Strobe Lightning


Written Jun 21


   As earth changes intensify, the atmosphere has become increasingly charged as magnetic sub atomic particles flow between the planetary poles of the 12th and earth until the field unifies just before the shift. So how is this particle flow going to affect the upper atmosphere in the beginning stages?

   Mankind has known lightning to discharge as a build up of free electrons due to the turbulence of air flow within thunderheads. Potential builds until the gap to the somewhat closest ground point is breached as the flow of electrons races to neutralize. A flash occurs along the path ionizing and expanding the air the void fills with thunder as air rushes back in to fill the void with a clap. So how can we explain strobe lightning which to the surprise of scientist is increasing without an explanation?

    The key here is additional sub atomic electron particle flow introduced by a new magnetic planetary source. It is where strength of the flow is determined by the magnetic core of the intruder, the trimester that rotates between the poles and the neutral core and distance to the core of the earth.

    Presently the fields of the 12th planet within the inner solar system and that of earth are merging as one field. The flow pushed out of the north pole of the twelfth saturates our upper atmosphere. In a normal situation the earth would flip upside down using the South Pole as an intake, but earth is aligned to the dominant magnetic influence of the Sun. Now this has become a problem, which in the past has shown itself in unique storms.

    Electron flow is no longer a problem, but a built up occurs as the like charged particles are emitted from the 12th , but encounter the repulsive magnetic force of the north pole, thus crowds as an expanding cloud. Particle flow forces the North Pole away until the Sunís magnetic field and its influence halt the tilt. Charges build suddenly on the rebound from compression and volatile movements, where it only takes a storm to exploit the charges. The field somewhat evenly dispersed takes on a new feature, discharge as a unit where point to point ground out is replaced as the entire field grounds out to the atmosphere. Where the potential differential as a function of the lower half spherical surface area of the field coupled with the refresh rate of charged electron sub atomic particle flow. This determines the interval of time between discharges creating a strobe light affect. The secondary effect excites the lower atmosphere and oxygen molecules as they return to a normal state gives off an eerie bright neon green electrons dispersing between the gaps in the clouds.


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