Acceptance of Abortion




Written Aug 10 12pm EST


   You have been told the God the Father the Almighty is the author of all life. You as His creation are not authorized to play God. You have been told that life is sacred and attaches to the human fertilized cell when fused as one. This process of a life force unseen joining with a physical cell is beyond your human comprehension and scientists. If not, few would dare to offend the Father. You were told as a woman you are carrying God’s creation as is the source of the spirit that resides in the flesh you are responsible. In your ignorance the same life that exits your womb at birth is alive in your fertilized egg. Just because it is a cell, zygote or unformed fetus the life force is there as the physical body catches up. You say what about the risk of the woman’s life? Would you allow the child you gave birth to die because you face death?  So the same spirit is inside you, but you do not see. It is your perception of life that has been warped and it comes from the dark one. Support and you support the dark and not the Father and now for His Word.

   The Almighty speaks, “I am the author of life not My creation You can not take away, which I have given you out of love. I am a loving God. I am your patient and caring God with limitless Mercy. But, I am a just God and for those who continue to destroy life that I create shall feel My Wrath. If you will not stop I will take back that which I have given you until you fall to your knees and beg for Mercy. This is My Word.”

   I have told you that as the Deliverer I will change this perception and it will be painful as you only try to change when lives are lost. Again so be it. For every fetus aborted within the families that choose this path a living child will be taken from many to change this practice. This plague you have brought upon yourselves when it starts you will have forgotten these words and you have the power by your behavior to end it. You can listen to your liberal friends and family or stop when it becomes real. As man, you think all agreeing with the same words can give you the right to end a life that you do not understand. A woman who is a creation of God carries His life the soul and once attached to your flesh you have no right. Point to God cursing, it will become worse. Change your ways and accept His Laws it shall stop.


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