Cloaking and Radar Invisibility


   First this insight is only being released, because by the time mankind applies this knowledge to a working model, our civilization would have morphed into a new plane of righteousness and responsibility for others. There is no security risk to the US military when concepts being presented are in a general format, besides you are light years in front of others and this will not erode your  current edge.

   All administrations from the late forties with Black Projects have tried to acquirement of this technology through back engineering and research when examining off world spacecraft. This would insure total surprise when encountering the various enemies of the United States during the cold war days, which truthfully are few today, because all are linked by money, greed, a need to remain on top and collusion. Some on Earth were promised this technology, but the agreements did not work out. Scientists that observed the unique demonstrations of radar evasion, but more important visual invisibility in the deserts of Nevada, all were in ah and recreated poor substitutes, which mankind knows as stealth, so what direction should our best scientists take to insure success?

   Where most research scientists go wrong in approaching this problem is in trying to eliminating the reflection of radar waves back to the emitting source by deflection or absorption. The visibility problem due to light is out of reach for scientists on Earth as the basic concepts in science are flawed, so most military missions requiring surprise are at night.

   The first step in solving this problem is looking at radar and light waves in their respected frequencies as particles and the 3 dimensional profile of the object to be affected, more important light. The gravity and repulsion particle affects all particles and mass, but the frequency of subject radar and light particles that can be affected may be tuned by a coherent charged stream to key in on all wave lengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Gravity and repulsion particles on a whole could be compared with white light and as we know that white light can be broken down into many frequencies, but there are many unknown colors, which are picked up as gray light by the human retina. Step 2: Examine the core of a large mass and the minute charges associated with it. The key here is that a balance is achieved by a series  of spikes emanating from the central core of the mass, but always returning to a base level, eliminate all that vary wildly. This is no different than associating a charge to a particle except here we are dealing at the sub atomic level. Remember, when first examining the mass most if not all will find no charge, because it is here you must think outside the box. The charge at the core is neutral, because the movement of charged sub atomic particles are in a state of equilibrium for the most part where the combined total of the various particles is near zero. It is only when the time frame of comparison is greatly reduced from a nanosecond that the subtle spikes in the core charges will reveal themselves. Step 3: Once the charge is identified, a difficult task, now you can use many amplified coherent particle streams to bend various other subatomic particles. The object of cloaking and radar invisibility is not to eliminate or scatter light and radar wave lengths, but to bend them around the subject mass and return them to their original path and this includes infrared and ultra violet parts of the spectrum. You are familiar with how magnetic fields spread electron streams hitting a screen, this in different. by pushing light particles by tuned gravity and repulsion particles emanating from all directions about the mass behind, to up, over, under and around, the original grouping of light waves can compressed and returned to its original path. Thus the mass in the center of the diverted radar and light particle streams remains undetected as what's behind the mass only show and light waves never bounce off the mass from the frontal view but just pass to the rear. Radar and light waves require 2 separate systems with coherent 360 degree spherical control and a refresh rate that does not allow a fully formed wave to occur if reflected. Distortion is what has to be reduced in order for the cloak to be effective and the higher the civilization you are evading the tighter the tolerances. The computer analyzed shape of the mass dictates the directional streams, strength at a certain distance from the center of gravity of the host mass and refresh rate. The refresh rate is important because you have to alternate control of wave lengths approaching each other at 180 degrees while dealing with an object having a 360 degree view.

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