A wormhole, mankindís passage way to distant section of the universe is a theory that needs further examination. Why does mankind assume there are curves in the fabric of space and time, produced from gravitational hot spots that might produce a shortcut?

   To the right How Stuff Works illustrates how a wormhole connects 2 portions of the universe as space and time is bent and the wormhole provides a shortcut, between 2 the distant points.

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Briefly: We will examine the current concept of wormholes by introducing gravity as a force that affects mass, but cannot affect that of space by folding, compression or creation of any shortcut. By the end of this paper, I will introduce a new concept for currently unknown theories of how a wormhole would work under current ideas; as a result some will modify their views relating to wormholes. The adjustment will be that gravity can compress any mass within a space, but it cannot compress the concept of space itself, which is infinite.


   Wormholes currently are hypothetical and have yet been proven to exist, but their creation according to present day theory is still unknown. Using current theories, lets look at a modified model. Anchoring each side of the wormhole is a gravitation source attributed to a singularity, which eventually reduces a mass into an infinitely spatial point. The phenomenon, a singularity is described as a point where mass, space, is compressed and time altered by gravitational forces emanating from a black hole. This is what bends the fabric of space and time inward, towards the singularity of curved two dimensional planes that comprises the funnel entrance of the wormhole, the event horizon. The gravitational wave propagates a force between the 2 singularities, in turn attracting each other thus compressing the spatial distance between the points, which folds back upon the 2 points. The balance, as gravity forces the points closer, there is a countering force, the recoil of space folding trying to return to equilibrium. Thus there is a settling of a distance between the gravitational sources, resulting in established stability within the wormhole. The hyperbolic funnel is a representation of an established border between the affects altered space and time and that which is normal, though there is variations about the middle due to gravitational wave like forces. The dither point equally distant between the 2 singularities is the location where gravitation forces are the weakest. This is why the funnels are wider towards the ends as opposed to the thinner middle that is stretched between the two points. Inside funnel the singularity maintains a static position below the curving 2 dimensional plane, the surrounding spherical event horizon well away from the walls of the wormhole, a point where space and time gradually returns to normal as an exponential function related to net distance away from the gravitational source.

   So how does a traveler take advantage of this shortcut through space and time? By using a gravity assist to accelerate pass the event horizon of the singularity and direct the trajectory of travel within close proximity of the wormhole wall, hence minimizing gravitational tidal forces between the singularities within the central core of the wormhole. Momentum will carry the craft to and pass the dither point where it again accelerates towards a second singularity on the opposing side; again a gravity assist is used to skim by the event horizon, resulting in the craft that has emerged out of the wormhole on the far side. A point, hypothetically that connects to a different part or a new universe.

   This theoretical connection to parallel universes was first presented as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Although current theories in astrophysics state the concept of a wormhole is unknown, I, Grant decided to fill in the blanks using mankind's current knowledge and theories. Does it work using your text books, answer carefully?  As we examine this theory, it is only satisfied by duel entry points, which occur on opposite sides of the source of these anomalies, the singularities. Does the idea have merits, so could a wormhole exist and even more important can we use it to rapidly transverse the universe?   

   Observation of the environment, usually can give us a true picture. Peering out into this vast universe, we observe a linear perception of distant objects within the universe. If so, then how do we account for curvature of light from a star and the concept that space and time can be folded? With a new foundation in the force of gravity, a particle, it applies a force as it passes through a mass or another particle in the direction of movement. It is this interaction that is responsible for the bending of light. Doesn't a Black Hole bend the path of light back towards the surface of the emitting mass due to gravity? Why wouldn't a stellar mass affect a close pass of light particles in motion from a distant start to a lesser extent by bending its path slightly? With limited knowledge on the behavior gravitational particles as those in the Black Projects have access to the secrets of the universe and know gravity is not a wave of attraction between 2 masses. This is a problem.

    So how does theory go astray from the basic rules of Physics? The problem with mankind's theory related to the universe, it confuses the effect gravity has on mass and applies the same principles to the concept of space, to which mass is infinitesimal. Known space is a three dimensional representation of an area designated by a set of reference points that is viewable with your optics and radio wave emitter/transceivers. It is the mass within the affected area that can be affected by gravity, not the space itself, how can this be? Space and mass are not the same, reference points do not equate as something that is physical; they are a set of coordinates. If you establish a set or coordinates is there matter represented at this points designated as anchors? No. Space cannot be folded, compressed or altered; it is a set of imaginary points to reference the locations of an almost infinite amount of mass composed of galaxies and universes. Letís look at a simple example. When an asteroid is captured by Earth's gravity, is it just the mass that moves towards Earth or the mass and the surrounding spatial area of the asteroid once attraction was initiated?

   How do you account for the hyperbolic tube concept, the current illustration is represented in most diagrams? The gravitational force emanating from the center of a black hole pulls evenly from all directions, except for variations caused by anomalies in the composition of the mass at the center of the black hole with a small shift in the direction of the other black hole.

   So how do your scientists account for a directional tube that connects a central point on a dual two dimensional planes representing access to another portion of the universe when the spatial area is 3 dimensional? Since your science has yet to acknowledge the repulsion force, your version of a wormhole would first collapse upon itself as the two black holes move towards each other. The next problem is you ignore the path of least resistance. Why gravity would fold space instead of attracting in a straight line? It would not. In order for wormholes to exist the universe when created would already have these folds in place and when black holes were created only then could a pathway could be created between the 2 points and the boundaries breached. But this is not the case for the universe that you see.

   Two large gravitational forces would pinch off any tube anomaly that tried to form. The concept of traveling to another part of the universe is grand, but little knowledge of how the universe works almost all on earth have no clue on how to successfully cover vast distances that would be needed to visit other worlds. Your world in its present form would never be given the technology to achieve faster than light travel. So if any craft you built first would be crushed and second never achieve the speed necessary to avoid capture as you know black holes captures particles of light. The pinch point as you pass the black hole would not allow passage past it, while in turn collapsing upon its self. Give the dream up as it does not work on paper.

   Now letís examine the source of gravity that is responsible for creating a singularity. A collapsing stellar mass starts the process, but this is a gradually development over time. As compression of matter takes place due to gravity, these tidal forces new matter into new zones of the stellar core. This influx of new material initiates fusion into an expanded zone where the fusion process occurs. Thus, the star goes through a prolonged period of convulsions of expansion and compression at the surface while simultaneously, the emission of solar bursts occur as hot zones temporally accelerates the process shedding stellar matter. The key is the location. This is why the most massive black holes are located at or near the dense centers of galaxies, so that enough neighboring stars can be captured. Accretion of all neighboring stellar matter continues until a critical point of gravitational force related to that captured mass is reached. The crucial point is where the normal emission of all visible light within the gravitational field controlled by the accumulated mass is shunted to null but does allow the emission of certain high frequency gamma rays. This is the process related to the creation of a black hole, still not in the present books of human knowledge given to the common man.

   Physicists have explored some aspects affecting a black hole, which is a by-product from extreme gravitational flows towards the center of a massive cosmic object. The laws controlling gravity are uniform in this universe. Observing gravity flows inside of a black holes, we can see that mankindís hypothesis of wormhole are contradictory. The gravitational force emanating from objects such as small moons to super-massive stars pulls from the center in a 360-degree spherical directional. Why should the rules change for Black holes, which are formed from stars or remnant matter left at the center of the origin of the ambient galaxy being studied? Gravity does not flow in a linear wave like mode or compress matter to an infinitely small point. This version of facts would not be consistent to other laws of physics, contradicting the fact that matter cannot be created or destroyed. How can matter which is finite, now be reduced in size to an infinitesimal point called a singularity?

   It is a theory formulated with many possibilities, but does not take in all the parameters of sound science. If we were able to trek into this theoretical wormhole under the new rules of gravity, the source of gravity, a collapsed solar mass would pull all matter towards the center of its mass. Its counter point in another part of the universe would only affect its local area, any link due to folding of space a set of imaginary coordinates cannot exist. How can gravity affect spatial area, which is not defined as mass? Are we changing the rules of Physics to justify a set of select conditions to justify a theory? Thus the present day model of a wormhole, which accounts for two ways in, the opposing entrances of the hyperbolic funnel leading to the singularity, but in reality, there cannot be any out from the center. Thus, the model presented cannot exist. There are no vortexes such as wormholes that would create a gravitational, spatial, time displacement for matter and energy or curved shortcuts in the universe. If so under mankind's theories, as a mass approached the singularity, time displacement within the black hole would approach zero, but never quite get there. A destination where the distance shrinks, but progression of time slows. This is a theoretical trip that will never be achieved. Even if an infinite passage of time is allowed. A theory, which is a best effort to explain the unexplained, but there comes a time that all should move on.

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 Mankind's Theory on Wormholes