You said that You are an all Loving God

Why do you call our Unions Abominable?


Written Jun 30


   The Almighty speaks, “These are dangerous times My children and know that what ever happens, what ever you sin you have committed, I love you with all of My Heart. Ask and My Jesus will forgive you. You are Mine and I am yours. Like children they sometimes do not see all the dangers. All love comes from Me as this is a gift that I give to you to share with others, just like hate comes from another. When you find the one, this union is sealed by My Sacrament of Marriage as it is a Holy Union blessed by Me. There are other influences that twist my Truth and you as children do not see the total picture. You may love another that is the same, but do not lust the same. You may have a family, but the innocent children you raise must be brought up in My name not in anothers' who twists the concept of My love to where it insults Me. My only goal is to bring home each and every soul as I will do everything within My power to achieve this including cutting life short. I love you, but I have a set of rules for you to follow to protect your souls even though you do not understand this at this time. The Bible has warned you of these times heed the words for that time is now upon you.”


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