Earthquake After Shocks


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Written  2003

Updated 2010   

   With the incidence of deep and surface earthquakes occurring presently on an almost daily basis worldwide and increasing from the linear rate during most of the decade now accelerating to an exponential rate until rotational stoppage, initially the media vastly under reports quake activity in incidence and magnitude due to the remote locations of quake occurrence. An edict put into place by the former administration and carried out by US Geological Survey as to not raise anxiety among the citizens of the world, is presently being maintaining as status quo until passage so as not to spread panic among the general population. As the 12th planet approached the Earth during 2003 and slowly closes the distance over the next decade or so, areas without a history of seismic activity in modern times will experience escalating damaging effects, but a series of new puzzling events shall emerge, the aftershocks. Seismologists are familiar with the reverberating after effects of a large earthquake. A series of minor earthquakes along known and unknown fault lines occurring over a period of weeks as built up pressures and tension are slowly relieved after the major quake by reduced sustained breakage along plate joints, but events are different this time. The after shocks, which normally decrease significantly in magnitude and their intensity of damaging effects, will unleash similar or even larger quakes and compounding the destruction of property and life unseen in recorded history. The upcoming quakes will level modern cities with steel reinforced concrete as land mass foundations implode due to the crust of the Earth settling.

   So how did primitive structures that exist in Rome, Jerusalem and Athens survive the last 3 thousand plus years, which would crumble in a minor earthquake? The answer, earthquakes occurring on this level has not been recorded during this time period. Are there cities and ancient structures still intact after 3600 years except the pyramid structures built worldwide? Scientist may finally have too acknowledge, that the core of the Earth is churning with its affects of increased heat levels and gaseous pressures, causing global warming. The increase in volcanism only provides more credence to a total picture, which most of mankind preferring denial does not want to consider, Armageddon. Inside the core of the Earth, primarily magnetic with secondary gravitational forces of the 12th planet confused the patterns magma flow within the Earth's core. This delicate balance, which has been in place for the last 36 hundred years is now upset. Advancements in astrophysics, have been introduced to the concept, the core of the Earth is attracted or repelled to various parts of the universe. The core being liquid in nature moves towards this point, thus resultant movement of mass engaged by the various forces an overshoot the target point thus causing a rotational motion within the core. All motion reinforcing each action until spin occurs which drags the solid crust with it. It is when this natural momentum is held or temporarily interrupted does the plates collide or in some areas lose connective support, thus the plate falls. As the 12th planet holds in the ecliptic, new forces  such as torque and Earth wobble will be introduced and change the picture in which we view plate tectonics and the study of Geophysics. During this process sadly there will be collateral damage and loss of life.


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