Why does Grant try to Incorporate God into his Science?


   Counter to the views of most scientists, I am will bridge the gap between the Almighty, the source of all, spirituality and the concepts of science. Mankind in his quest for knowledge is always looking for an explanation to the theory of life. How did it spontaneously begin on the surface of Earth in even the most adverse environments at the bottom of ocean trenches, if so then life is everywhere in the universe. Why did species mutate giving rise to the theory of evolution, but there are DNA leaps creating gaps that cannot be explained? Why has the Bible and its overall theme become so important in some of our lives, like myself were it is not a matter of faith, but it is what I know as the truth with no doubt, that there is a higher power that has our best interests, although most modern scientists rejected it?

    Mankind has evolved to the point to where some consider themselves as a god, His gifts of knowledge has allowed the exceptional to clone, thus duplicating life, a creator and to govern his environment, the ability to seemingly understanding the workings of the universe, but truly mankind is not even close on how the universe and life works. Evolution is God’s plan for a planetary ecosystem as the best life form at adapting to natural conditions propagate. Mankind has crowned itself under the name of God as His supreme creation of a life form, but is this true? Yes and No, God has created an infinite amount of life forms throughout the universe in his image, but the image that is duplicated, is the Almighty’s soul. We all have a part of his soul, which over and over it is said. We are one and the is why. All of sentient life forms have free will, but are linked by a common thread, the soul all emanates from one source, God. Here on Earth presently, mankind is His chosen creation. You have always been told your body is a shell and that is true. God in his wisdom wants all to know the soul lives on and there is an infinite amount of lessons to be taught, would it not be boring if the setting were always the same? Many of us are caught up in our intelligence, the power we have in controlling how the elements affect us and that ego goes astray as most who were given gifts forget where they came from. I am thankful everyday for the gifts of knowledge that He has bestowed upon I. Mankind needs to know everything you have and I mean everything is because of Him. He created the science and the wonders of the universe for us to discover. Do not a mistake by thinking a little knowledge puts you on the same level as your God. As a civilization advances, with knowledge comes responsibility. Over the next several years mankind will advance, but on the merits of how we treat each other.


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