ask of the dark one receives self serving knowledge for a temporary advance as this world has a balance. The Nazis with insight in producing the atomic bomb, V-2 rockets, jets, and removed all citizens that would hold back or taint he impurity of their version of the master race. The sad part is that they believe they were superior, their souls fell and more important Western Intelligence and leaders knew of the Holocaust and did nothing to present it to the world until soldiers discovered inhuman atrocities that made the world step back in shame this at the end of the world. Their souls fell also, the goal. The Jews were unwanted in Europe and were not given a choice to return to Germany by design. The European Allied Forces allowed the extermination to proceed and provide a cover story of Hitler’s death, but it fools no one who is astute as it was easy to send them to a desert that the Empire controlled. Satan gave the Third Reich all they needed to destroy God’s chosen. This is the bottom line. Yet God advanced the West to counter and destroy their empires with prejudice. Satan reaped the souls who fell. This was the goal.

   But today you are being told to prepare with material goods for after the pole shift, if you survive. You have been told that most of the survivor groups set up, will seem like caring for others and that is somewhat the truth, but those that lead need to be watched. The camps will be headed in general, by service to other masquerades. You have been prepped in the Bible, wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their actions, not words will show the truth of their soul. Images of hope, love another, are true, but look back at their history as the façade of today; change will be revealed by the events of yesterday. Trust no one. Government camps will be a den of lust, greed and deceit as all scramble to move ahead in uncertainty. Both groups will be wiped from the face of the earth during the end times unless true change occurs on an individual level is attained. This is your hope.

   All of these events will come to be before the pole shift. As the population of earth moves to less than 10 percent before the shift, tensions will run high dividing even the most prepared group, if they do not believe in God. A spiritual lesson is just that, one about God, not your spin of being service to other as just this concept will get you by. Few of you will die for God, but fight for your life with worms, disease and hunger anything to live. You prepare for your flesh, but no mention of God who gave you life and created the universe. Yet you would bow in reference to the COW, how pathetic. 

   You are so quick to worship any advanced being beyond the technology of earth, but God who create all within this universe, because He is invisible and no proof is offered, you dismiss so easily. You shall have your proof, but many of you will not like what is presented to you, although it will still stand as the Truth.

   The three days of darkness is a spiritual event. The final miracle is the separation of the wheat from the chafe. All that remains before the Second Coming in the dark one’s inner circle shall on that day; will be caste away. What the world does not know as prophesized and how, this earth will be cleansed for Jesus’ Second Coming. This is the Truth. All of you should know, that evil will exist in power up to that day, but you have few clues as Revelations does not detail this, nor was it suppose to until it is revealed by the will of the Almighty. All who refuse the Mercy of the true Messiah, Jesus shall be removed. Believers at risk of turning will be taken in the chastisements rather than lose their souls to the dark one. This will be the fate of your children first and then you in the disasters. You elite will have your fortunes reversed slow at first the escalating. For it was written, the first will be last and the last will be first. This is a promise.

   You have been told there will be no help from advanced races. This is a lie, as this was the plan from the start. There is no council of worlds that supplants the will of God. Yet ships will appear and state the COW has reversed this decision to serve the needs of the people. Know the reason for disclosure on the US cable channels, but nothing from the White House or Military until the time is ripe. Again I stress, there is a balance in the universe. Never think that which is presented as good and only comes from God tells only one story. This you know in life has lead to the demise of fools. Nations conquered. Fortunes were stolen. Lands and populations subjugated. This is the case with some sites with a label is truly a mixture of truth and fiction. It was an agreement with the CIA. This is the Truth. It is up to you to discern the Truth as you have witnessed the unusual simple conflicts over time with little explanation.

    Certain Prophets and popular TV ministers have told you; do not go on the ships when the powers to be in the world reveal life in the universe. Once you submit for what seems as freedom (free will) from this world now is being destroyed as a result of the escalating chastisements (aka climate change), you will wish for death, but it will not come. When on the ship, God cannot save all of you in life for you have made a choice and know that a sliver of light is always present in a soul, no mater how far gone. You will be whisked to another world alive. The worse treatment of a human on the earth by their masters during its history will be pale in comparison for what you will experience and see to intimidate.

   Many shall yearn for, but feel no love as your souls are empty and dark. Fear and anger will overcome you. As those on the dark side prey upon those of you, who were fooled? You will say, why does not God answer when I call out in pain, despair or anguish? When a true level of remorse for that you have inflicted upon others is attained by your almost empty soul, your God the Almighty through His Son Jesus will answer. The Almighty speaks, “Just like you fooled others to attain your power, you have fallen, but only just ask with remorse through My Son Jesus before the Second Coming and I will forgive and welcome you into My fold as you die in an unpleasant death. As this is better, than spending an eternity suffering at the hands of these same spiritual entities, which is unknown to your world today.”

   There are a few references of the dark spirits that will roam the face of this earth during the 3 days of darkness. You have been told, anyone who does go outside will not only lose their life, but their soul. You have been told, the faithful will hear the voices of loved ones to lure them to allow a dark force to enter and destroy the home and the souls within. Do not succumb to pressure as the weak who are unknowingly agents of the dark side will create discord. Never doubt your preparation. Never doubt these words given to save your soul in a sea of lies. Never doubt the guidance from your Savior and these are His words. This is the Truth.

   The dark souls have been released from Hell, I know few believe this and that is your downfall. The Church of today is afraid to speak up, and because of this millions of souls will be lost, cowards, although, your prep can change this. All that has been trapped in hell will be released during the Three Days of Darkness augmenting that which is already on earth as the last ditch effort to claim their own souls or lose them to God. No common dark soul, whether elite or common man will be on earth as the light of the Sun starts to bathe the earth after the three days of darkness. This is the final cleansing, which we the faithful are forbidden to look upon the Wrath of God. Again research this as there are subtle clues. You were told the earth would be cleansed.

   You the elite who have sided with satan will feel alone, in fear and angry. So much in this world and beyond for your devotion through the dark masses, sacrifices of young children, Masons and Illuminati you were promised by the dark side. So much you were given. Your power, wealth, your women in arrogance, as you parade them and your assets in front of the world is now seem in the media while your wives despise you. This is not a game or a power play of who is on top as your pathetic decisions affected the lives of millions. This is reality. These are the choices you made in life, but even as lost as you are when you call truly a hand will be there to pull you from the depths of what seems like hell.

   In the short three days of Darkness, those of you who have made the choice to deny God will sense something is wrong. It just does not add up. As you have always know what to expect and your choice is calculated for maximum gain. This is your warning! Take heed when it comes after the earth shakes from a huge explosion the sky will seem to roll back when you look to the heavens as the clouds are swept away. Then the red rays will bath you and you will ask how if I am in a bunker? You will be shown all offenses that occurred in your life. Every offense that caused pain to another will be absorbed by Jesus. This is what is meant by, He will die for your sins and satan in his arrogance thought Jesus could take on that burden, but He has. Each offense to your loved ones or neighbors causes pain to Jesus who for your salvation absorbed the sins of mankind. It is no mistake when He states when did I show you compassion? It is when you act with kindness and respect to another child of God. This supernatural event cannot be explained away, unless you listen to fools. This is your choice.

   Your eyes saw something else. Your mind was in a state of confusion from the traumatic event. But they with their excuses who went through the experience are now force feeding the same doctrine to you that they were told to calm and maintain control of the governments and most of all financial stability to support the paper wealth of the world. This is the goal. How is it they were able to hold it together when events happened if they were hiding first? Are you going believe the words of cowards as they knew this was coming, prepared and let you be surprised knowing over a billion would be lost. Know this; the remote feeds will be destroyed in the initial shockwave, EMP pulse or buried in the quakes. Scientists explain; how when almost all that is their books and theories are wrong as the entire earth affected and you want to believe them?

   You have a choice. Many will consider that something is terribly wrong. The point, will you listen as this is fast winding down to your last chance, the Second Coming? All souls will be swept from the face of the earth in the end and every chance will be given to you to turn up to that point. But it is up to you, who were so wise in life and so stupid when it comes to the point of saving your souls at the point of death. Did your master leave you? Yes, this is why you fear the unknown. Were you abandoned so that your soul could be collected so that others see and fall also? Yes, even though you are harden your loved ones have doubts, fear will bring the rest home. Learn this elite, the Almighty speaks, “Suffer and die or let Me your Father arrange to have you saved for you are my child, just reach out. I created you. You are mine. I just want you to come home so I can give you what seems like the universe. You will want for nothing, something that your life on earth with all you have has failed to give you. Ask why?”

   A particular site has been compromised from its dawn of conception as the messages are from both sides. This was the agreement made with the CIA, KGB, members representing the interests of the future new world order and the source of information unknown to its author and most government leaders. Statements professing only the light and not the dark were allowed to influence humans in this battle of souls. Both sides influence the US government and to this day both sides still work in the bowels of the D.U.M.B. and you think this arrangement would change?


   The few of you are telepathic, but when chosen as spokesperson outside of God the Supreme entity may not have a clue as they are caught up in the awe or accept the situation as they hope their fans (in many cases leaches) see through the façade and arrive at the Truth. Any site that tells the Truth will not be promoted by the establishment for any reason. You were told they (advanced race) do not understand the concept of God, the highest entity in the universe, yet they will discount His son as a prophet, thus undermining the concept of the Divinity of the Trinity. This is a lie. He walked this earth as God for His children, not on another world in this universe on any level. All who are telepathic knows the Truth. They witnessed the miracles as Jesus performed them. This was not smoke and mirrors, but an omission of the Truth. They with all their knowledge cannot raise the dead. If they lie to this world through your web site they will be destroyed. They won’t, it will be a quiet silence as this is the plan. This is the power of God who will save His children. You were told no questions on religion and politics, but politics have been answered under the guise of another agenda. It is time to move on before it is too late.

   You were told the earthquakes were being held back by boxes that mankind has discovered on the surface near beaches, but the rule of non interference dictates they should have buried in the deep fault zones instead on the surface. Again, this is a lie, but you refuse to believe the Truth. The agreement was to allow the truth of the coming -changes to be promoted along a certain timeline and disinformation would be allowed to filter in at an escalating degree. To where, those who know the Truth will be discounted and shunned. When pushed, let the population who believes in aliens, which do exist and soon you will be given proof. Let them be seen as the savior of mankind. Discount that which cannot be seen God and His Laws written in the Bible. Again this is the plan. Ask why is politics (increasing allowed) and religion forbidden when this is the crux of change in society, their 8 of 10?  The elite agreed that it was allowed exposure as to would promote two agendas, but it is up to the population to discern the Truth as few will. Wrong Dates, Putin as a service to other, confusion with 7 of 10 events time line and 2012 would never be reached. If an opponent rose, doubtful in their eyes, they could be eliminated as no other agreement was made with another soul. They assumed, few of you would see past the deceit. This is the Truth as of this date.

   You were told an announcement would come, but Obama will only release data warning of earthquakes, just before the plates are moving when millions are at risk, to cover his ass as he is under threat if he reveals the Truth, yet you wait. Keep waiting. All in place to freeze your decisions in life, again you do not see this. You say, that you are service to other, but yet cannot wait to wield your power when confirmed that you were right. Just who are you fooling as you know I was one of you in the very beginning, but quickly saw the Truth as things just never seemed just right. Don’t even go to that I copied certain details from a site, but it did inspire a certain direction as all was rewritten then expanded on and credit was given as I understood your complaint where I put myself in your shoes and you know this is the Truth.

   Yes your site gave a basis and then released me for this mission. This was the true goal of your site and for that, I am truly thankful. If you read the Grant Chronicles not that you have to, little represents your site or knowledge that was provided by God, but parallels certain aspects that are now irrelevant, the Pole Shift. But credit is given as the site and its founder “in certain areas” to who is a true service to other and a great woman with perseverance to change the world as she was one of tools along with my wife and brother in law to activate me. An agreement to the dark side is now regretted as they thought I could have been turned, but he, the dark one screamed from the bowls of hell when I crossed over in humility and shame, never to look back at the deceit of the world. I am of the Lord and serve in only one army, the Remnant Army. If I can do this all of you can. When called do not let the concerns of your life hold you back, answer as few have He will take care of you as I can testify to that and you will never look back as the Almighty who created this universe, will give you the strength, the courage, the perseverance to bring all of His children home.


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