Abortion will you ever Learn

The Book of Truth




Written Nov 20


   As the world ignores the warnings of the Almighty, storms of intense power are still attributed to global warming, but this has changed. All of you were told the earth changes were muted in order to give you time to consider, but with that time you have done nothing and slap Father’s face. There will be little doubt that the hand of God has fallen upon the wicked. You are being told again that only the Almighty can breathe life into all beings on earth and the universe. Cloning, gene splicing only creates flesh, not life for this comes from only one source, God the Father Almighty. It is He when life is created that determines its purpose. So naïve as you who call yourself faithful, but you do not adhere to the Laws of God. He created you and the spirit within you. In most cases the act of conception was based on lust, a bad decision or rape when considering abortion. Once life is conceived, you as a human do not get to choose under any circumstance to terminate as these are your trails in life. What, you say your rights are violated, and because when you do not have a choice or it is, "removed by government" you fight for what is considered your humanitarian right to live. You have no rights over that which God creates. He created you and can destroy you and you be tested in the near future. All life is precious and if you take that which you think is your right, the Almighty will take yours. Heed this, only the dark one would embrace and promote the rights of humanity into your minds over the Laws of God.

   You say God would not do this. But you are wrong with your flawed human interpretation of life. Every creation is a child of God and if your limited knowledge can not comprehend that the ever lasting soul only needs a single cell to attach to, then reconsider. As the creator of all life in the universe and all worlds, every life form is precious in His eyes out of pure love, but most important His chosen and children on earth. The Almighty the creator of all universes sees beyond your petty indifferences and wants. You are His children that He loves and not one will He forsake. Just who do you think placed lust and division in your mind? You are nothing without Him, but your human arrogance for many shall befall you.

   This is not about division, or a political group pretending to want abortion to end, but their agenda cuts across all that is right to advance this nation. Think! None of you have listen and you have heard these words before, when the disasters hit, which all of you thought you could handle or not materialize as predicted, tears will flow from your eyes. You brought this upon yourselves as you thought these words were empty. Let them ring in your heads as you bury your dead in the near future. Know this, those that believe will be home and you will vex over events as they transpire. Hold onto your faith as all around call you a fool, when guided, you will not have a tear in your eye when it is over.

   Jesus speaks, “The words of Father are harsh for He is angry with the sins of His children. Call out My name in humility when faced with death and I will save you out of My love.”


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