God’s Wrath



   For those who are familiar with the Bible, many first time readers are surprised when God who encompasses all that is good can get angry at his creations, thus bringing upon them His wrath. We all know the stories, Adam and Eve, Noah, Sodom & Gomorra, and the plagues of Egypt and that history will repeat itself?

   God has sent many signs for mankind to correct his ways. Foremost by bringing Him back into our lives. This is where you walk with Him always and not just show up on Sundays and let your mind drift during His celebration. You have received the pebble in the form disasters, plagues, disease, and famine all of which is to get mankind to care about others. Then came the brick, and world wars, genocide of entire populations, atomic bombs, constant Middle East terror followed, all of which is to stir empathy in mankind and those who control the world, but for some it has just harden them into taking more and exploiting every situation for their personal gain.

   Those who control the world, due to their immense wealth have basically been free of the problems of that besiege the common man in the world. They sit high on the perch, which they have carved upon this world by various means, some good and some bad. The cinder block has now arrived and for those who have allowed great suffering on this Earth to continue will experience God’s wrath. Disasters on the scale never seen before will wipe the elite’s precious cities and resorts off the face of the Earth. So complete in destruction, to where none shall have doubt that the hand of God has returned to Earth to set His people free. The message to the elite, “You are not greater than God for I have created you”. “You have removed me from your lives, but I am your Father”. “I will come again in the form of my only Son to reign on Earth so I am bringing upon the Earth, the pole shift to rid all that is bad”. “This is my way and this will be so.”

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