Everyone on the this Earth has under Estimated the power, deceit and evil of the antichrist

This Needs to Change


Written Feb 4


   All of you have seen the changes now escalating on earth where one of thousands of tentacles and events guided by the new world order, a minor one posing as ISIS executing in the name of their prophet even though Allah. The same God of Abraham through the prophet Moses stated, thou shall not kill. ISIS does not even have the Koran around in HQ of those pulling the strings. Fear is the message to America. Judging from the beheadings, which you got use to, burning a human alive now has got your attention again.

   You were told murder and wars would escalate and the astute now see this, but is only a taste of what is to befall Europe shortly. You were told the Catholic Church would embrace humanism and through a long series of small changes, thus the goal to supplant the Word of God. This is occurring now quietly. The Word of God never changes. It does not change for modern man as if God did not see the future He created. This is a test.

   When the antichrist is mentioned, most of you paint a vivid picture in your minds of evil men like Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon or any man that the population is displeased with governing your nation as if you know the Truth. Deception and deceit is the primary traits of the antichrist as it is to be loved and adored first, then when trust is established then he will stab mankind in the heart. This is his tactics. You will say many leaders and stars praise his abilities and old world charm, he is the one, but many failed to realize many in power and with fame sold their souls to the same entity and you think they would not lie for their master?

   You doubt a new world war will evolve from present conflicts as if the age of Dťtente still exists in some respects and conventional wisdom states no one would be insane enough to destroy the world. But the goal is to destroy the souls of the children of God, and then the dark one would be allowed to carry out this mission as few of you believe in the evil of satan or the presence of God. Only when faced with death, from a man you trusted to bring peace to this world, the hope of the dark side is that you curse the Almighty and this shall be so. Remember it will be you that shall embrace hope from the dark one through engineered wars. It is you that will listen to the false prophet and discard the laws of God. It is you that will embrace the new world order and new religion with your free will. So be it. War and pestilence will close all options and it is the hope of Jesus that you call out His name to be saved. The dark one hopes for survival of the fitness with all of its sins dooming billions of souls. This is what you face in the near future.

   Again you are being ask by Jesus sacred servants are you going to stand up for the Word of God or fall for the soothing words of change coming from the Vatican, who are now no different than the Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees that betrayed your Messiah, just like Judas. Yes it is better you run in confusion, than accept the mark of the beast. For it is a signed agreement to the new doctrine of the church to help the poor and disenfranchised in the name off humanism that will be placed before you. Donít sign it. Again for those on the fence, notice the pride and in some cases arrogance delivered by those who would assist the poor. This is your clue, for they will not be able to help themselves.

   You ask; how can I prepare for what is to come as the signs are here, but there is not definite proof? Sacred servants it is up to you to the guide the faithful in times of turmoil, but most will fall for the deceit of one world religion, even one is too many. You are being asked to solidify your decision that you are in the end of times and the Church has been compromised instead of reacting to deflect the slow changes. It is about being on board now, not waffling with human intellect. In order to lay the foundation to where the Remnant Army can dilute the power of satan, you must realize your enemy exists. Can you as sacred servants who pledge your life to Jesus stand up for the Word of God? Millions will fall, if some of you preach with indecision and you will be held responsible by your Savior Jesus. What will be your excuse when judged? Did you harvest His bounty or let them wither and die? This lesson is in the Bible for a reason, but still you do not learn. Fear will stop you from asking for forgiveness, for then you would have to admit to promoting the laws of the dark one, then what? The seconds you will have to repent when you face Jesus may be wasted and filled with lies and excuses when your life is presented and then you may be cast away. Is this what you want from God and Savior, who knows your soul?

   We need patriots for the Kingdom of God. For the essence of winning means you know there is a threat instead of reacting to a series of events to where you are convinced before solidifying a decision. All of you need to know; you will be tested beyond your endurance. For a true warrior does not waver for any reason in the face of persecution. A true warrior will not listen to the lies of the false prophet even if he is the pope as changes slowly come to the Catholic Church you know. A true warrior will stand up for the Word of God no matter what the odds seem like, for there is no greater power in the universe than God the Father Almighty. When there is no doubt all will know the Truth and for many, then many are lost to your indecision.

   We are the Remnant Army and a choice needs to be made now, as every soul counts. The wayward are first and good last, because they need little help. We are the force that will prepare all on this earth for the Second Coming of our Messiah. We are the hope of this world guided by Jesus and God the Father Almighty and His Covenant promised to all mankind by our Saviorís death on the cross. Every one of who envisioned being a hero of the universe, this is your chance, but there are no cowards as millions shall die around you. You will not waver due to fear, threats, ridicule by family and friends for only the few see our glorious future. Is that you? You will be that beacon of strength for the weak of faith, the persecuted, and the oppressed to follow. You will uphold the Word of God. You are being called now to fight in the Army of God. This is no greater cause on this earth, at this time, for the salvation of all, in the eyes of God your creator. There is no greater reward in all battles that have occurred in the universe. For you have been chosen to fight for God, who is the ultimate power in the universe. Many are chosen, but few respond. Be proud and with the action you take among your peers, know who you represent.

   There is a balance in the universe and know this new world order. All the power, money and weapons and the billions you control will be matched and then some among the few. Technology, powers only seen on earth since the time of Moses, power of the mind beyond human knowledge, insight and wisdom such that the world has never seen. Hurt Godís children and you will feel His wrath not only through the Chastisements and disasters, but from His prophets who will lay waste to your plans when you think you have won.

   You have heard the prophecies and I ask instead of waiting to confirm, act as if they are the Truth and for those on the fence if it does not develop, then withdraw slowly over the next five years. This will be our power. This is how we defeat the antichrist in the name of Jesus. This is written. This is the Covenant that God, the Almighty promised all of His children and we will deliver the earth and all of His children to Him.


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