As Jesus Informs the World

The Book of Truth


Written Aug 3


  When the Truth is known many will realize that most of what you call life, has been a lie. Wars fought to increase debt on a nation and removed the worker population in the name of justice in the overall scheme. It is the valor of men and women that die for their country as many covert missions are for the good and for this there are the true heroes, but the overall war was arranged. This is the Truth.

   And you, the Moslems, oh how you have been taken advantage of. You speak of the great satan, but like cowards you kill those who are innocent as easy targets, just like those who are suppressing you. Not one of you will go against those truly in power as you will die with any effort. Now as for your jihad by telling the weak of mind to kill those who you see as an enemy is murder. Who taught you this? Not Allah or Mohammad.

   Allah, the Almighty speaks, “I sent you Mohammad to enlighten you, as oppose to losing your souls. You the Moslems are just like the Jews, both of you with your human interpretations share a common bond as you rejected My Son. You were given, a set rules to follow in the Quran, did you obey them or exploit My words? When you speak My Name in no way did I give authority to murder? It is only justified if your life is in immediate for self defense, where you have no other option. Only I give life and take it away and no cleric or holy man is above My Laws, the Creator of all life in this universe. I have destroyed this world and will destroy it again for anyone who hurts My children as all of you are one. Do not interpret My words, My Commandments or My plans I have for this earth. How dare you raise your humanity to a level to that which is God? My messengers obey where anger and hate are not part of the equation. I Am your God, who is all loving, all knowing and needs to know some of you are on board before I lay waste to your lands.

   Shortly war will explode in your region as weapons flow from known and unknown sources and the media raises tensions and embassies left with skeleton staffs, all by design. Kill My children and face My Son in judgment this is your choice as you have been warned as it is the dark one that clouds your minds with anger and hate. Only love comes from Me, your Creator as each and every human on this earth is equal in My eyes no matter how your human prejudices twist the Truth

   The stock market rises and falls each time in cycles and there is a slice taken and you think the market is free. How if the money directing short term market directly which subtly controls peaks and collapses is almost unlimited and the same banks all controlling interest rates. Look beyond the veil of deceit.

   Let me remind you, the media feeds you lies in that they tell the truth with human stories but do not attack that which is against the Truth. As the fate of the world is revealed either by your governments or the disasters, you will be faced with the decision of your life. Life as you know in a few short years shall change beyond what you have known and so how will you define it?

   For all you, the Faithful many know the trials dictated in the Bible and they must happen as it is written. As all changes around you especially in our Church, tears will flow in sorrow as our sacraments are removed, especially the sacred Eucharist and our crucifix redesigned in the name of modernization. Again it must happen, but you can mitigate the chastisements with your prayers. As all around collapses never lose faith, if you do, then what? You will be that rock like Peter for all around you and your prayers needed.

   You have your beliefs and let no one change your mind. Cowards like company, so when they lose all they fall together when proven wrong. How many times have you experience this in your life? You will be an extreme minority and almost all will hate you for believing in His name and this is how you will know you have chosen the straight and narrow. After the warning many will seek you out for advice, be prepared to lead the flock along with the sacred servants. Only one thing is asked of you, if or when you lead sectors the world you must submit your free will to Jesus. Do this in quiet prayer, and then, always be prepared to lead the world if called by our Lord.

   The present earth changes will capture the fear of all those in control of this earth, but will be nothing compared to what is to come. Know this NWO, what you see shortly is a warning shot across the bow, heed it as it will come home. Not one of you who choose to ignore the clemency of forgiveness and stay with the dark side will be alive on this earth after the Great Chastisements, not one. If the earth is transformed then all that is dark is sweep away, read the scriptures. Promises from satan who lies, kills, cheats and you trust him!

   As for the media, I see the fear in how some of you carefully choose your words during interviews, wise. “They think they know, but they don’t”, really as if your lying associates are telling you the Truth. Do you think your words would go unnoticed as you spoke to the nation? You are a child of God and Jesus wants you, but not at the expense of corrupting the souls of millions that your reach. Ask yourself, as the common American listens to your words, do they think about ways to build this nation or point fingers of hate and anger to blame for their misery? There was a war that spent trillions. There was a financial collapse due to an engineered housing bubble and even you are smart enough to see this, I hope. Remove the blame and offer a solution, can you?

   There are many things you do not understand and much more beyond your understanding young pup, even though well past your prime. You are being asked as you are inside the loop and hear the rumors, as the world is about to be ravaged to change minds like the new sink hole in western Kansas, learn before the lessons come home. Again it is said this is not a threat as we want you on the side of the Lord, but refuse. This is a final choice for you as you affect so many, make it. Choose man or choose God.

   Now, are you so sure what you are being fed from others is truth as your life and more important your family will depend on it? Think about it. You have been told your influence that turns souls will come back to you. Your best choice is to stay quiet and leave your ego home. You know who you are as if you could hide. Yes there is doubt in your minds and now you will have some proof, but with this proof people will die somewhat due to you tipping the balance. This is allowed to happen, where in order to change the path of mankind as death must occur, but a point the maximum souls are saved in relation to the physical lost of life. This is the goal in this spiritual war as the flesh returns to dust. You have the power to change this, adhere to the Laws of the Almighty and this is in the hands of men, choose between the lies or the Truth.

   Now a few words from your Savior Jesus, “I have begged you that you to change your ways. I died for you and sins, but few believe. I do not want to lose not one of you. Know this, amid all the lies you will hear as mankind cowers in fear. Only I have the power to change things that will not only save your life, but more important your soul. You can trust men and their words as they die around you or trust Me who rose from the dead as chronicled in the Bible.”

   A word of prophecy, many think it is the antichrist that will rise from the dead as revealed in Revelations. But look deeper at a secret is revealed. It is stated that one of the seven heads of the beast will be fatally injured and seem to die. If it was the antichrist, the term one of the seven heads meaning another would not been written and this is the Word of God. It will be Francis. Satan has the power over human flesh infested by his dark angels during this time and will remove life as you know it and reinstate to reproduce how Jesus rose from the dead. It is a trick as only the Almighty gives life or takes it away and this is the Truth. Do not follow the crowds who will adore him.

   Most will see little wrong as world events unfold at first, but those in power who know will be in disbelief as the words written here become true. It states again in prophecy written in the Bible most will be fooled and adore the false prophet or anti pope. He will bring all religions and faiths together, but will change the Laws set in stone by God. It will be said he is the pope of the people with his humanistic views of caring. His actions are like the saints, but know this; the dark angel which resides in the soul is cunning and shall fool almost everyone until he turns. But beware as he will put the wants and needs of men masked as caring in front of God. This is your clue. When you Christians lose all hope, the warning will come and the Truth shall be known.


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