Agents of satan

How so Many are Fooled

The Book of Truth




Written Feb 22


   In this world when it comes to religion of any kind, all rely on faith. Few question the elders as they are never wrong. Only they can interpret the meaning of scriptures. Only they know what God wants. Only they can get you to Heaven. This is true only when man adheres to the Commandants of God.

   The Almighty speaks, I am who you seek to please, as all those around push you towards deeds that I do not sanction. You were told not to murder and you doubt my Laws, because of the mouth of men? Children I am your Allah, I am also the God of the Jews as there is only one Almighty that oversees all. Doubt, chaos, murder and division, comes from another. Since when do you think My voice is the only voice you hear?

   If this was the case, then Adam and Eve would have never been tempted, just as you are today. In the Scriptures you were told to judge by the fruits of the person. Many in this world kill in the name of God, but unknowingly worship the dark one. There is death instead of true justice. There is fear instead of true peace. War continues unabated on your world with promises of agreements and false truces.  There is division in the world, but you do not see this as you are blinded in hate in a mission planned by those you are suppose to hate. Exactly how do you get your weapons if the West and Russia makes them? Locations bombed and you did not know you had a success until you watched the evening news. Are you that naive? I Am the God of love. I Am the God of peace. I Am your Father.

   Step back My children and look at the big picture. You are influenced by both Me, the Father and the dark one. Break My Commandments then you are not with Me for any reason. Kill another in My Name is a lie for only My Son judges. Know this, it is you that promotes hate and it is here where I will lose souls. I will come for you in the Chastisements and you will know the power of God, agent of satan.


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