The Architect of Life

The Book of Truth


Written July 17

   As the Truth is reveal to this disbelieving world all will know God the Father is the Architect and more important the Author of all life in the infinite universes. It was He that created all visible and invisible matter according to His Holy Will, creation by mere thought beyond the comprehension of all sentient life in the multiple realms of the universe. Many of you have questions on your existence, but few answers and the Truth in the Bible seems contradictory to human science. So how can this be?

   It is true that the universe was created, for there was nothing in the beginning, not even a single particle. For those who still believe in the Big Bang ask who created the initial particle or do you believe it was just there? It is only that controlled that which is invisible to you, The Almighty decided to create visible matter for His creations to enjoy and more important grow spiritually as this is the purpose of life. Love; caring for another, birth of a life form, out of love, all is created life within the sacrament of Marriage, a true gift. Who provided universal order for life to evolve? Atmospheres on what were dead worlds; a balanced system is transformed to support life. This was not random, but an act of creation beyond the knowledge of all life forms created within the many universes, the Father allowed you to experience the gift of life. Yes there is other life outside of what you know on earth. He told you created many forms of life, animals, which evolved over time to higher sentient forms before man.

   Man is the only life form within the universe that is created in His image, we are His true children. We were created after many life forms roamed this universe and planet earth. Ancient man and the oppressors who arrived here in the distant past were removed as you descendants of Adam and Eve, the two original children of God were sent here in exile. This is why you see fossils of man with no genetic connection. This is how the dinosaurs existed as they were animals created before man. You were told of a day in God's existence, which He who has existed for all time again the time line is beyond your comprehension. Do not equate that which is a day in the Creators existence to a day that varies wildly among the many planets that exist within the infinite realms of universes.

   As time moves forward, the Truth will become so surreal, then what? Our Lord is forgiving and all He asks is to open your mind to what if? You have free will and He only wants those of you come to Him freely with one request, sorrow for the pain you have done to your fellow man. This is it. Jesus speaks, "No matter what crime. No matter how much hate you have harbored over time due to the actions of you or others. No matter how others see you, I love you and want to bring you home, for you are My child. This is the bottom line. Take My hand, for I will deliver you from all that is despair, soon to overwhelm your world"

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