I Am your Father

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 30


   The Almighty speaks, ďFrom the dawn of time I have always wanted a family. At first I created the angels and spiritual beings beyond your knowledge to serve assist Me in carrying out My Will. Then I created the universe and sprinkled life about the many worlds and invisible realms unknown to your science. I wanted life created in My image and a family that was of My Flesh, My Blood. So I created the parents of your human race unique in the universe. But the dark one coerced them as he was My most trusted arch angel with My gift of free will and great powers. My children for which is My greatest Love, I will move Heaven and Earth to save them. Do not be fooled by other life forms that I created eons ago and that are of both the light or dark side. They are guided by that which possesses them and they are still blessed with knowledge from Me far beyond your technology and have a limited understanding of God and the universe, for they do not possess or will be granted eternal life.

   All things were created by Me. I created the symbiotic balance of life on all worlds, in all realms, in the blink of the eye. Balanced life, ecosystems and worlds they do not evolve to create, they are created as all basics of life must be in place from the beginning and then evolve according to My Divine Will. I provided the light, that is emitted from the stars in universe, for without Me there would only be darkness. I am the Creator of the breath of life. But know this; there is only on race in the universe that is the children of God and that is the human race. You are part of Me and I Am part of you. It is time to come home as I Am sending My only Son once again to gather My own. Make no mistake in the prophecies; My Son will descend from the heavens upon your world just as He left when almost all hope is lost. That which walks the earth is the imposter as foretold and many will be seduced by the dark side.

   But the faithful will never entirely forsake Me as I send My prophets to guide this world and its people and then My sacred servants will rise and nourish all that which is Sacred in the remnant church rises in three days from the dead like My Son. They, the remnant army will gather and bring My children home as the power of God destroys the New World Order and its leader Satan incarnated as man. This is the prophecy. This is the Truth.

   I ask you, do you not want the best for your children. Would you try and protect them from all danger even if they curse you for interfering in their lives? But what if you could only influence them from afar and their learned knowledge reduced your image to just a myth? You send messengers and laws to guide them. You sacrificed a part of you through work and love, like I did when I sent My precious Son Jesus to save all, but they donít even know you exist as the many doubt Me your Father. You bless them with love and the ability to create and love their own families, but this gift is seen as a part of life. You love them from afar, but they reject your love and this hurts. This is how I feel.

   I, God the Highest Almighty have humbled Myself and I sacrificed My Son for your disbelief and sins. Few of have awaken, but enough to save the many. Know that what befalls the earth shortly as all that is in Revelations shall come to pass. The goal is to save all in the end even though billions may or will die. Without my intervention the dark one would claim these same billions of souls. You would not only lose your physical life in an unspeakable fashion, but your soul would be tortured for eternity. Is this what you want? All I ask is to plant a seed and watch the world with a discerning eye. Trust the few. Question everything and you will find your way. Then when all of your earthly knowledge fails call out to Me through My Son and I will take away your fears and in some cases your physical death. This is your path.

   Letís move beyond faith and trust Me like a friend, because you know Me. A true friend has your best interest even though all around you tells you different. A true friend puts his life on the line to save you if he or she can, like My Son did for you. A true friend leaves a warning if a path of life is revealed to him like Revelations. I Am your true Friend. I Am your Father. Come home to the only source of love that is unlimited, unconditional, and pure, your Father.Ē


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