Magnetic Diffusion


   Scientists have observed the Earth’s magnetic field slowly diffusing, which has documented from a comparison of records kept over the past several decades. Many questions have been posed, but the answers are few and far between. Current theories show the Earth’s magnetic field diffusing in approximately a thousand years, which is the focal point of concern for today's scientists. The problem with this prediction is, it is based on a linear projection, when the Earth’s magnetic field is being affected at an exponential rate.

   Little is known about the behavior and interaction of magnetic subatomic particles, the projection of their fields and effects that reach into this solar system and the star systems far beyond. Scientists have yet to realize, the problem does not arise in the core of the Earth, but from a source was once just outside our known solar system, but now within. Our solar system is basically magnetically aligned with the Sun.  Magnetic subatomic particles flow normally from the Earth’s core, exiting at the north magnetic pole and reentering at the south magnetic pole have established a side by side relationship with the Sun's magnetic field. Particles on and near the perimeter of the Earth’s core are easily misdirected when an outside magnetic field is introduced. It is these particles that are being realigned and confused while trying to match the field of this incoming object even though the distance between Earth and the 12th is vast.

   Turmoil builds in the core of the Earth as the interior portion stays magnetically aligned with the Sun and as new eddies and currents align with the 12th planet a magnetic conflict develops. The result is diffusion at first. Clues to this event have manifested itself in species of animals, fish and insects, which depend upon the Earth’s magnetic field for navigation and  directional homing signals. The misdirection of birds and salmon to their breeding areas as well as the beaching of large schools of whales and other fish are no accident. Scientists have yet to examine the link between the two events.

   As the distance between the 2 objects closes and the 12th position above the ecliptic changes, the side by side magnetic field diffusion changes to a magnetic field intensification. As the 12th pushes up through the ecliptic, the Sun's magnetic lines force move from a neutral charge towards that of the north pole. In turn the south pole of the 12th begins to point towards the Sun and the north pole points towards Earth while being pulled closer by the magnetic attraction. This is only temporary as particle flow returning to the Sun forcing objects towards the ecliptic is a exponential function of distance closed towards the Sun, thus 12th is force down towards the ecliptic and the south pole turns away. So this diffusion and field intensification continues erratically dependent on the 12th position about the ecliptic.

   Temporary magnetic field intensification occurs as the poles of the 2 planets point towards each other and the once side by side magnetic fields couple as one. Under this condition normal pathways of magnetic subatomic particle flows crowd and in some instances get blocked, thus creating a alternate flow through the Mid Atlantic Rift or in some cases through a low field density point about the Earth's crust where the magnetic subatomic particle flow is easier, resulting in an EMP surge in a localized area.

   If the field intensifies due to a magnetic subatomic particle pole to pole and the link is broken before the complete loop between the planet is completes, Earth changes occur as a result. The excess charged particles stored temporary alters the Earth's magnetic field. Changes within the auroras, lightning and static electricity will exhibit themselves.


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