The Neutrino Sub Atomic Particle Detector

The Peace Maker


   This direction of research will quickly lead to the discovery of compact detector for determining a source of sub atomic particles related to what mankind considers the neutrino. Now what is so important about this? With the compact neutrino detector, once launched into space, it will detect all refined sources of nuclear material and locate with precision or tracked on a real time feed. No shielding, depth of land or ocean will hide it, as a neutrino passes through all matter. The bonus, is that  a radioactive isotope has a distinct emission pattern, thus one will be able to quickly access the difference between medical, power generation, and weapon grade materials even if one attempts cloak one type beneath another. The benefits, all rouge weapons are identified, located and remove from the black market. A true picture of if a nation is using uranium for peaceful reasons can be confirmed without the need for inspections. Safe ports and borders as suitcase devices are quickly traced from its source, captured and eliminated without increased anxiety to a country's population. No chance of producing a false flag event that blames another party to achieve a hidden goal. There will be a discovery of hidden nuclear waste dumps and a solution forth coming. Finally, there will be a true assessment of all weapons on Earth where verification replaces trust of word or inspections, so a true reduction can begin and the risk of nuclear war now becomes a part of mankind's past. This will give the U.S. an edge as it leads the world in this technology, but peace is the goal here and the prevention of terrorism or you choose not to develop this detector and continue your present path. I am doing this because sooner later we will all have to get along. Lets do it by choice instead of necessity.

   The detector will be based upon the principles of particle movement instead of the present massive detectors trying to capture a trace through a reaction from the particle itself in a chemical bath. The subatomic particles related to a neutrino may pass through all matter, but when passing through a controlled neutron related sub atomic particle field sealed within a thin plate, crowding occurs within the controlled field and it the resultant compression and expansion points and the related frequency pattern during pass through a particular point that can be detected from changes in the field instead of the registering the particle itself. A charged plated in front of the detection field will reduced the disrupting charged particle in flow. At the backside, a plate that will register neutron compression bumps or displacements. A base of the neutrino sub atomic particle flow from the Sun will be taken as to be filter out when scanning the Earth. You will use your current neutrino detectors to monitor all samples of radioactive isotopes to get the signature base frequency emission patterns and their variations due to temperature and density as not to be fooled by nations hiding weapons grade uranium and plutonium in super cooled containers to slow the frequency and emission levels. Supercomputers will analyze a pre-filtered transmitted data stream of patterns from the 2 controlled fields by detecting the same patterns of neutrino hit points with time differential determined by field separation and the position differentials about the 2 plates for the neutrino hit. The base neutrino field will be provided in the same fashion described in the slicing reactor paper. The dimensions are to have a minimum 10 meters tubular length and the ratio of the 2 actives detector plates is to be a natural 3.1416... times the diameter to the length between the plates. It is a natural pattern that is most efficient, why it works, still not sure, but it does. The hit locations about detection disks about the 2 disks for the same emission pattern will determine a line of sight for location on the surface of the Earth. As the resolution of the hit points on the detection plates is quickly improved, targets will be tracked within meters of the actual location from space and on land or sea locating will be precise. Creation of the controlled fields and detection of points of pressure are within current technology on Earth. This is something that can be started in your labs now without special direction. Remember with great power comes responsibility, use it wisely. Here is your chance to make a real difference and for mankind, it is a positive step, one of many, for joining the universal community.

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