Storm Lessons

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Grant NLI
7:38 pm EDT

   The Almighty, the one and only God in this vast universe with its many planes of existence has some words for his children of Earth. ďI have sent many messages to guide your life and soulís existence. I placed many of my followers in harmís way to show you how to live your life. I even gave you my Word in the form of my son, Jesus Christ, as an example, but unfortunately, few are listening. Many of you can read the signs of change, such as lightning on the horizon, sudden wind gusts, or the fear of an act of injustice, some caused by nature and others from man socially in hope of bringing about change. Therefore, why are you ignoring these signs? Society is polarizing, some living out there lives for what is right as opposed to those projecting a facade of righteousness or discarding the rules of God. Those who believe in Me and my Son shall be separated like wheat from the chaff at harvest time. As the prophets foretold, Satan will walk the Earth in the form of man, causing many to stray. Only a few true believers will stand by Me. Because of your choices, I shall let a series of events occur upon the Earth, to guide the soul or bring discord among mankind. I have heard the prayers for the safety of loved ones during the storms I have deemed necessary to awaken mankind. Then, as soon as I lessen the blow most forget to thank Me and return to their old ways. Please know that prayers have spared many and the time allotted for change is quickly expiring. In the past, I have scoured the Earth to rid it of all evil and I shall do it again in fulfillment of the scriptures. A fury of storms and hurricanes such as the world has never seen will be unleashed. The 2004 season will be recalled as the good olds days of calm/quiet. It is time to make a choice that will determine your spiritual and eternal life. My son, Jesus Christ, and I have told you that this decision maybe at the expense of the physical/earthly life. Lifeís purpose has always been to get back into the graces of God. The body is a temple that temporarily houses the soul until it sheds the flesh and returns to ME. Look ahead, read, study and live by my written Word. It is guidance and comfort when all hope seems lost.  If you truly believe, I will be there. I truly want you home with Me in the end.Ē

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