What Proof is There that God Exists?


   When is comes to a discussion between God and science, there is a taboo where few dare to speak on the subject as divided parties on both sides teeter on the point of bitterness. Scientists on Earth when trying to piece together the puzzle, which leads to a theory, any theory for example, they move away from speculation, but confirm it thru observation or and experimentation to produce an explanatory statement that will fit the facts. So with this burden upon my shoulders, lets see if there is evidence to support the existence of a Supreme Being responsible for the creation of all life in the universe or what is called God? 

   Lets look at the life of Jesus; here we have most of the world basing their calendars on his life, BC & AD. More than a billion people on Earth follow his teachings, and as selected few who saw His miracles in His time gave their lives. Only seeing what was not natural could have swayed the mind. Written records describe Jesus walking on water, raising the dead, medical cure impossibilities for that time period. No Earthly being has this power. Plus, the most treasured holiday in the Western World celebrates the birth of the Son of God, the Christ child on Christmas. Are we a society, who worships a false God, be careful how you answer that? Moving swiftly to the 20th century, a vision of a woman identified as Mary by over seventy thousand people appeared and this was documented. People told of the Sun moving across the sky also seen by all and from every angle from all towns up to 20 miles away at Fatima. Projection devices were not sophisticated enough to produce an imaged that detailed. Scientists and skeptics both walked away scratching their heads, because the vision was there for all to see. The cures (over 2,000) at Lourdes were beyond the comprehension of man and backs the existence of a supernatural power. Other apparitions occurred in Egypt 1968 – 1971 seen by up 250,000 people with photographic evidence. Do you think tens of thousands would gather to see and be part of something that was not real?

   Finally we have the case of the Jewish people. Most of the Western world countries by their actions, believe Israel is the Promised Land, the land of Canaan and this is backed by the words of God. So the protection of Israel and her land is based on the friendship of Western nations and the word of God and this Jewish God is the same as our Christian God. How can the policies of the United States be based on something that does not exist, because billions of our tax dollars back the Jewish right to this land and her protection? Does not the United States inscribe on monetary pieces “In God we trust”. How can you entrust the birth and survival of a nation if the supreme entity does not exist?

    What can see here is that mankind does not have the answers to the many mysteries of life. Belief in a supernatural being by faith alone for now is the only answer and will not provide definitive proof until the second coming, because science can not explain so many occurrences on Earth where a supernatural force is behind many simple miracles, and it is here that I rest my case for God and that He does exists and has sent His Son to save us all.

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