The Prophecy of the 4 Blood Moons

This World will Never be the Same



Written Sept 27


   Some will watch with apprehension as the Fourth Blood Moon occurs on this night. For some, they have prepared for the end of the world, but this will not occur tonight as many thousands of events have yet to occur. The hype is to discredit the prophesy as to make it absolute and if nothing occurs tonight then the prophesy again is wrong. Revelations told you events would increase and happen suddenly, that is all. You were told that the Almighty would bring change, however minimize anxiety among His faithful. Change is here, but will increase in occurrence and intensity. This world will change forever. Revelations told you that the majority of those on earth will not be able to discern the Truth. For most, enjoy the Blood Moon eclipse as this will be the only life changing event in the next 24 hours outside of the presence of a new soul on earth that will be known as the false prophet.

   What the world does not know is that tonight the unholy trinity becomes complete and it is woe to this world. The false prophet yet to come, but will as the Blood Moon passes the zenith has the body one of the most popular popes of all time. He cares for the poor. He cares for the disenfranchised. He takes on greed, climate change and the plight of the migrants now flooding Europe. He is seen as the people’s pope. This is what the world needs, but it stops here. But I ask you to look deeper over the next 12 months. He sold his soul years ago to become pope after being exiled (the missing time) and now despondent at times as he nods during the masses performed during this visit, it is time to deliver. How foolish Francis as you thought this day would never come.

   You were told the antichrist is here and now the false prophet will incarnate tonight by choice of the host. Now again this sounds like nonsense, but all I ask is to just watch. The Catholic Church will promote the rights of mankind over the Laws of God. The pope will embrace and bring together all religions and the world will embrace this, just like the 911 ceremony as this was a practice run to prepare the world. The backside is a compromise on the beliefs of the Church set in place by Peter. As the changes will be subtle masked by pushing the rights of those who were suppressed and equality that is a right of man, not God. This is now seen as a breath of fresh air to that which has plagued this planet, the agenda of the elite and profit. So what is it you need to look for to prepare?

   First and foremost just watch as the spirit of darkness, the source of envy, pride, mistrust and lies has lifted this veil off of the unholy chosen two. This is the key. The antichrist will be seen as the Savior of mankind far more popular than this pope and he is very popular. All of mankind, views evil in one context and this will be your folly. Satan influences the weak to carry out his actions and thoughts through suggestive thoughts you think are your own. He has always remained hidden to people of earth and the children of God. This is his power as you do not protect yourself from something you think does not exist.  True evil hides behind the façade of good as to never be detected. Bring attention to the plight of evil and offer a solution as the same source of evil created the problem. Again you are being told create the problem and then offer a solution. This time, few will believe the Holy Father Francis is against the poor and needy of this planet. His actions and words to the elite and government leaders as they embrace him sends a powerful message and speaks strongly for the under class and this is the pivotal message for the world that with his visit to Cuba and the United States has inspired millions.
   It is this level of deceit to where it is not in your best interest to point to the Holy Father now as the false prophet as he has not revealed himself, although many sacred servants see the change in Church doctrine and question the new direction of the Catholic Church. The goal of the false prophet is to embrace all and use this to justify changing the Laws of God. God would like all to come together and this is true, but not at the expense of His Laws. The Jews embraced new laws in the absence of Moses and they were destroyed. Subtle at first until he removes our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and replace him with a man believed to be the Christ. This is the current plan of the antichrist now walking quietly in the halls of power, but has taken on a dictator control of the Illuminati to where he is worshiped a god.

   The pope that you have seen whose soul presently is a man will be replaced by that out of the abyss all foretold in Revelations at the zenith of the Blood Moon tonight in Greenwich England, but few insiders will notice. This is a warning to mankind that needs to be heeded, but again not acted upon until the changes occur within the Catholic Church speared by the Curia already in place.

   You have questions? Spirits, which are taking over the body of the pope? This sounds ridiculous. You refer to the Holy Spirit as the light of God. You speak of the spirit of God. You speak of spirits of the undead that wander the earth as ghosts and poltergeists. Exorcism exists to remove dark spirits from man. The pope is a man.

   Few of you on earth have any information on the soul except the simplistic concepts presented in the Bible. Did not God incarnate into a baby? Do you not think if your time is short when given to control this earth, that the dark side would incarnate into grown men? The clue is play on the misery of men and their rights. All will see them as a new direction for the nations of this world and the Church and with the change in the Laws of God and the dark side in the Vatican; the wrath of God will now crush the earth. The darkside hopes all curses God as it is their appearance to guide mankind that is the lie. Fall for them you lose your eternal soul. Lose your life as you call out to God; you only lose your earthly physical life and you save your soul.

    The Truth has been hidden from the world since the Third Letter from Fatima was given to the Vatican. You were told the Truth was too terrible for the world to know. When it was their fear that no one would respect the Catholic Church if it was willingly taken over by the forces of darkness. The problem is that they are already in place and made sure no pope reveals the message and the one who wanted to, was murdered. You sacred servants know or suspect the Truth is being changed. All have been force to sign documents of allegiance; this is your clue for change. Many see the new robes as excess and gaudy and this is coming from a pope that champions the poor by being chauffeured in a Fiat. Why the Fiat in public, but a pompous ceremony is to soon come to the Church. It is you that needs to step up for your Lord Jesus Christ and uphold the laws of the Father God the Almighty. This is your job. This is why you pledged your life to Jesus. This is the End times. Now it is time to deliver. Let not one of you let put down our Lord and Savior and the sacrament of the Eucharist. Not one.

   Sacred servants the Almighty would now like to address you in the name of His son Jesus Christ. The Almighty speaks, “The time has come for you My sacred servants to stand up for the Church My Son established on earth through Peter. This is a dark time now upon you, where your soul will tested for the love of your Creator. Your pope Francis has not been sanctioned by the Heavens and your Father, God the Almighty. He answers to another. You were told of these times and almost every one of you thought it would not occur in your lifetime, but it has. The coming times will require true faith in this mission from Heaven. It will require perseverance. It will require you to walk the walk My Son took as he climbed Calvary to die for your sins. Either you are with him or with Me your Father. Stand up for My Commandments. Stand up for your Father God Almighty. Most of all stand up for My Son’s Church and do not forsake what He has taught you for a new doctrine from the hearts of men will replace My Word. You will either stand with Me or Against Me or I will separate the wheat from the chaffe. I am asking you, begging you bring My children Home.”

   I just witnessed the last Blood Moon and know in my heart as many members of my family all were watching on their own. Let us cherish the sign in the sky and know shortly our world will not be the same. I will give some advice, do not believe your governments with their inept solutions for they held the truth until it could not be denied. Just to let you know all of the popes knew of these times since John 23 including Francis, so he lies. If you are for poor then why hide the future? If Obama reveals the truth or partial, lets see how the world handles it. Thanks Boehner for running away.


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