God of Abraham Speaks

The Book of Truth



Written Nov 22


   The Almighty speaks, ďMy Children, Jews the chosen ones many ask, why you havenít spoken to us? Why havenít you guided us? Why did you let us suffer the Holocaust? Did not the prophets state I would send your Messiah to Bethlehem? When I sent Moses to deliver your nation from pharaoh you were given the Ten Commandments. Those that choose another over the Word of God were destroyed and the rest wandered for 40 years. So is it in these times, you have suffer by the hands of men. There is a distance between you My children and your Father, I am calling you to close that gap that existed for centuries.

   The Word of God never changes but your ancestors and many today still stand by the Messiah never came even though it is prophesized in the Holy Scriptures given to you through your prophets from Me. You choose the words of hate and pride instead of the Word of God. You sought a Messiah garnished with gold and wealth instead of a humble peasant. Many of you still think you are right as if your knowledge which I bequeath on you knows all. You are My children and I your God of Abraham, your God of Moses, your God of David is offering My hand of mercy. Will you let pride stand in the way of your salvation?

   So many of you, takes the time to pray to Me, your Father at the wall. So many think I do not hear your prayers, but you have conditions. When you love Me and I know you do, you should have no conditions. When you love Me you obey My Commandments. When you love Me you will accept My Son who sits at My right side, no matter what your ancestors did. When you love Me call out. Talk to Me in prayer and I will introduce you to your Messiah. Do not be afraid for He pines for you. There have been so many years without intimate conversation, as He yearns for you the Jewish race to welcome Him. He does not care if you did not recognize Him, but He wants you to recognize Him now. I your Father told you He was coming, but now you know He will never walk in the flesh on your earth ever again. He will come from the clouds just as He left your world.

   It has been a long time My children and you must heed My words. Do not waste time trying to analyze the source of these messages for you know My voice. You know the Truth. This is what you feel in your souls and let no man tell you otherwise. Your faith has kept the spirit of God alive in your synagogues for many millennium for now I am coming to collect My children, you the chosen ones. But I cannot do this alone. I your Almighty need some of you to seek My forgiveness and call on Me in prayer to where you shall be stripped of pride, arrogance and show humility and then I will talk to and guide you so that you may lead the Jewish race out of darkness where it has been it for over two thousands years. I ask you Rabbi who among shall stand up for God Almighty or will you listens to the voices of men. I await your decision.


Love your Heavenly FatherĒ


   Shortly, your nation, which is now at war with every terrorist organization, but few ask how. For the sins of your nation will peak to where you cry out His name to save you. But, you can change this by diluting the prophesized outcome as one of the two witnesses. Accept His mercy now and He will introduce you to His Son the Messiah who will not walk your earth in flesh no matter what you are told. He is your Savior. The greatest deception will be that a man of peace shall be given control of Israel and most of you will welcome him. Behind the deceit, when you donít give up Judaism for the new world religion many in your country will be eliminated outside of the worldís eyes. This is what your nation will fail to see until again, it is too late. Does not history teach you lessons? Oh again your arrogance states you are above this. Really as mere men you are going you outwit the greatest evil, satan. Pride leads to defeat. Arrogance leads to total defeat. With the media and govern all controlled by one source few will hear your cries and for most it will be too late. They will not make the same mistake Hitler did by leaving thousands of survivors to be rescued and talk.

   Analyze the state of affairs in the Middle East, look at Russia with its moves and China is a wild card you have considered yet. Counting on the US, donít as internal political struggles here will escalate causing a deep rift in the country. Knowing the earth changes all will be concerned with internal politics and little support will be shown to a government that has crushed the Palestinians no matter what your excuse is. You are the scapegoat for world war 3. If your government isnít smart then you need to be, protect your families and trust in God.


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