Pole Shift Concerns


How do I prepare for an event of such mass destruction?

There are several websites that address concerns of survival when most of mankindís infrastructure fails. This best site is Troubled Times, a vast source of information and insight from dedicated individuals helping mankind to survive the coming pole shift.

Is there a group I can go to and prepare for safety of my family?

The elite looking for workers will put forth offers of hope, a job, and safety when all hope is lost, but examine the total situation. If you have a disagreement, your bargaining power is nil, do as I say or banishment into the savage unknown. Do you really want a bigger than life self-serving ego in charge of life and death situations concerning you and your family knowing they will never be held accountable for any action? Movies like Brave New World, Mad Max, The Postman, Water World, When Worlds Collide, Deep Impact, and The Core all have a large element of truth. In almost all cases my advice is to go it along.

Why choose to survive if hope is minimal?

When looking around the world many of you have said, I wish the world supported the meek and the playing field was even. This is now your calling, a chance to make a difference even if it is only with one life, because all acts of kindness count whether it is one or thousands, it is all the same. If you donít do it for yourself, then do it for the children of the world especially yours. They will need your wisdom, your guidance, your safe arms and the reassurance that the world will return to normal, which it will in time. 

Who do we trust?

Not the establishment, because when entrusted with an advanced warning 50 plus years ago they choose to exclude all of mankind with the message. They envisioned a new world order ruled by the elite with a population heavily cropped to their specifications by dictating who is saved and it is not the middle working class. Scientists under the thumb of the elite will follow orders. It was your gut feeling to seek out alternate answers on the web and it will be your gut feeling that you should trust.

What is a safe area?

In general these are the areas on Earth everyone should avoid. Coast lines, stay 100 miles inland and stay above a 200 ft. elevation. Earthquake fault lines, downwind of volcanoes, which will come from the present North due to rearranging of land masses after the shift and the subduction zones along the Eastern Pacific & the Himalayan mountain range. Detailed information on local areas is available at the Zeta web site under Safe Locations

What decision has more weight trust in individuals or family ties?

Observe how an individual or family member respects and treats others who are close to them. Do they care about others in practice and actions instead of talking a good game? If so, when events become intense you can count on them to do the right thing. Those who were pillars of society that had facades of compassion will crumble during hard times when their self-serving needs are not meet. All who link themselves to this people of this group will only increase their misery in times of need.

Why would God allow this event to occur?

Disasters have always been a part of human life, this one; the ultimate disaster will stir souls to help one another, although some will run. This is Godís ultimate plan, which is to move mankind to a more spiritual nature by a series of decisions in a time of need.

Should we seek help in the Church?

When looking for advice, the church is a good source. Follow the message of peace on Earth, helping and respect for your neighbors and property. Prayer is universal and there are no favorites. Would a spiritual mother following the ways of the Lord show favoritism over any of her children? No. All are equal and it is only mankind and his prejudices, and the eliteís strangle hold control over banking, educational and judicial institutions that have warped the message.

Will those who believe in the rapture be saved above all other humans?

Those who are born on Earth to deliver the message of the God all have one theme, treat others as you would treat yourself. This is the universal message. No race or religious group no matter how they interpret the bible proclaiming they are the chosen ones to govern over the holy land or to be lifted, thus escaping Armageddon. There are no favorites. Would God and all of his infinite spiritual wisdom choose one of his creations over another? No. This is mankindís slant to maintain control over the masses. Power, money and the ability to shape the future of many souls is a self-serving. As groups gets swept up in the ensuing calamities, will prayer be the answer? Yes this is true, but it will not always be lives that will be saved, it will be the soul of the true believer (service to other) that will rise to the occasion.

If I go to my family and I am looked upon as a fool what is my next step?

Prepare quietly without rising concern. The outdoors, fishing and camping are your new interest. As events progress your family will be convinced in the final days and will quietly thank you for being prepared.

What if this event does not happen, many have cried wolf?

Prophets when given a vision of the destruction and renewal of the Earth all had a common theme, the year 2000. This is true, but it was meant to be an approximate date. Also the year 2000 rings a lot better in predictions than 2003. It is the underlying message, which is most important, stating that there will be Earth changes. The date is secondary, but close enough to be true.

   Always inform your loved ones and give them a choice after examining your information so they can come to their own conclusion. This is a measure to protect your loved ones, if the severity of destruction is not as intense as predicted (.01% small chance of the eventsí destructive power not happening), life will return back to normal. Doesnít everyone carry insurance or wear seat belts to protect against the improbable? This is no different. If it is true and it is, you are prepared. If you know and do nothing and events devastate the Earth, nothing will save you from the grief and loss of the family due to your denial. Ask yourself, which is worse, embarrassment of self-pride or witnessing the deaths of a loved ones due lack of preparation? This is not a mistake you want to make.


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