The BP Gulf Oil Spill

 Could this trigger a Horrific Event?


Released June 3 2010

1st Update June 16

2nd Update July 19: Intent


   This oil spill has presented many challenges and exposed many truths for those concerned about the future of our Earth and many influences that control the response to the disaster. The problem may have a horrific affect upon mankind on a scale never before witnessed within all of written history.

   First, official sources (BP as government scientist were not allowed to investigate the leak area) are slowly releasing true f1ow numbers. Initial reports distributed to the media were a 1000 barrels/day leaking, estimates provided by BP, which was a lie. These are engineers familiar with oil flows through pipes and breaks below the surface. When the orders came to lower corporate liability to the American  people so the number was released. Flow seen at the surface of a well is balanced by gravity and the weight of the ascending oil within the pipe. So what is general shown to the public is that reduced flow.

   If we break that estimate down to a number the public can understand it works out to be 0.4861 gallons per second, even grade school child can realize something is wrong (Derived from 42 US gallons per oil barrel/ 24hrs* 60 min. * 60sec). All this escaping free flow out of a 21 inch pipe that is under 2000 lbs./inch2 of pressure pushing the oil flow (estimate released on Fox news by Professor Kaku). Presently now after the fact, with the well capped pressures are about 6,500 lbs./inch 2. Then reluctantly against the closed door corporate wishes of BP the number was raised to 5000 barrels/day, and now 19,000/day as both no longer share the same stage. Using current formulas Pressure = Force/ Area, presently the pressure at the surface of the Earth is 14 lbs/inch2, it does take a math genius to calculate the expansion of oil due to a low pressure environment topside from below. The pressure is approximately 160 times of that measured on the surface of the Earth. If that is so, then calculate a cylinder 21 inches in diameter and a yard high as snapshot of flow, though it is a vastly underestimated of flow for 1 second when expanding against pressures at the sea of over 2000 lbs. per inch2. We will use this as a benchmark. Look at the videos your eyes can gauge the truth.

The cubic inch conversion of one US gallon translates to 231 inches3.

So using the volume formula for a cylinder

 Lets introduce the factors:

 a 21 inch diameter = a radius of 10.5 inches and a conservative 36 inch height what is our result?

V = 3.1416 * 10.52 * 36

Volume = 12,469 inches3 or 53 gallons

   Now lets introduce compression due to the ocean depths a factor of 160 times the pressure on the surface of the Earth. Knowing that there is a proportional relationship between pressure and volume 53 * 160 = 8480 gallons/ sec. topside. Now you know why a plume 10 miles long 3 miles wide and 300ft thick was only one among many anomalies being observed. You have a serious problem, and those behind this cover up will fall and it won't be the current administration, which has been deceived.

   Most of America has observed the streaming video from one of leak points, how closely are you watching? The streaming video is a series of snapshots of the flow. Did you observe a consistent shape rising in the plume, no. The shape changes radically fractional second to fractional second. The flow is segmented to hide the volume being released. Remember this flow caused an explosion by destroying the blowout preventer and rig and we are to think .486 or even the new estimate 9.236 gallons per second through a 21 inch pipe sunk the BP oil platform. All of this happening one mile below the ocean surface where the equipment was built to deal with the extreme pressures 2400 lbs/inch2 that would crush most submarines.

   You were told there was many oil plumes one of which weeks ago measured 10 by 3 miles with a thickness of 300 ft. At the time of release of this statement the media was still stating this spill had not eclipsed the Exxon Valdez. The Valdez tanker had a capacity of a little over 50 million gallons of oil of which, it lost 11 million gallons. The specs on the tanker are approximate 988 ft in length, 166 ft. beam, 65 ft. draft and 88 ft in height, where 11 million gallons represented less than 25% of the tanker carrying capacity. For some you realize BP has not told the American public the truth and used influence to sway a certain group of politicians to suppress the numbers. Knowing the public and outside agencies without access to the site or full streaming videos could not challenge the released version to the media.

   Now that you know the truth behind this oil spill is being controlled will the Gulf recover including the massive amounts oil broken up by detergents at the leak point dispersed about the gulf? Yes, but at what expense and how is yet to be determined. There many voices with an equal number of concerns, profit, liability, energy sources, blame and guilt, but in the end nature will correct mankind's mistake.

   Profit, as some Wall Street firms were aware of the pressure built up at the blowout preventers and the knowledge that key measurements exceeded tolerances through their corporate insider moles, this was a sure bet. As full venting was in place, but the pressure increased for unknown reasons. Thus, the timely large short positions executed in the primary and secondary firms associated with the oil platform were place on the exchanges shortly before the explosion.

   Liability, is the reason behind the low numbers regarding the flow rate, all backed a certain group of oil friendly politicians. Where there was pressure under the guidance of sub parties to all agencies and most primary media that cannot be trace to a source that would downplay the event in way where control would be achieve in a timely fashion and expenses paid. Was the current administration aware of this? No, but suspected, they trusted certain advisors, their sources and given a chance, although this is not the situation now as the administration stands along on the stage of media and BP absent.

   Some government and military officials took the easy path by supporting off shore drilling as a reserve supply oil in light of the unstable Mid East turmoil. Lets not forget the names who supported drill baby drill. Talk to perceive those with an opinions of caution as inept, but when poor planning, lax regulation put forth by the former administration, now the lack of wisdom and responsibility by certain politicians for their actions by their words, destroys the economy of the Southern Gulf States and you called them leaders. Did not your energy department present you with other options, but the voice against change prevailed? The oil lobby stated, invest in us we are proven and will be the future. How quickly many are led astray by money and influence. Do not make the same mistake again.

   Blame is now being directed at the current administration as this is another Katrina. Katrina was a natural disaster where the US with all of its resources that could have delivered aid, trucks, helicopters or just walk the few miles. Were you not seeing the videos of the plight of the people? Are you saying a reporter can access an area our military support cannot? Big Government is not a part of the oil industry, nor does the government have the expertise to handle a pressure blowout 1 mile below the ocean's surface. This deep water technology is solely in the hands of few within the oil industry and no matter how you spin it, responsibility rests on BP only.

   Guilt is well hidden. Collaboration between past administration politicians and oil executives worked together to suppress regulations under the guise of reducing big government and promotion of self regulation. Where have I heard that phrase before?  Now what? You want the government to save you from past mistakes, can't have it both ways. The source of the present problem was established years ago and the repercussions of those actions are surfacing now. Point the finger of blame truly at its source, if not, as a reporter, a politician or citizen, you are in denial.

   So what caused the blow out at the oil platform? All in power are keenly aware of the coming Earth changes, but did not expect pressure changes in sub strata oil pockets beneath the sea floor to shift. Tectonic plate movements around the Mississippi river and the rift that extends into the Gulf experiences pockets that either intensify or release pressure. In the case where a reservoir of oil is compressed it bleeds into the surrounding crevasses caused by movement. But if a direct point for pressure to be released is introduce like a drill hole when the pocket is compressed, oil is forced into the hole at far greater pressure than design tolerances. Thus the blowout, but they had warnings as pressures spiked upward, geologists did not suspect tectonic plate movement as a source of compression.

   The Mississippi delta is now undergoing an expansion, which will be evident by the many sinkholes in the surrounding delta and reaching to adjacent states. This disaster is the first of many, but what event could be so catastrophic that would create a shocking event for all of mankind?

   With the true scope of the oil spill hidden beneath the surface and surface discolorations will increase heat absorption of the ocean surface waters. There is the problem with thunderstorms and hurricanes forming or entering the Gulf. Thunderstorms on the low end will sprinkle oil particulates inland over limited areas and some cases introduce fumes. While over water lightning can or will start oil fires floating on the ocean surface.

   A hurricane has many worst case scenarios first by picking up vast amounts of oil, and mankind has not calculated the results. Sheets oil suspended in the atmosphere if its suspension density is high enough due a unique combinations of atmospheric factors and available gulf surface supply will ignite when lightning discharges through it. Can you put out an oil fire with water? Once over land the hurricane loses powers and these sheets fall burning all below. What is not burnt, that is caught outside suffocates as all oxygen is used up. What does not fall burning coats the land and buildings, the fumes building as the oil vaporizes will start explosions due to electric sparks, pilot lights or worse careless smoking. With everything coated in oil this will accelerate into a firestorm. No escape for those who stayed behind. In other areas tar is stuck to everything homes, cars, plants propelled by hurricane force winds causing a massive cleanup. Lost of life, buildings and the use of land for crops on a scale never seen before.

  In other areas where a moderate residue that falls, the trees will die. The stench emanating from the oil will force many to move. Continued exposure to fumes will cause cellular damage. Life in the Southern states will never be the same as brush fires with an oil deposited accelerant burns everything. This is what you risk due to this oil spill. If this happens no amount of money, help, support or finger pointing will replace what was lost. The change going forward is that those responsible for causing this will be exposed. No longer will you point fingers for an opportunity knowing the wall of political silence protects you and can deflect blame on the political weak due to causes outside of their control. All will held accountable for there decisions. So lets see how many survive after rolling the political dice.

   Now again it time to make decisions and to make hard choices. Discard all advisors who led the Administration astray, reduce the many voices to just the few important ones and most of all do what is best for America. This is only and your best choice. The tests will only get harder.

Update June 16 2010:

   As the crisis now approaches a critical stage, many factors and voices of concern come into play. So how can the American public know that the White House has their best interests? Most have realized that the past administration and cooperative associated party laid the foundation through lax regulatory oversight for this disaster and certain members still continue to look out for the best interest of the oil industry, no matter what the consequences to the public. No need to increase the liability cap, if so, mom and pop operations will not be involved, creating monopolies. Really, as if a mom and pop operation can afford the 1 million dollar a day platform rentals. There will a loss in jobs in the oil industry, but lets not forget those who may lose all that reside along the Gulf Coast. Property values, respiratory illnesses in the elderly costing billions, tourism, agriculture and the cascading loss of income of supporting businesses in a rapid spiral downhill.

   A certain political party's influence pushed for caution on the release of the truth and got it, if the public knows the value of BP stock would fall and then how could a bankrupt company clean up the Gulf. The true numbers and scope of the disaster at first were hidden from Obama by the NOAA (Rolling Stone video) and BP as this knowledge would only worry and impede him, we can control this and only need some time, then everybody wins. Hindsight shows all behind the scenes have called it wrong and the scapegoat, the present administration. It is time to clean house of those advisors who had interests outside of the public good. The unforeseen problem with bipartisan cooperation is that rogue members who are out of the loop, are covertly given all ammunition to attack the current administration policies. Denial is rampant as they could not have known, but a wink, a nod, a memo left where it could be seen, what a political advantage for an up and coming representative. A win-win scenario has developed in politics. Where the source the problem is deflected to those burdened by the problem and their hands tied by secret alliances in place before they came aboard. Life presents its challenges for those at the top.

   The oil flow spilling into the gulf is still no where near current Flow Estimates as the pipe was ruptured in many place below the seabed and is pooling then leaking up through the sea floor in many locations. Your President sent you a message last night and almost all took it for a sign of weakness. With a somber face, he said we need to pray. Bound by national security and the truth of this event, it is far worse than what has been reported to the news, look at the face of the BP CEO as he left the White House. Sometimes you need to step back and know when you are being given a warning as events are going to get a whole lot worse. If someone is asking you to pray, then present day human technology is not going to come to the rescue. Capping the well could be great publicity and temporarily maintain BP's stock price, but will not contain the leakage through the seabed a mile below the surface, which is not monitored or could be easily exposed to the general public. You need to look beyond the veil.

Update July 19: Intent

   Behind closed doors ideas are being formed by a party not in power and some long term members in power that are deep in the pockets of oil on how to lower the corporate liability of BP and covertly transfer the cost of the gulf cleanup to the American public through a series of legal business options. The November elections are crucial as obstruction prevents progress and when the current status of the country is bleak, change is better than stagnation. So a plan is place and only time is a factor.

   It is obvious to all that the true flow rate is not allowed to reach the public. Since when does a foreign company dictate that an independent source cannot examine the flow so America is compensate fairly? The original numbers were a lie, not a conservative underestimate as presented to the media. We here about lost jobs, but you just lost the gulf and these the ideas you want from leaders you trust along the gulf shore states? A narrow focus with your best interests not in there heart. So what is the plan in the mind of some Republicans, a few Democrats, and executive BP?

   First if the Republicans were in power, this would have been a lower profile event as all aspects would have presented the same front, as during the Bush Administration with the war. Media controlled, most of Congress in line, the numbers reduced and planned photo ops. The hope is to regain Congress and again take the Chairmanships. Corporate US taxes are the key issue to BP as they will try write off the cost of the Gulf. Yes this is legal, but the American people will not see a revenue stream that was normal. In essence you will pay for BP's mistake. But there is a backup in place, they had proxi-organizations with no trails back to BP short their own stock. So if all fails and the company goes bankrupt, a group with financing appears as a savior  to the stock holders who loss everything. There is an offer made with the profits of the short sale used to save and purchase the company. If not, they are all rich  and stockholders happy to see the value of their stock rise, with no one questioning why the drop was so precipitous. Some Republicans if they win in Nov. 2010 will be awarded these positions and hope to steer new defense contracts to BP to offset, the Obama's Administration plan that America pays not 1 cent. All legal, but covertly done. The American people as the Republicans think, the sheep they are will not question their motives.

   Now it is your job as a lawmakers to make sure that negligence is not paid for by an absence of tax revenue. We draw the line here, confront the Republicans on this issue of tax write off and let the voters choose, will they support a party that favors corporate or the American people. What is in the minds of some Republicans as thoughts should never be allow to become actions of government that will affect us all.

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