God thru His Infinite Wisdom has Chosen to Destroy Large Portions of Earth's Life in the End Times, How is this Good?


   The message of the End Times is bringing about mixed emotions and many questions throughout the civilized world, subsequently in times of turmoil what are some of the concerns of mankind? Why are most of those conveying a message seem to focus on doom and gloom, it seems they are wishing the world to end, only to uplift what is perceived as a pitiful life by others who see their scenario as impossible? If God is such a good and gracious God and we are his chosen ones, then He would not destroy the Earth, but preserve life, as we know it? If destruction of material things does comes to the Earth and many pray, but still many more perish affecting our loved ones, then the Almighty who is behind this is not our God of choice? How will "Good" rise up out of the ashes and rubble resulting from the destruction?

   Most, if not all of those on Earth conveying the message of the coming "End-Times" have been and are facing an up hill battle. All trying to convey a warning for mankind to change his or her ways as the Earth and life changes, but there is also an offer hope for the future. Do you blame the doctor because he has diagnosed you with cancer? Do you blame the weatherman for predicting the hurricane that you may escape with your life, but loose everything? If the movie theater were on fire, would you rather have the usher say nothing, because it might cause a panic, "let them see flames before we move"?  To those who question our motives, I say this, ”Our lives are full”. We also have families and loved ones just like you and no one is exempt from harm that will be inflicted upon and affect all of our lives. For most knowledge of the future is prophesized all containing an element of doubt, which is better than a surprise? Changes can be made, scores settled and appreciation of those around you maximized. I for one am not going to question why this will happen, but I will live my life to its greatest and hope for the best. 

   God has blessed us with one the most beautiful planets in the universe. He gave us a set of laws, to self govern ourselves. He has bestowed a bounty of wildlife that flies and roams about the land, ocean creatures plentiful a gift that fills the seas and vegetation for mankind to rule over. He has given us a partner, woman to make us whole. All of this, He gives to us, but most of all, free will and mankind has to choose a path. One's path has led to a society where money has replace God in the hearts of some and confused the majority of the others. This path has led to the abuse of natural resources of the Mother Earth to some degree by all. Most of all, this path has led mankind to put the Almighty on the back burner. Of all of the priorities in your life, He asks you, "Where do I stand"? When all look upon the Earth, they see war, famine, disease, squalor, lack of support for the poor of the world and just a general feeling of, "this is not my business". Many have prayed for a change and now that time is here. There is much good in mankind and that will be preserved, but He has remove most of the structure build into society in order for all to move forward. Yes many will die, but he has always told you that your reward is in Heaven and not on Earth. During these coming years, He will judge you on how you shape your life when it comes to others while under stress. Instead of the test being given randomly to a portion of souls here and there, it shall be given to all during a climatic time period of tribulation. It never pays to go out a coward. For all whom fight to survive the right way, many will survive. They will remember you for what you truly were.

   If destruction does comes to the Earth and many pray, but still many more perish affecting our loved ones, then some will say the Almighty who behind this is not our God of choice? Without prayer and action, the destruction will be much worse than what the Earth has experience and He listens to the hearts of men and women. If all of mankind where to change right now, the shift would not be needed. So it is up to you, each and every individual or one soul at a time. Do not worry about what your neighbor is doing, just do all of which you know as right from your gut. The true test is to see how many will still believe when all is taken away? Remember what Lot had to go thru? There is only one God and do not be swayed by a false one in the End Times, because you do not understand His plan. One thing He does want you to know, " You are not to judge your fellow neighbor for his ways, because all that comes from him was created by Me, I am the final judge on another life and you are treat others like yourself no matter what their beliefs or actions are. When I sent my Son to gather the souls, He focused on the sinners not the righteous for those are the souls I seek."

   Good will rise up out of the ashes as the Earth shall be renewed. The people who have survived out of hope and faith will thank God and appreciated all that is around them, a true heaven on Earth in the end or as He states, "this is a New Beginning". I and my family and friends will be glad to see you, God willing.

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