Free Floaters


     Astronomers have recently discovered singular unexplained objects outside of the gravitational influence of a stellar system. The name assigned to this unknown object is free floater. How are these cosmic objects most the size of large gaseous planets in this system, not bound to another gravitational object with an attraction similar to a stellar object? The evidence has been documented in the scientific journal the Science Times.

   Current theories state stellar objects and their associated planets, moons and smaller debris develop from condensing gaseous nebula clouds, primarily composed of hydrogen gas in conjunction with other heavy elements contracting into a disk leading to a solar system formation. If planetary sized objects are related to a condensing stellar object, this theory goes astray as a number of cosmic objects develop in a singular state?

   Contradictory to the established theory of stellar and planetary formation, free floaters are still out there. After an initial big bang in this gravitational galactic area, matter was expelled in random and settled in uneven clumps linked by gravity. The larger masses assimilate the surrounding matter through gravitational attraction until an object of sufficient mass invokes the repulsion force setting up a balanced orbital dance. A few scientists in the field of astrophysics are contemplating the following, first, is that the initialization of a galactic cluster maybe composed totally of free floaters. Second, it is the gravitational attraction of nearby stellar object and the capture free floaters and their eventual equilibrium between all objects within the complex grouping or stellar systems that initiates a solar system with the repulsion force determining the orbital distances or pecking order between objects. The free floater or random cosmic object that finds itself in equilibrium between stellar systems without being captured has settled in a temporary gravitational null point that may take billions of years to resolve. Look for this explanation, one of many, to describe the arrival of the 12th planet within the inner solar system, the forced excuse made many years after they knew it was there.

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