Tech Improvements


   This insight may help the Ford Corporation, the number one corporation over the last year hitting the Grant Chronicles. In the competitive automotive field those with the new innovation leads the pack, even though some corporations primarily in Germany and Japan shall read this, who will be the first to incorporate new advances into the consumer luxury models? First I do not have a patent, nor will I seek one.

   First electromagnetic hybrid brakes standard in the rear and electromagnetic in the front with an emergency back up, results in a smooth stop and 95% efficiency, elimination of locked brakes, reduction of fish tail, heat build up around wheels, extending the life of traditional pads and rotors and a secondary system to standard outdated hydraulics. There are many corporations out there who have innovative magnetic braking systems; you need to tap resources already in place.

   Second, corporations need to reduce the tolerances for the hood and trunk access & doors. The new seamless look as gaps disappear will become the rage, as consumers can now judge the quality by eye, all else will fall by the way side as the trend catches. The care that can be seen as a working door fits so right, translates into sales as the buyer now assumes the same care goes into every working part of the car. Third, an infrared pop up passenger screen to guide the driver thru fog, rain and white out snowstorms a copilot now becomes important, but a smaller version for the driver is available as not to distract him or her. Money is no object when it comes to safety. All vehicles should come with standard key finders one for the home and one based in the car. Activation of one of the bases helps locate misplaced keys. This is a must.


Improving Cleaning Technology on Commercial and Home Levels


   The technology for cleaning various woven materials has basically hit a standstill in recent decades. Here again, it is to point the researcher in the right direction so all can benefit. So where does the diligent researcher begin?

   During present times there are 3 main factors in the cleaning industry: solvents, agitation of the water within the desired compartment and temperature of the water. The key factor is agitation as this allows the solvent to breakdown impurities on materials and the warmer the water, the higher efficiency the process becomes. Our research efforts will concentrate here.

   Using various sliding high sound frequencies emitted into the water, vibration of either the dirt or cloth at the molecular level, would speed the process of removing foreign matter and the frequencies can be tuned to remove difficult organic substances thus focusing in on oil, grass, blood stains. This would extend the life of the clothing and preserve the original colors. Now this is not the same as the ultrasonic process that expands and compresses water molecules to clean objects. We are concentrating our efforts on all matter that taints the host material. 

Microwave commercial dryers for hotel bed linen, table clothes and towels, built in safety device for random metallic objects. 


Lower turn around room availability times

Optional later checkout times

Lower staff hours in the laundry rooms

Lower utility rates


Lower labor costs per room of laundry

What takes an hour per load, now takes approximately 12 minutes.


   Finally please put locater devices on all televisions over 300 dollars, I tired of trying to find the remote when the kids misplace it. The first who will take a 15-dollar technology to the masses shall translate it into millions, but it is the people who will gain as lost time searching disappears.


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