The South Atlantic Tsunamis

(events behind the cause)


Written April 20 2011

   As the Indo-Australian plate slides and sinks on the west and the Eurasian plate moves to the east and crumples the Pacific basin, a change occurs in the Americas. The western side of South America starts to move with associated earthquakes to the west as the pressure holding it in place eases from just north of the equator with the rate of easing decreasing as one moves towards the south. This allows the continent of South America to somewhat pivot about its anchor point in southern Chile and Argentina as the top portion of the continent swings in segment shifts to the west as all affected plates move some what in unison. All land to the west of the Andes will be impacted severely with portions of Panama breaking apart and sinking. Columbia and Venezuela will be impacted as most manmade infrastructure is destroyed by the upcoming 9+ Richter earthquakes. As a result, countries on the northeastern edge of South America will be pulled down and flooded, case in point, Guyana as its sea walls will fail. While connective support along the southern edge for the plate holding the windward islands, Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados is loss. These islands will drop in elevation severely increasing from north to south as the plate tips. This will start and escalate in the current Earth change event period between 4/21- 5/11 moving almost in step with Indonesia sinking and its plate moving to the west. Northeast Australia will also experience a loss in elevation and inundation of seawater over what was once dry land.

   With stress increasing on the Mid Atlantic Rift as rotation of the mantle pulls the sea bed to the east and South America movement to the west stretches the Atlantic Basin in the opposite direction, the thin ocean crust rips along the weak point, the Mid Atlantic Rift from just north of the Equator and tears in both directions. With little movement in the North American plate the rip narrows and stops at a latitude just north of Puerto Rico. The rip to the south goes as far as Argentina.

  This will occur in several phases, assaulting the east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa with a series of escalating tsunamis. The major cities of Rio De Janeiro will be destroyed and Buenos Aires heavily damaged. Rio has mountains on both sides of its bay entrance and it is this feature that will increase or funnel the water into the bay, creating a one two punch. The inflow with its increased height and volume, spreads once in the open bay over running all adjacent shores, but forward motion will be stopped by the mountains in the west. As water flows up the side of the mountains only to reverse due to gravity and the back wash with most of momentum preserved, sweeps away all out to sea that was destroyed by the incoming wave.

  As Africa gets hit, few executives in the news industry will care as other disasters affecting cities trump the smaller communities in under developed 3rd world nations. Although, the reporters will care. For the Northern Hemisphere this is just a taste of what's to come. Just know if no preparation is done to prepare local communities, almost all in the UK, Netherlands and Demark will perish. So just where will your people be welcome as all are aware of your countries' past abuses, especially England to mankind? Look at your history to acquire gold in the new world, look at the colonial countries invaded under the guise to civilized. Look at slavery for profit, and this is the history of your country that you are proud of. It is not about changing all, but changing the few who will make a difference.

   This is just a few details on the South Atlantic Tsunamis.

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