Radio, Television & Cell Phone Radio Wave Interference


   Antenna reception of television and radio waves did experience some amounts interference and static during late fall and winter of 2002 when this paper was first written, but this was uneventful. Following in the spring and summer of 2003 little changed, as small outages due to magnetic diffusion from the Earth’s core in the telecommunications cellular and satellite industry caused sporadic losses with increasing occurrences into 2004. The service dips were hidden to the public due to redundant satellite systems and improvements in the communications systems, but would not have concerned a busy public had it been known. Key personal in the major telecommunication and broadcasting companies were briefed, so preparations did satisfy the angry customers due to sporadic outages by quick solutions. The captains of industry, lawyers, vice presidents, and government officials, all consider this means of communications essential to maintaining an open line of contact to their executive and staff members. Today in 2010 technology has kept pace with improvements to the sporadic events of interference, so perception of over the air communications for the public has not changed.

   The status quo over the next decade or so will and have provided studies and data pointing to sunspots and a new super cycle of solar flares as one cause when interference disrupts the radio wave spectrum at an increasing slowly at a linear rate, then increasing exponentially during disruptions within the Sun's mass. Using the established 11-year sunspot cycle to correspond to this activity will not fool any scientist as this cycle has already deviated from predicted patterns, by an increasing number years between the peaks. A growing number of the general public not will buy the news releases as they have heard the lies before through other events. The last current cycle peaked in 2000 and the excuse of a new mega cycle is falling short with an extended trough, resulting in an adjusted peak which has been pushed out without viable explanation. Although, sun spot activity is not the true cause.

   Mankind will be shocked at occurrences within the interior of the Sun as its mass transmutes. At first, contractions and then abrupt expansions yielding unexpected bursts of energy, the frictional noise due to increased subatomic particle motion is exhibited as radio noise or interference. It is this activity in the future related to subatomic particle movement within the core of the Sun and the its interference of flow that creates the static noise that will slowly overwhelm the current technical advancements in cellular noise filtration. This will be mankind's first confirmed occurrence of density shifting, which will affect our solar mass. This will be verified quietly by astronomers as the Sun losses mass and the resultant affect is planetary orbits shifting inward. With other events occurring in the world, an intermittent unified magnetic field will be established as the 12th by closing its distance with Earth, intensifies interference of over the air radio, television transmission, cell and satellite relays of phone service until disruption occurs. Although most will look at increased atmospheric aurora activity as the new source of the anomaly cause by the increased flow of magnetic subatomic particle due to the unified magnetic field, but this only part of the answer. Gravity and an active ionosphere, which usually bends or deflects transmissions emanating from Earth will be affected both sides of the globe. The particle streams emitted from the Sun decrease exponentially in density once passing the day-night line as one’s position approaches the equator, thus creating a quiet zone near it. As examples of inference are presented counter arguments will point to the quiet zone near the equator as an inconsistency, thus creating an element of doubt.

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