The Book of Truth



Written Jan. 28



   Those cultures that have not yet been exposed to the Truth of God, due to the prayers of mankind, the veil of deceit will be lifted to a certain degree to where all will wonder or suspect there is something greater in the universe. This will be subtle as each individual will be enlightened, according to their own personal tolerance to change and fears. This is about moving those, so long obscured by lack of knowledge, now has a choice and shall have a clearer vision of that which is spiritual on earth as a determinate of their free will.

   This will not be forced, coerced, but an option presented that completes the journey of your first of religion has taken you. But now with new questions, this leaves more unanswered than answered so you will move forward. As this feeling embraces and you have no answer, this is not the time to seek answers from the past, like a ball and chain with the same old rhetoric which will only hold you back. Contrary it is not about abandoning the past, but finding the Truth, and then embrace, your past as a foundation to initiate a new vision.




   For thousands of years the rich culture of Japan has based its spiritual guidance to the principles set forth in Shinto. Your culture worshiped as deities called Kami the mountains, trees, wind, and water, but this was all created by God. Your prayers are revered as they come from the heart. But your spirit upon death has a greater purpose than becoming something of earth. This is where you will learn as you will move gently from the action of forces or objects on earth that may affect your life from time to time to the one source that created it, God Almighty.

   Do you know that all of you are the children of God? So many of you have been lost for centuries, it is time to bring you home. Do you know you were created in His image and equal to any other human on this world in His eyes? It is not about the shape of your beautiful eyes or the color of your skin, you are His creation. Never allow another due to hate, take away from that which is your heritage. Now He wants you to grasp your inheritance and learn about your Father. The first step will be to start with an open blank page in your mind about the spiritual realm of this universe. Once you have cleared your mind, you will now read the Bible, the Old Testament to start. Once you complete this, He will answer many questions you have yearned for, but all of you must do this first. Second is to now understand the importance of prayer and meditation, as once educated in the spiritual universe, you have responsibility to others. You will be introduced to new prayers that will help Japan. The degree of help is dependant your prayers. Your education will be completed with the third part of your spiritual enlightenment, the reading of the New Testament where you will learn about your Savior who died for your sins. Yes look around the world, sin is the norm now.

   I need you to answer that call from Jesus softly as you need to listen to the whispers of guidance within your mind. Wisdom is part of your heritage and it shall grow as the words soft in intensity take shape and meaning and become a driving force for change in your life. It is about establishing a base of those with a common cause where prayer is the focus, so you and your nation are not caught off guard. You can listen to this or react to the chastisement of your world which is on hold until quick consensuses to these words are made. The leaders of your nation know is coming. You have seen the affects of the tidal waves that floated buses on top of 5 story buildings over 6 miles inland. All of this is occurring to awaken your sleeping nation. All on earth among the elite have been warned of the great quakes that will besiege your nation, but this can be mitigated. Change shall occur when you and others are enlightened and your nation and its people will never look back. Join us, in faith, spirit and as one within mankind, please accept our offering of help, enlightenment and peace. This is the Word of God.


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