Mary and the Battle of the Souls

Mother of Salvation


Written April 15

Updated April 10

   As the battle of the souls intensifies, followers within the Catholic Church aligned with the Masonic sect that prevented the Fatima secret from being revealed will intensify the Christian Churches to reject Mary, the mother of our Savior, Jesus. This must not be allowed to proceed as she is the one who intercedes for this world with the Almighty on behalf of her son, Jesus. If not for her, only the dust of human bones and burnt flesh would be wafting in the air surrounding this world as all would be lost on Judgment Day.

   She volunteered to incarnate on earth, as the Almighty choose her to be the mother of God. She had with full knowledge when giving birth; her child was to be the Son of God. She was first a mother in this life on earth and then a protector, where she freely gave her unconditional love to her Son. She watched Him grow into a man and suffered one of the worse indignities for a human, death of a child. He was crucified for fulfilling the prophecy of the Messiah among His own non believing chosen people, the Jews. He was said to get powers from satan for casting out demons, but how does one remove that he is accused of being? Demons do not run from themselves. The Pharisees castes out demons in Godís name, but you are different? To this day they are still hardened as they lied. She felt His suffering for mankind as He did, as both were spiritually connected beyond human understanding. It was just the knowledge of this sacrifice would bring mankind through these end times, that made it bearable as sin and death would be conquered.

   She has inspired believers through apparitions time and time again on earth, but few listen to her words. It was written that she would crush the head of Satan, but again few on earth see this as true. She lived through the lost of her Son on earth and now is faced with losing her children of mankind to the dark one as all ignore her warnings. This must and shall not be.

   She knows what mankind is up against, but free will prevents direct interference except by the Almighty when there is an imbalance for His children. All are so preoccupied as if things will not change. All of you are focus on your lives and few notices your earthly treasures are being stripped as a plan. You ask why, but more important you point the finger of blame in the wrong direction. In the end times mankind it is foretold many destroys themselves as they falls under the spell of the dark one. Through the use of money and media many will be enslaved and this is happening now in Europe by austerity and Africa is at war. Do you not see this?

   There is life after death, you hear the testimonials. Are you going to roll the dice where a decision based on this short earthly life has repercussions that last forever? Do you think Christ incarnated as man went to a horrible death, built a church as a delusion? The Bible is the greatest book and you want to discount it? Science cannot explain the universe or life. The earth has a symbiotic process for all living things that is complex and needed to be in place at the same time. Light and dark, heat and cold, oxygen and carbon dioxide, water and its vapor, plant and animal, male and female, the Lord and satan, this is all by design. It is only you who now is beginning to grasp the total picture.

   The current plan at the Vatican is to push out Benedict for the false prophet. This happened in Feb. of 2013 after this paper was written. His replacement will then slowly change the teachings that have stood for 2,000 years in the name of unity and humanism. This is where you, the faithful need to stand firm as not even the pope has the right to change the laws of God.

    Mary sent a message to save mankind through a source that could not be corrupted, the children of Fatima, but the message was withheld by fear. To this day she pleads through miracles as the Catholic Church who is suppose to believe, allows dismissal through investigations of acts that truly come from God. How can man judge what comes from God, the Almighty? He cannot. If Mary, the mother of God is lessen in the eyes of the faithful, then you know its source is that of the dark one. Many will be led astray, but you do not have to be part of this. You know what to look for and what caused the division. Plant a seed in others so they may not fall under the same deceit.

   The end times are about transformation of the children of God, mankind now the caterpillar will morph into the butterfly. Man progressing from the weak flesh to that which is indestructible and perfect. Where death will no longer exist and sin a faint memory of the past. From a planet that seems like hell for many to a world where heaven and earth will be as one. This is the future. This is the chosen generation. But you need to change from a compromise of that with man to that which stands only with the Almighty and your savior Jesus. The earth as it is not fit for God to walk on. The transformation is the process where that all is cleansed. It the choices you make today, that will ensure you also will walk upon that same surface in the future.

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