The Apparitions of Mary

Mother of Salvation

The Book of Truth



Written Mar 17


   As we now evolve to what seems a new level of intelligence in the universe, the media and science will aggressively challenge established beliefs of faith. Many will be swayed by learned men presented as experts and they will question apparitions of faith. Yet not one has been in the presence of that, which is supernatural and assumes opinions that shall sway weak souls. The key to the faithful is that divine events related to God, Jesus, Mary or the Saints has occurred to bring all to together, but there is a sinister movement now in place. Mankind with his science cannot disprove or prove that which is supernatural. But with the power of the media, they can influence those who have little resources except what they are told to cause doubt. This is the power behind those who will soon control this earth, the masons led by the antichrist.

   The dark one now covertly firmly in control of many governments, religious, political systems and all that is financial seeks to control all of Godís children. This is the goal. The push back will be, the appearance or apparitions of Mary to just chosen souls in all primary sites she has been seen in the past 2 centuries before as those witnessing shall see nothing, but feel a presence that is holy. Now that it is spring 2014 these apparitions will proceed for the entire world to embrace. A sharp resurgence in the Catholic Faith shall rise swiftly catching all by surprise. As the theme will be to love each other and that no matter what you see you when turmoil rises, your Mother of Salvation will be there to intercede for you and present your needs fears to Her Son.  Our Mother will be seen at all major locations She has appeared in the past La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, Guadeloupe and another, but a miracle may be granted to other sites, blessed, although dependent upon the will of the Father. This is a gift from God for the faithful to hold together the flesh which is weak as the covert grip of the unseen antichrist tightens around the nations and the people of the world.

   Mary has appeared in front of innocent children to warn you of the deceit that is to occur within the Vatican. Men can be corrupted, but not the children blessed by God. Some Popes were assassinated (short reigns) as they wanted to reveal what was in the 3rd Letter. Contrary to speculation presented on media shows, the Truth has not been revealed. Watch as Mary, Mother of God is removed from the Catholic Church in the near future. They will caste doubt, yes faithful, the leaders in your Vatican. They will quote her absence in the Bible and twist Her as an important figure in our faith as She intercedes for mankind to God.

   First priority is to remove the recital of the Rosary the greatest weapon against evil. It is the recital of the Rosary that is like a sharp screech in what would be the spiritual essence of those spirits who have aligned with satan. For the living, who have been invaded by the dark side the spiritual essence that adheres to the brain stem becomes confused. The confusion explained away as a lapse of attention, faint images, but no real explanation. Second, to provide doubt leading to the removal of a Savior Jesus Christ to where the celebration of the Eucharist is removed and then the antichrist will be made known to control the seat of Peter. You are asked to hold your opinions as almost all of you see this as impossible. The point, as this unfolds many will be in disbelief as a new format presented by those inside the Vatican removes the foundation of the past. The Truth never changes. It is here that you know it has a new master as predicted in the Book of Revelations and the 3rd letter never revealed to mankind.

   As the chastisements cripple governments, wars kill millions the world will be looking for a new leader as all presently seen will be inept against the powers of the dark one.  No man can defeat him only God. If there is eventually going to be one government, currency and faith that the world embraces then the one to bring all faiths together if this is a war against God is the pope. Ask your self if it is the pope then just who is he?

   You have been told in these times Evil would be seen as good and good as evil. Look at the fruits from their labor; this will be your guide. When you are asked to deny the Truth, stand up for your Lord.  It is better to be a persecuted Christian true to the Lord, than a willing coward in the grip of a false church soon to be led by the antichrist. Know this; you cannot stand before the Lord and say everybody agreed to the changes. No you were deceived and in your heart you know the Truth never changes. In this test you will choose to stand with Christ or against Him like Judas. Ask Jesus in prayer when confused instead of listening to those who call themselves experts in the spiritual realm. None of them who calls for change, have a connection to God and what he wants. If so they would not be exploiting or contradicting a divine event.


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