The Acceptance of Homosexuality




Written Sept 7 1am EST


   You have been told time and time again that homosexuality is against the will of the Almighty. You can not blame it on birth, because you are slapping the Almighty in the face of perfection that He creates, man and woman. If this was true, it would be man and man and no need for a woman. Homosexuals are a choice of the easy cum and if it works, there is an ungodly union of marriage not sanctioned by God. This is the Truth.

   Your environment does, a man that takes advantage of unprotected youth and the influence of the media that makes it right due to humanism, is unjust. The media presents same sex as right on their TV shows and comments. Do you not think this influences a young mind? I have heard Obama say our friends in the LGBT community. Really, they are your friends not mind. It is not about you and politics and a middle ground stand. This is not the answer. You will either stand with us or you will stand with the dark side. Why donít you run that past Michele? As I stand with the Almighty.

   God, my Father Almighty destroyed cities and does not create imperfection as these thoughts comes from another. The dark one preys on your weaknesses. You were told of the abomination of homosexuality, but many are in peril. Not because many are, but that you are accepting of the relationship and will be held accountable. Now you are confused.

   Does not God love all? Yes. Is not love universal as caring for one another? Yes. Does not this world condone same sex? Many do especially the young. All are true, but as God resides in every soul on earth, all of you have been told your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, that which is God in the third Person. Really do you think that God justifies your manly lust for other man? You can follow the Laws of God or listen to the dark one who controls this world as it is his short time.

   Ask, what grown man took advanced of you while you were vulnerable and a child? Were you that inept that dating a women, now becomes task because of influence or laziness? Most homosexual relationships are all about the quick orgasm as if you can not be showed off, you are dropped. They are aggressive and make a normal man after a piece of ass look like a puppy. This is the truth. You want the beautiful and cannot attain this with women so you go to a man. What so funny, is that you talk to beautiful women as they trust you? You have the opportunity to change, but by choice continue the game. No manís ass is better than a womanís tight pÖy no matter how you spin in your minds. There is the rim and then nothingness.

   You were sent a disease to curb your behavior. Did you listen? It is all about the free spirit of the dick, mouth and ass, how pathetic. As parents, it is about the influence to change the mind of a child, which would not follow the same path with a mother and father. This is only one of the reasons your life style is an abomination. You love, but you influence.

   Here this. All of you, whom condone this life style, are part of the problem. Either you are for the Almighty or the dark one and his humanism that you see as progressive. The Laws of the Almighty never changes for any man or lifestyle. Heed this.


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