Abortion Through the Eyes of the Almighty

The Book of Truth




Written Dec. 4

Update Jan. 27


   Many on earth still have not grasped the idea that abortion is a sin in the eyes of the Almighty and your judge Jesus. Ignorance of the laws of the Almighty is no excuse as this same rule is used by your local law enforcement groups. Thou shall not kill is plain and simple with a message that is straight forward. You as a human have no concept of the gift of life and how it infuses with the genetic mass of a living human being when the sperm and egg fuses. It is the Almighty creates the breath of life as He created you and only He has the right to say when life begins and this stance from the beginning of time has always started at conception.

   As the human race looks back after maturing, they will look at the misguided souls enacting genocide on their unborn through lack of knowledge, but justifying it under the guise of protecting the rights of the potential mother. Yes you as a woman have the right to choose, as this is a personal choice, but you have to answer to Jesus for that choice. This is called free will. The problem here is that few consider that the choice is eternal when all that life offers in your minds consumes only the present.

   You have been told abortion terminates that which the Almighty creates, life. It is man and woman by his free will that determines the potential of life by his or her actions with another. Whether through the sanctity of marriage where this gift is embraced with joy, the companionship of living together and a choice to cement a family, a relationship of convenience and the choice of responsibility, the lust of an encounter and the choice that is not going to change my life, although when it felt good you never considered this, or worse rape, get it out of me. All of you have choices as to the future of that life which has formed within you. This is your test as the Almighty sees all.

   Mankind has not yet ascended to a higher plane, yes the act of rape is a grave injustice, as it violates all that is personal with a woman and sometimes a man, but gift of life super cedes this in importance. Rape has always existed, and only now through modern medicine do you have a relatively safe procedure that allows a choice. Yes it is your body; yes, no law should force you to do what most men if affected would not do.

   They cannot even consider the idea that when a woman when pregnant with their baby is choosing life, fearing repercussions and financial loss. Then when a woman loses her life, because the option of an abortion was not granted, all of these are and will be used to justify the action of what is murder in the eyes of God.

   These words when spoken to a woman are not what most of you want to hear, but it is the truth. Many will now come forth and push the laws that allow abortions under the guise of protecting the woman. As a woman, the gift of life through the birth process allows you to share in the creation of life. It is a responsibility entrusted to you by the Almighty, the creator of all life, where it is expected that you care and protect that which is yours. No matter how the life was created!

   In essence it is half of you and because the other half is not what you want, your choice is to terminate it? This is a part of you, your flesh. This is your son or daughter no matter how you spin it. For those of you that left your mate in hate do you divorce your children? Step back and look at the big picture do you want to live in a world where the gift of life is discarded as garbage and justified as a right?

   An advanced civilization where the wisdom developed over the eons of time, you are required to protect all life, yet this not occurring on earth. Whatís funny is that so many would jump to save a beached dolphin or whale. Give millions to save abandon pets or birds in oil spills. Save a child in ethnic violence in 3rd world countries, men displaced due greed or an act of violence? This nation does more for a wild animal than for a homeless man and you would think the animal was the higher life form, pathetic. You know this is the truth.

    The coming Great Chastisements starting within weeks will be excised against the nations that promote abortion throughout the world. It will up to as a nation to decide to the rights of those that have none, the unborn child. More than 99% of abortions can be eliminated by a simple change in behavior. When the option is withdrawn few would take that chance of unprotected sex.

   Now letís address the political system in this country and why the two parties take their stand on opposite sides. The dark side, which has controlled this world since creation, has gone to great lengths to hide its intent and purpose towards deceiving the true children of God. The Democrats promote the rights of the weak, poor and those who have been disenfranchised, and support the rights of woman. The Republicans maintain the conservative view, that the elite with their wealth are the rightful rulers of this earth as they are the alleged job creators. In order to convince the common people, it is their promotion to stand up for the ethics that represent Church and God with their words so they back laws banning abortion and same sex marriage. Look beyond the veil of deceit and you will see they hide abortions to protect the family. Yet they would stack the Supreme Court to change the laws of abortion. The change in law agrees with the Laws of God, but this is not the reason to back the repeal of Roe vs. Wade as they do not practice in life what they vote.  

    This adoption of themes to address the political system within the United States is a win-win for the dark side as the public is gullible and not looking beyond what is presented. Should they know? Absolutely not as you in the media, trained, and with a keen sense of smelling deceit, it is your job to alert the public. The plan if America backs abortion, as a nation under God we fall as one. If America follows the Republicans who many are lying about their faith to promote an agenda where you lose your rights and you as a Christian will be persecuted as the NWO seduces this country and its leaders. They are about wealth, greed and have lied to you during the elections and you still don't trust over Obama because he is black. You need to realize if Obama was theoretically white with an American name for a comparison, very few of you would have look at Romney and even fewer voted for him.

   Obama was elected by the powers to be as the fair voice of the people that elected him in 2008 was allowed to proceed unimpeded as voter fraud was suppressed, because with all long term plans in place McCain could not lose. Stagnation of the economy was embraced as a dictate pushed to the minions by the party of no. All were told you stand as one, the party comes first despite whom and why you got elected. Mistrust was the game, moles creating mistakes that would point to what should be perceived as a weak leader, Obama. All of this unfolding before a disbelieving media as the polarization between the 2 camps expanded.

   In the war of the souls, it is the light against the dark but your political system of two parties have elements of both. It is up to you as a nation to separate the players, not by party, but what is right in the eyes of God. Can you do this America, for nation can not be saved unless you give us a chance? Give us this chance and allow the words of Jesus to touch your soul. This battle for us is about saving all, leave no soul behind. Can you say this about the other side?

   Now for those seeking proof as religion is based on myths. Know this, the level of earth changes will be beyond that of your recorded history. You will not get a confirmation as you need to make a free choice. So many like you, will be stripped of everything, as you want proof. When all is lost and all have abandoned you, call out for Jesus, He will answer your prayers. This is your choice. This is what you must learn. This is must occur because of your pride.


Update Dec. 23


   Now that the Galactic Alignment has past, the world is now cloaked under the dark side as his reign that has been prophesied, begins. I speak to each and every country that has laws and believes in the right to life. Yes, a pregnancy can cause death, but the science of medicine is not a guarantee for life and certainly terminating one, which is definite for a maybe as only God knows, so letís look beyond the veil of deceit.

   Ireland had a case where an abortion was refused despite the health of the woman. This woman could have gone to any country where abortion is legal, but did not. The goal to use a woman's life as a corner stone to change a Catholic country's belief of God's Commandment thou shall not kill, an abortion as an exception to start. This is the goal and your leaders who are on board with the NWO that are not representing the will of the people of Ireland or God.

   Christmas is a day of celebration as our Savior, Jesus was born to save mankind. It is here on the birth of Christ that the Great Chastisement commences a turning point in the history of this world as He will take back this world from the dark side. Know this; all countries that promote and expand abortion through deceitful laws will be punished to where all see the wrath of Father. You are killing His children and this will not be accepted any more without consequences. All leaders that promote these change shall held responsible, fear the unknown or change.

   A request for the faithful, it is your duty to your Mother of Salvation to pray the Rosary every Friday until the end of January to open the eyes of leaders that are still backing the new laws legalizing abortion to be enacted. For who those want to please the Heavens say it every Friday until you see Christ descend from the clouds on Judgment Day. Do this for your Mother, who is also the Mother of Christ.


Update Jan. 27


Catholic Hospital Ruling from case Jan. 2006


   Proponents for abortions are seemly using contradictory stances on the sanctity of life to negate the value of life once conceived. A 2006 Colorado case states that a fetus is not a person, but this is not true as lawyers argued for the defendant and won. A person is defined as an individual human being, which a fetus is. An entity with a God given soul that is still under development within the motherís womb. Does this entity have all of its genetic material to form an individual person if allowed to develop, yes? Does it have the breath of life blown into it, which is in the form of a spiritual soul the heart of of the Catholic faith, yes? On this the lawyers would lose, but there is another aspect not considered. Three individual lives linked together before their births are as one entity in the eyes of mankindís law. All share the same nutrient and waste systems of the mother and all are dependent the mother as a host for all to grow. Yes life is sacred and starts at conception. With the genetic code and life spirit which constitutes individuality of the person, you need to know that all separate and distinct life forms within the womb or motherís body are seen as one shared entity until separation of the umbilical cord at birth. For those trying to any ruling to undermine the Catholic Churchís stance on abortion, you will not use this case.


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