Collapsing Buildings


   During the next decade buildings of sound structure will collapse for no apparent reason or during minor earthquakes, which under ordinary circumstances should have be standing. Answers will be demanded from the relatives of the lost ones. Was it poor construction, inferior materials, poor maintenance, or other hidden violations of the law? In the overwhelming majority of occurrences within the U.S. those reasons will not be the cause. As the 12th planet approaches Earth its far reaching magnetic influence grips and tries to hold the Mid-Atlantic Rift when directly pointed towards it, increasing in intensity as the distance between the planets is reduced. Due to the breach in the crust of the Earth as iron once centered within the core was forced to the surface and opened a the rift to relieve pressure after impact of our Moon in the Pacific basin. This is why the rift responds more readily to an outside magnetic force. As the crust slows and torques due to Earth wobble, momentum from the core, which drives the rotation the Earth continues unabated. This action will stretch the crust composed of soft soil and too a lesser degree shift or tilt rock formations in the Eastern half and gulf coasts of the U.S. and Western Europe. Connective support of minor and local sub plates will be lost, thus creating sinkholes now accelerating in Texas, 2010. At areas of compression buckling and uplifting will occur. Buildings will have their foundations stretched or pipes randomly breaking massively within a particular zone and be undermined by sinkholes creating structural failure, as the upper floors cascade into the same hole as the foundation. The result is a building implosion collapsing inward peaking during expansion of the stretch zones, leaving investigators scratching their heads as to a cause.  

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