Why are you Afraid My Chosen Ones

The Book of Truth



Written Nov 19


   As the few of you, Jews recognized the voice of your Father, shortly more will join your ranks. This is not for you to talk about to your Rabbi, friends or family. This is about a long last personal relationship to God the Father Almighty, the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of the chosen Jewish race, your God all of you have prayed to but has been silent in the past. You know the voice in your head as you read the words here as it seems of so familiar. It stirs your soul, something none of you as chosen has felt in over 2000 years, relish it. Make no mistake it is not I that speaks for I am just the messenger. It is your God, he Father Almighty that is calling you home.

   Your nation is in turmoil and again in this world your nation will suffer a second holocaust, but the affects can be reduced as God Almighty is here to protect His chosen, but you must call on Him. Your leaders already know of the plan for they answer to another. First ask to forgive your sins as it does not matter what you did, but most important seek forgiveness through your Messiah. This is a prudent step in returning the state of Israel to the Kingdom of God. The second step now that you are receiving messages from God recognized the Word of God for what is.

   Your Mossad is well aware of these messages for over a decade and that they are the Truth. This is why web searches are doctored and suppressed; just ask quietly in your inner circles with those you trust. Now I am asking you as one who just got a tip. For those who know and are firm with the Almighty is now talking to the nation of Israel, prepare, stay quiet and when events confirm prophesized signs leave the Holy Land, for the dark angel of death will befall your nation when the antichrist comes to power. You have been warned.

   For those who are hedging as most Jews will do, wait until the Warning. This event will come with little notice except at certain web sites and many hundreds of millions will perish. It is here you will see your Messiah in your dreams; sadly for some of you it was the same face the Pharisees saw when Christ walked the earth. Do not fear as your ancestors made a human mistake, but now that you know the Truth, you are accountable for any actions going forward. Will you stand up for your Messiah who died for you and your sins? This is your choice. This affects your path to salvation, which you pray for. Man has just a glimpse into the Kingdom of and is influenced. The Word of God never changes only mans feeble interpretation.

   Shortly the Catholic Church will try and lure your nation into a web of deceit. They will prey on your established beliefs, the Messiah is yet to come, but at the warning you will know He has already walked this earth and died and the only way He will return is from the clouds. Let no man on earth tell you different. Let no leader of your nation remove you from the Word of God. Let not the words of doubt keep you from inheriting the Kingdom of God. This is what you pray for and the Almighty, God the Father of Abraham, Moses and you chosen ones hears your prayers, oh children of Israel. Now that He has answered your call, consider what has been brought to you, and again not from a source you would accept. The Almighty speaks, I have always loved you even though My voice has been silent for many centuries. Think not of what happen in the past, but to reestablish that bond you My children have always had with Me. It starts today. Cherish it!


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