As Scientist of the World you have a Responsibility



   As scientists, most have followed protocol and while others remained under national security and for good reason, which was for the best for mankind and the world as long as there are no hidden financial agendas. Technological improvements, advancements in medicine and a better standard of living are all part of your legacy, but at what expense? How many has had their work used for a purpose different than what you intended when submitted? How many have had your work suppressed due to what it may make obsolete or due to the simple advancements which could spawn from that idea leading to a use for the betterment of mankind? Those above you fear a loss of power, position and most of all control of wealth. How many has had projects funded only due to profit potential instead of its true worth to humanity? As mankind ponders his home and the choices it brings him, the Earth, it seems she is reacting in a way as if we have abused her and we have. Raped her of resources, pollution her land, water and air all in the name of perceived progress, but we all know it won’t last. Do we have a solution to the upcoming changes, no, because all are fighting as to how severe it will be, what will it cost and most of all do we have to admit our mistakes? If billions die, including your own and the panic you sought to hide elevates itself in an ugly way, you will second-guess all decisions that lead to this path? What would cost to migrate all populations, buildings, infrastructure inland due to coastal storms and rising sea levels instead of proactive solutions? The some will say I am not ready to lose my pennies for your warning only to lose several dollars later, but its alright the middle class will pay. Cries from the scientific community will state where’s the proof and data? Short-term thinking is the norm for a long-term problem, it is not our problem to worry about a future, but only few will admit too it. Many of you now have questions, are the rumors from your colleagues associated with fields of astronomy and astrophysics correct? Yes and no, I tend to agree with the establishment now that slow release of information is the best approach, but I also recommend a source of alternative information sources such as Zeta Talk and several Catholic prophecy sites for the truth as those move from denial to a sense that I have to help without falling into a cult mentality. Why have I changed? When the Earth changes were first revealed there was a sense of urgency or a deadline as all had to be informed concerning or what was coming would catch most by surprise. Revealing the impending doom of Earth would lead to family abandonment, gouging, crimes of opportunity (we all saw this in New Orleans with both parties, the population and the government), with the absence of authority, a window of opportunity for all harden individuals to take advantage of all. Now that I know the Earth changes are to be unleashed slowly so the population can make informed choices as to their loved ones, their lives will have meaning, which is why am I here. It may be true that some at the tried to hedge their bets with decisive policies affecting many thus coming out on top in their schemes, but that is human nature and it is time to learn from it than blame. How many of you would have done the same thing given the opportunity? Now as scientists it is time to take a stand, not by revealing past agreements or what you have not done, but make a change within yourself to affect all around you. Preparation with your lives has to come from within and you will be judged on how you treat others from your point of change, prepare for lean times and share without expecting a thank you. During the upcoming times many will come to you for answers and you will have none. You are to state that you have none, for you realize you have made a mistakes in the past so do not debunk or back lies, just abstain, their will be others who are not trained that will answer for the status quo, let the burden of failure fall upon them. Do not be the scapegoat for an empty promise of safety.

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