Tornadoes: How do They Form and What is Behind the Increased Level of Intensity and Frequency


Written May 4

   Now that tornadoes have exploded on the scene, just one of many forms of the Earth changes occurring, what is contributing to the dramatic increase? But, meteorologist have been perplexed on how they form and the mechanics behind their great wind speeds, so lets address this issue first.

   Mankind has assumed that rising warm moist air starts the rotation of the air mass, which may spawn a tornado. Air masses do exhibit some rotation near the surface due to the Coriolis effect, but how is rotation maintained as a column of warm air that translates to the wind speeds seen in tornadoes? It doesn't.

   Researchers have it backwards as again they fail to apply their rules in physics with consistency. Would an air mass with inherent rotation expanding against a lower density as it rises into the upper atmosphere increase rotation about its center? No. How could it as the mass moves away from the center, thus slowing rotation. This is your rule.

   Now lets address a normal occurrence or creation of a tornado. First the rising warm air mass colliding with a cold front sets the stage, the greater the temperature differential, the more energy. The key is the volume of cold air that moves as a consolidated mass over the warm air rising without fragmenting into unorganized local groups of rotation. This would several create cells of rotation countering each other, thus organizing as a single mass is reduced. So what does happen?

   The moisture content of the atmosphere is crucial for many reasons as it is the mass of water vapor that rises until a point is reached where the updraft column can no longer support the flow. So the warm air mass that overshoots, spills over and spreads laterally and dispersal of the heat content is loss to the cold air mass. Rotational organization can occur as the moisture freezes and then drops as one, pulling along the cold air mass. The pressure differential left by the wake of the solid particulates of water falling towards the surface of the Earth establishes a flow. Here a natural spin occurs as the mass of cold air laden with frozen precipitate slides off to the side with the least resistant to attain equilibrium as it descends.

   Normally in a thunder super cell many of these local areas of spin form and abort during a down draft, due to each encounter with another that are somewhat equal, and on occasion few are large enough to organize others around them. If so, an organized circulation carries down towards the surface of the Earth. This is the precursor to a tornado. As the draft down increases so does the air pressure thus condensing the falling column and with this an increase of the inherent rotation preserved due to conservation of momentum from the initial point of organization involving a large cross sectional area falling from the top of the thunderheads. As spin increases as the descending column of  saturated air compresses about transient point of rotation due and with that rotational velocities of the surrounding air as one approaches the surface of the Earth. Only when this column falls below the lowest breach point of the thunderhead cloud does the funnel take form mankind is familiar with as the mechanics within cloud are unseen.

  There are two major forms a tornado can take. The thinner the funnel once in contact with the surface of the Earth, has greater the variations in the dynamics which control its shape. It snakes across the surface due to pressure variations along the length of the funnel and the surrounding local air mass pressure. The larger and more powerful are just a large cone, covering a larger cross sectional area of the surface it passes over.

   It is the saturation of water falling in the column of cold air, its available source, temperature and air pressure differential the height of the thunder super cell between the colliding air masses and the initial cross sectional area of rotational organization. These are the primary factors that affect tornado formation and intensity.

So What has changed?

   Currently Earth wobble is setting a foundation where organized rotation in the upper portions of the super cells form easier and in areas where tornadoes once rare will occur with an increased frequency. Great devastation will occur when multiple tornadoes form over densely populated cities where cold air with inherent spin is forced over warm moist air masses hovering over metropolitan areas. Education of tornadoes needs to distributed to the general population. Unfortunately few in Congress will back the idea and the public will pay little attention until the first city is devastated with great loss of life. When this occurs, execute the plan that has been in place and that can be carried out, instead of starting. Many lives will be saved. It is about providing an even playing field for all, where they are offered assistance to prepare, but it is up to the individual to prepare for their own safety. This is the primary responsibility of the government.


Many are asking, if so many will die why prepare? The many that die, will be of their own choosing, as what is initially presented seems like hell. They have little faith. The United States was formed by those that want the population to have a free choice, give it to them.

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