Where is the Truth: The Sites of God or the Aliens?

The Book of Truth



Written Dec. 24


   Much confusion has been expressed over the future of mankind. You were told some years ago revelations related to human society, the advice was coming from both the light and dark side as this was the only way the site was allowed to exist. The human that was used as ambassador was not informed, nor is any wiser to the entities that controls the shadow CIA and dictates what released to human society.

   The time line released referring to 2003 in the late nineties was a lie stressing families and putting many into debt as some used credit they thought they would never have to pay back, greed. The set of predicted events its followers would take allowed the site to exist, as the time afforded for preparation was so short, few would be on board with extreme life change and labeled crazy. This was the truth. Humans looking to be respected in a time when leadership was needed in the time leading up to the pole shift embraced themselves as they saw themselves as leaders for another reason and this is true today. If you follow then take note. If the predicted date was later they would be labeled wrong and always looking for proof that would never come until it is too late. This is true toady. There are elements of truth and that which is false, that is still being injected, although much of the information today is ill relevant to your future, so let’s shed some much needed light.

   First your time line until the pole shift is still years away and again up to 90 percent of humanity will not be here on earth when it comes nor should you be. The US has prepared for energy shortfalls created by plate movements as they are now the number one producer of oil and gas and can withstand any OPEC flood of oil on the market. The US is well aware that the Middle East will soon suffer tectonic plate displacement crippling their oil reserves and production capacity, the Saudis are leading OPEC that we need to drive the US shale industry to non profitability by maintaining production. This is a lie as they know they need to deliver every ounce as soon their access will be limited and the shale industry has deep pockets, yet this information is not public. These are the same companies that have contracts with you to buy your oil at a bargain future contract prices and stock up. Hold back and the Americans will increase production. You have no clout in this financial game and they know it.

   Riot control has been tested again and again as the world has seen in Furguson. Now that your compromised government by lobbyists on the surface is looking to reverse banking regulations involving derivatives knowing the earth changes and crop failures will cause huge market swings. Thus the gold mine and transfer of wealth will start again, and you the general public will be none the wiser. What is different this time is the White House has signed off.

   There will be no “official” announcement over the next two years as countries will crumble and others starve. Life must go on and the banking system must remain intact this is the goal of all governments and eventually it will be known. It is the goal of the new world order who now is pulling the strings yet not seen.

   I ask you a simple question who is greater God or the aliens? I ask you again who would you trust, God or aliens? You are being asked again, why are you hanging on every word from a certain site when you were told this was your school house as if you cannot discern the Truth? Those who are wise are able to separate the Truth from lies and many of you still not have learned this basic step.

   Not one of you as a common man has seen an alien to which you can communicate with and better your life. Yes there are those rare instances that the isolated have seen, but were frighten either by not understanding what they saw or the government afterwards making them forget what they saw or are dead. Yet you believe aliens or angels are your saviors and you worship them and the sad part of your lesson, few believe in God, the creator of the universe, all scientific knowledge, and the aliens and angels.

   All you that have been involved with that site have tried to change the world under one agenda or another. I ask you, how have you affected the lives of others? How do they see you? Be careful, for many would rather die than live in a camp with you offering faint hopes of life you cannot guarantee. The warning you try to give to others is in the Bible. As Revelations and all that is in it will come to pass, no matter how much you sink into denial. Many have changed your lives to service to other and this is a goal, but there is more. Some have used the site as a subtle platform of arrogance and pride in front of friends and family, you know who you are as if you are going to advise this world. The End Times is about saving your soul, without that, it does not matter who you help.

   To the ambassador of that site, if I were you I would remove all passages on Jesus, the Rapture and Revelations. I would not like to see you, who has dedicated your life to warn this world, but only given partial truths be blamed for the lost of souls, because now you know, but you always knew. Millions follow “your” site, yet do you not understand this mission, or understand your total role, do you understand now that the new world order used you?

   As the world plunges into darkness it will finally dawn on you when billions will die. There will be a comet strike (the Warning) and the war all you were told would not happen, world war 3 will. The dark side lied to you. The light side is bound to a balance, but again you did not see this. You are better than this. When these events happen over the next several years, then what? None of you will be believe until the warning, when it does, make a life altering choice volunteer to fight in the Army of God all of you of true faith will be welcome, no matter what you did on earth if you ask Jesus for forgiveness, who you will face. You know I am telling you the Truth.

   For you die hearts and those with self agendas let’s shed some light on a few explanations that no human on earth should solve, but again I only reflect the Words of the Creator, God. There is no higher being in the universe and all including those you worship again was just another of His creations.

   You talk of the Ark of the Covenant as a communication device. The Annunaki did not exist on earth in the time of Moses except for a few stray giants hiding among the general population, left behind when the Jews escaped Egypt. The Ark was the Holy Vessel to transport the Laws of God forged out of the gold taken from pharaoh. Any other reference to the Ark is a lie as if the Annunaki would leave a high tech communication device with the lowly humans.

   What was true, is that the Annunaki did use crystals only to synchronize a particular narrow wavelength to maintain communication over great distances. Gold is just a metal that has low resistance for circuitry and primarily used for planetary heat retention. A rectangular box with no power source or directional focus, are we stupid?

   Let’s examine the Grebennikov response on antigravity (Chat Dec.20 2014). The first mistake is that the laser like repulsion particle streams temporarily moves affected objects temporarily into 4th density and this occurs in the devil’s triangle. Really, is this info coming from an advanced alien race or the CIA? Your limited knowledge contradicts the simple; does not the Sun’s repulsion stream affect the earth? First by maintaining orbital distance and then second as it sweeps through the solar system responsible for orbital velocity.

    Molecular matter inherently does not have the ability to deflect gravitational particles unless emitting its own particle stream which naturally is related to mass, density and spatial volume. As on the atomic level gravitational particles pass through all matter applying a force on the way to the core of the dominant mass within an affected area of space dependent upon a set of parameters, which we will not get into as this is above the layman. An insect wing deflecting gravity without an energy source is a lie.

   Density shifting (transmutation of matter to a new spatial universe with new rules related to matter and energy) again is when matter is compressed subatomic particle related to the vibration of matter is released and some of the excess particles are absorbed by any matter within proximity raising the matter to a new level. Gravity a different subatomic particle is only responsible for compression of the affect matter at certain points. Again, this explanation offered by a certain site is a lie.

   Finally the world can believe their lying eyes or rest assure Putin is a service to other. Most will discount these words and this is why your Europe will fall to Communism in the near future as you will invite the antichrist to be your new world leader by choice.

   Many good hearted people have invested there lives in the theme to help mankind survive the pole shift, when there is no survival of the soul for those left behind. All life left on earth when the pole shift hits has failed the test. All will see Jesus descend from the clouds for He is the author of all life in the universe. This is what you must realize. He is the ancient wise soul, the pinnacle as part of the divine Trinity that includes God Almighty and the Holy Spirit. This is the Truth.

   I ask you again, what is a harvest? The wheat (those souls who have ascended and aligned with the Creator) is separated and taken and the rest (those who refused the Mercy of the greatest being of light) is left and discarded to live a life of misery on what is left of earth. The Bible warned you, but you hang on words of a site, because you think they are advanced. Where is the announcement? What is the timeline? Why are you depressed? I thought so, consider other options.

   All of you on that “site” are marked when you were told to explain your plans, comply or be purged. I ask you as the earth changes destroy countries and housing where are you going to run? Again when your friend’s lives are on the line do you really think your “secret location” and stash of supplies are safe? This test is about moving to the next level at the Second Coming and those here after that and the shift will be left behind. This is the harsh Truth. Were you not told some will simply disappear! Heed these words.


Update Dec. 29


   Again you have so many questions as some of you have followed the talk site for almost 2 decades. A few will be answered. Remember, for many on the outside, you are seen and sculpted by the media to have a cult like mentality, but this is a false impression presented to the world as with anything that is different. The site was developed for self empowerment to an upcoming event that was not available from governments. For the vast majority, it enlightened, expanded the human conscience as their is something greater. This is good. The lesson here under the many layers of opinion herded and hidden by wise minds on earth, reveals that there is an ultimate spiritual entity.  Yes it is alien to what life on earth has seen, but all refuse to believe what is front of your faces. It is one God, a triune Divinity. Oh, many of now say religion is a cult and in many cases it is. It is man that changes the Truth for his own selfish gain. It is man that changes the rules of God to suit his needs. It is man that will take the Commandments of God and discard them for humanism. It is here where many are fooled to put the needs of others in front of God. Your deeds mean nothing. For you are saying, you are the ultimate power in the universe, yet you were a creation of God, which few understand. This is what many of you do not understand until the warning.

   Many of you have watched this site and noticed the pages are buried by repetitive entries, why, because, it is being blocked. Your site is not, why? It is not about being preached to and conforming, but present facts. Read, analyze and come to your own conclusion. Remember you were told and all science does not contradict. Not on this site, insight on levels well beyond the talk, but the talk gave the basis to expand on. This was a gift, thanks to the talk. Political and religious problems are given insight not seen anywhere on earth. It is about the Truth and it is here.


Update Dec. 31


   You now have said, why won’t you address a major problem and give clarification instead what seems unimportant in our lives at the talk? Ok we shall talk about “the announcement”. All of you diehards have read the e mail response (chat Dec. 27, 2014) to non interference of the mankind and the announcement. The answer is a lie, if you can discern the truth.

    There was interference when the shuttle was allegedly destroyed and more important lives were lost in the eyes of mankind. There was alleged interference when the NASA Antares rocket launch was destroyed and cover story provided. There was interference when MJ-12 was given exclusive access to off world entities and the ability to view technology that gave certain industries an edge for a century at least. And now you are being told humans cannot be placed a points covertly at a particular coordinated time to secure a simple broadcast? You are being strung along by the darkside. Offer hope, but never deliver until the announcement will have no affect on mankind and their decisions to carry on life as usual. The financial empire created by the elite must at all cost maintain a stranglehold grip over the general population through debt. What is sad is that you believe the lies, just like the mistress hears from cheating husbands they will leave their wives. It is a lie.

   Where will the coastal populations be moved to, sorry homeowners you are forced to take in tenants that don’t pay with annoying habits? What if the disasters are late as they have been, sorry politicians if you back the announcement as you and your party will be criticized by your opponents who have no risk? Where will the food stuffs come from to feed the millions in distress shortly in Asia and Africa as crops start to fail in 2015, sorry America, no welfare, food stamps and rationing for the middle class that has money? All of you in Europe, just where are you going to be welcomed, sorry your lands are flooded with sea water? Who will pay their bills and what will be the value of paper money? Corporate farmers will be kings as starvation envelops the world and finally hits home. Pestilence due to poor nutrition spreads like wildfire. As governments breakdown and the new world order eventually is asked by most world governments to takeover as war and financial chaos kill over a billion, many of the elite and their defenses will fail from in fighting. This why there will be no “official announcement”. You need another plan as there will no life as you know it after the pole shift. Ascension to the next level is about the Savior of this world Jesus and not encampments focused on serving others instead of God. This is your lesson on earth, but few of you are listening. As of now over 2 billion souls shall be lost, because of the media, the new Catholic Church & false prophet (the pope), the new world order, wars, deceit, the antichrist and influence from sites including and like the talk. This needs to change, and happy New Year.


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