Coastal Flooding and Rising Sea Levels


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    The Earth will face an unexpected problem increased coastal flooding, displacing millions worldwide from low-lying, seawall or dike-protected areas. The latest projection is the several years following 2004. Scientists controlled by the status quo or just locked into old school thinking, will be quick to point out global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps as the apparent cause. Although scientists quoted in CNN and other news sources state water levels will rise by 1 to 1 ˝ feet by the end of the 21st century. So why are coastal cities flooded by salt water measured in feet within 6 months of Nov. 2002 and subway systems of seaports inundated by backed up sewage due to back flows during the years after 2004-2005? A careful comparison of photographic prints imaging the snow and glacier coverage of land masses acquired by independently hired airplanes not satellites, which cannot be doctored by the establishment of the polar region should be used to gauge any increase in sea levels. Global warming or increased air temperatures only affects the top hundred or so feet of the surfaces of the world’s oceans. On average, air temperatures have escalated only a fractional proportion to the rise of the overall ocean temperatures. A scientific fact dealing with a source of heat between two mediums, air provides one of the least efficient transfers of heat energy to water, so how can an air temperature differential be less than the ocean saltwater temperature differential? A simple experiment, what is the needed temperature increase for a salt water segment measured at a hundred feet to increase its volume by 2% or its level 2 feet? What is the median temperature at both poles in April and how far is the deviation from norm? Remember salt water and ocean currents allow only a slow progression of temperature increases. Again, so how are sea levels rising at levels measured in feet rather than inches due to a perceived polar melt and in the minority global warming? Most scientists, but not all will overlook the cause, increased churning of the core due to the approach of the 12th planet. Its far-reaching magnetic and gravitational forces upset the delicate balance driving the rotational motion of the liquid inner core of the Earth.  Heat created by the frictional contact of cross currents will expand the volume inner core and mantle. The rotational period of Earth slows due to gravitational and magnetic forces of the 12th planet disturbing balance between the established attraction and repulsion points in the universe, which push or pull parts of the core resulting in spin. Confusion sets in, which is detected by mankind as magnetic diffusion and fragments the natural process responsible for planetary rotation. The longer days will be notice by the common man only during the final weeks with panic occurring when rotation of the Earth halts temporally days before passage. The deep-sea beds where the crust of the Earth is relatively thin will give first and thrust upwards due to increasing core and gaseous pressures. Thus, the increased underwater volcanic activity will heat the oceans from beneath outside of the scrutiny of mankind, but telltale signs of sub surface activity will reveal itself from the appearance of disturbed water or black water tainting the watery environment as soil particles trapped within the crust are released from the seabed of relatively shallow basins in the clear waters of the oceans. The crust itself will also expand from the increased heat levels causing compression slippage at all known and unknown fault lines, resulting in continuous deep and surface earthquakes. Extreme deepwater seaquakes shall occur on an almost continuous basis, but only the large ones being detected and under reported by the establishment. The effect is a vast displacement of the salt-water volume at the base of the oceans as the sea floor basins rise, which in turn will raise sea levels, flooding low-lying coastal lands, marshes and bays. Scientists will propose an explanation of a super cycle of flooding not recorded due to the lack of instrumentation and basic weather knowledge. Catastrophes are nothing new to mankind, Pompeii was buried in 79 AD and Rome burned in 64 AD, all recorded. The Crab Nebula a remnant super nova in lit the daylight sky 1100 AD, was recorded, although the phenomenon has not been seen before. One only has to look at Venice, the Old Italian city of canals to realize serious coastal flooding has not occurred within the last 2000 years at least. A super cycle explanation has no foundation to those who look deeper. Behind closed doors, the ongoing events are a mystery to most of Earth’s best scientists.


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