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   Due to public concern stemming from backroom discussions and e-mail pouring into news outlets, the media will be asked to respond to the growing underground chatter on the Internet about  the alleged passage of the 12th planet. Most astronomers acting as consultants will be quick to point out if it is there, the orbital period would take many years to approach the inner solar system. Second, pictures taken with amateur scopes during Jan and Feb 2003 at the given coordinates show little or a smudge to back this rogue planet. Scientists have no experience in calculating the orbital path of a free floater since this planet could not have formed from a condensing disk of hydrogen gas, thus little momentum for an elliptical orbit. Instead, it falls straight towards the stellar object once outside of the neutral gravitational zone. As far as pictures coming forth via the internet my challenge to media is lets see how successful you are in gathering an independent party composed of many experts to observe and photograph and view the coordinates in person with your own cameras at one of the major observatories. Remember these observatories are funded by public funds and donations. Lets put this story into the public forum or to rest. If you bring back a picture showing nothing and when the object is evident to amateurs we will ask why? If you get in and the object is there, you will be sitting on the story of the millennium. A question to ponder, why hasnít any observatory come forth with pictures of the area in question, but just avoid the discussion completely? When June 2003 arrived, the stealthy approach of the 12th planet has appeared periodically as a second sun in the daylight sky in certain areas. There are many witnesses supported by untouched photographs. There are web cam pictures of the 12th rising before the Sun in the distant sky outside of UCLA at and another web cam pointed at a New Zealand volcano that shows a distinct increase in size of the 12th planet in a matter of 4 days between [June7] , [June 11], and the [September 12]. Now that the 12th planet is within striking distance and the elite sneak out during the wee hours in their Lear jets from obscure airports, it is time to console. Is there any reporter out there in the world brave enough to take on this challenge of the truth? A few of you with good friends in the elite circles have heard rumors, midnight military convoys into remote forests, canned goods and bottled water moving off the selves. Now recently pink and blood red sunsets, but were told not to speak of the coming calamities. You must realize if you have not been called to the bunkers, due to false alarms or been informed of a relocation site, you are out! For the news reporters who have received dozens (soon to be thousands) of calls resulting from the second sun sightings anomaly and told it was nothing and bury it, you are just hurting the world. To burry or ignore the truth makes you just as guilty in the end, just another selfish soul moving away from the path of light. The arrival of the 12th planet will bring to the end many prestigious educated fields of life, but it is no different when the automobile ended many stables, saddle makers and blacksmiths.  I stress to you to produce stubble warnings to public without creating panic, a difficult task. Leave the elite alone, for they will be dealt their own fate. If you step across the line you will lose nothing, because your company, friends and job will be gone in a short time period. It is up to you to step up like the many greats in human history, if there are any brave souls left among the so-called civilized or fall by the way side, because in the end the elite only have one job for you, subservient in what is perceived to be the land of free and our leaders truly representing the people.

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