The Increasing Incidence of Deep and Surface Earthquakes


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   As deep and surface earthquakes occur on land and under the oceans, a rising linear trend during this decade emerges. The general population of the Earth will be looking for answers from scientists. Theories will be presented from the establishment with streams of data to back their ideas. Credentials, studies, testimonials will be presented in a specific way to raise hopes, all of which will attempt to quell the rising demand for answers. The focus will be to present events as the pinnacle of a new super cycle soon too past. But the true cause is the increased swirling within the core of the Earth in response to the growing magnetic influence of the 12th planet as it approaches, as a consequence diffusing the core of the Earth. Thus subjecting the surface crust to increasing events of torque as the wobble (amplitude rises frequency remains constant) of the poles move more to the extreme. Present day knowledge of the Geology and plate tectonics are just beginning to unravel the mysteries of the effects of far reaching magnetic and gravitational fields on Earth, whose influence reaches well beyond established theories. This action, which is subtlety changing, disturbs the equilibrium at the center of the Earth, new eddies, currents and flow patterns emerge. Friction and heat increases due to the new confused cross currents, resulting in the expansion of magma contained within the core of the inner Earth. The crust heated from beneath expands, which in turn heats the oceans (similar to a slab of sidewalk concrete without expansion joints) locking some tectonic plates against each other. The pressure at the seams or fault lines rises, increasing to the point of buckling or breakage. The Minor or dormant fault lines are now affected with micro swarms due to a domino effect. With pressure pushing upwards and lateral against the crust, it results in energy being relieved by earthquakes in zones not witnessed in the recent history of mankind. As a quake or pressure discharge occurs at one fault it triggers compression quakes on the outsides edges of an affected adjacent plate. Scientists will state this is a peak with normal patterns returning after the current cycle, but the 100-year quake is followed by the 500-year quake and then followed by the quake of the millennium, the Mega Thrust off the Washington coast. Events build, in what seems a never-ending series of paced disasters until the final passage. The public will demand answers only to be pointed to their churches. Standard geological theories fall short on answers and will provide no comfort in the hearts of the thinking man as they question. It is here that one may find comfort in God. If the fault line has just suffered a major quake, how could pressure built again at a near by fault line yielding another devastating quake? An explanation that will provide insight to the professionals needs a fresh start pointing them in the right direction to answer the many questions the public will have for them should start here. The one constant that mankind can count on is the continuous build up of magnetic force affecting the core and the Atlantic Rift. Here some projections can be made. The variable is the wobble as the torque builds the pressure on the North American plate from the west to the east is relieved with the increased pendulum effect (Earth Wobble) causing a simulated expansion at the fault lines during this fall 2005 period, but what happens as the Earth approaches Winter solstice? Concern would be the order for the day. During the past 2 solstices there was an up tick in severe earthquakes along the ring of fire. Momentum of the tilt now pauses and then reverses near and during the December holidays, while the pendulum effect (wobble) increases. Compression now builds dramatically along all North American west coast fault lines with devastating results. Cascading also occurs as one plate bumps against another and weak points such as the New Madrid fault suffers ruptures and quake micro swarms of concern, a precursor to a major event in the future.

US geological Charts are now confirming the upward in earthquakes from 2000 to 2004.

Number of Earthquakes Worldwide, 2000 2004, and Mortality Figures

Magnitude 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
8.09.9 1 1 0 1 2
7.07.9 14 15 13 14 13
6.06.9 158 126 130 140 139
5.05.9 1,345 1,243 1,218 1,203 1,422
4.04.9 8,045 8,084 8,584 8,462 10,963
3.03.9 4,784 6,151 7,005 7,624 7,602
2.02.9 3,758 4,162 6,419 7,727 6,251
1.01.9 1,026 944 1,137 2,506 1,337
0.10.9 5 1 10 134 103
No magnitude 3,120 2,938 2,937 3,608 3,367
Total 22,256 23,534 27,454 31,4191 31,1991
Estimated deaths 231 21,357 1,685 33,819 284,012
Source: National Earthquake Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey. Web:

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