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Micro Quake Swarms: Recent micro bursts of earthquakes swarming the western portions of North America and the Asian side of the Ring of Fire have baffled scientists. Earthquakes, nature’s way of releasing tectonic tension built up along fault lines, has taken a new turn. Geologists have observed earthquakes, noting that tension is relieved in a series of sudden snaps along connective plates with minor subsiding breaks of after shocks following, thus lowering the risk of further major quakes. So what is different now is? Subduction along the Eastern Pacific plate and other minor ones is occurring outside of the traditional fault lines. The Earth’s crust, which is made up of many different levels of interconnected layers of rock, fractures when lateral pressure is applied. This zone, crumples like layers of slate breaking apart from the main rock when sharp pressures are applied to edges. Geologists have observed many small micro quakes over a wide area occurring at sustained rate. Random pressures build across many areas and break, as a consequence pressure builds again hence the cycle repeats. The subtle hint comes when Earth movements generate slight surface vertical displacements during quakes. The air in contact with the surface is compress or expanded similar to how an audio speaker works and low frequency rhythmic pulses (thumps or beating drums) permeate the surrounding area. This process ends temporarily when the crumple zone absorbs its maximum compression and all pressures are transferred the plate edges building towards a massive quakes along traditional fault lines or in conjunction the source of the pressure subsides. 

Rhythmic Seismic Activity: Seismic activity over the past few months has appeared normal, but intensity and clusters of events has  left some doubt. The 12th planet’s momentum now within the inner solar system is being impeded by particle movement to and from the Sun within the ecliptic plane. So if the 12th planet is within the system, but yet not confirmed visually by the common man, how can we confirm its existence by other means?  

   The current quake activity is a by product of the 12th planet’s movement through our solar system, which is where the repulsion force comes into play. The Sun emits several streams of particles along its equator with the opposite effect of gravity. These laser like streams equidistant from each other within the ecliptic plane engage the 12th planet while sweeping the existing planets and maintaining their orbits. This is counter to the status quo of initial orbital velocities or centrifugal force balancing their distance from the Sun’s gravitational force. The 12th planet pierces the ecliptic plane at a point where the repulsion force generate by the planets starting with Venus and progressing outward presses inward and to some degree impedes orbital progression of the 12th planet. On the opposite side the combined net force of the repulsion Mercury and the Sun and the gravitational attraction of the Sun presses outward. The velocity of the approach of the 12th also comes into play as a higher velocity allows a closer pass to the Sun. In the 12th planets’ case, it pierces the ecliptic plane somewhere between Mercury and Venus. Mankind is unfamiliar with the particle streams expelled and reentering the Sun and the others which are spread about within the equilibrium in what seems as empty space. The subatomic particles in our universe vibrate at frequencies that approach zero and then rise to infinity. Why would they not? It is just mankind’s instrumentation that is unable to detect the extremes.  One only has the reference the dog, which is capable of hearing frequencies above and below the range of human hearing, but colors in their eyes according to human science does not exist. When encountering the repulsion force stream, the first result would upset the equilibrium between the planets and the Sun. The repulsion stream pushes the 12th planet into a counter clockwise retrograde orbit with the natural flow of the existing planets, but pressure builds, opposing subatomic particles located in what is thought to be empty space initiates compression by the movements or actions as the 12th planet presses against the grain. Once the 12th planet slightly shifts to its rear or the normal orbital directional of all planets in the solar system, the ambient particle field stores enough energy like a compressed spring to overcome the initial frictional coefficient of the repulsion particle stream emitted from the Sun blocking its path; it spurts forward and then moves with diminishing velocity towards north end of the elliptic plane, thus a skipping effect over the repulsion particle stream resistance. 

   So how does this affect the Earth and the Sun. They are both affected magnetically and gravitationally. The Earth now is under going changes, magnetically, as the core stirs, the Atlantic Rift is gripped, slowing the movement of the crust, subtle at first, but within normal parameters, then an increasing in intensity and frequency in surface disturbances. Gravitationally, the Earth is pushed up into the ecliptic plane to balance the new repulsion force of the 12th planet, but can move only so far as the particle flow retuning to the Sun sets a boundary. The astute have notice a Sun that is lower in the sky and rising further into the southern sky. Yet the status quo have stated all is normal. A test, research the old sundial charts of Rome to gain insight if they have not been already altered. The common factor, a similar time frame between what seems unusual, but still fall under explainable events within the media. There has been no realistic explanation on repeated worldwide blackouts. No realistic explanation on the quake swarms affecting China, Russia and Japan with Richter scales rising to 10. No realistic explanation on the current solar flare and sun spot activity of the Sun during the minimum part of the cycle. One should key in on expansion events, like breakages, blackouts, gas mains, oil pipe lines, water conduits, dams, dikes, collapsing bridges and buildings, tunnel breaches, broken rail lines, rock fractures and micro quakes between the Mississippi River an the Alps in Europe. In the compression zone volcanoes will activate, earthquakes rock, (though under reported in intensity and occurrence) will be of magnitudes of destruction not to reported to the general public (the blackout release will consist of selected sites, contained damage and recovery efforts promoting a unified America and the world assisting those in need). 

   The Sun with its magnetically sensitive core will continue to increase in activity with unprecedented solar flares not seen in recent human history. The jerky movement of the 12th planet will stir the iron laden heavy elements exist within its core, but unknown to human science. This is no different than stoking a fire as a burst of energy will come forth from the dormant embers, thus a release of a barrage of X class solar flares. Basic information is available under the title of The Fusion Process of the Sun. Gravitationally the 12th planet is nothing but a nuisance, no real effect. 

The Yellowstone Dilemma: Present events in our national park needs addressing. Yellowstone lake has a bulge  pushing a hundred feet above its deepest base. Temperatures at certain surface geyser locations in the has risen to 200 degrees at a minimum. The smell of sulfur permeates the air. Natural wildlife, fish and vegetation have all died within a certain radius. All these are established geological warning signs that changes are eminent in the near future, yet the establishment has no plan. Now I am not saying there will be an immediate eruption creating panic, but stressing caution and preparedness when events turn. An eruption here would lay partial waste to 3 to 5 states. So why is this a problem? When the 12th planet recoils past the next repulsion particle stream, the core of the earth will receive a massive jolt of energy, thus thus escalating the series of events already in progress. The by-product, frictional heat from a magnetic core that will stir in new directions and expand the volume magma mass initiating old and new flow patterns towards a fracturing crust. Will this be enough to activate magma pressure release within the Yellowstone basin, unknown, but a real concern is needed to educate and save lives just in case. 

The Moon Phases: The Moon one of the most watched stellar objects has presented a new image recently. In September the crescent phase of the Moon has shifted towards bottom. A rare event, but it does occur occasionally near the winter solstice. So why is this unusual? The dividing line between the light and dark sides on the Moon does tilt when conditions are right. During the winter solstice is tilted a maximum 23 degrees away from the Sun at its northern axis. In conjunction the Moon’s orbit varies 5 degrees north or south of the Earth’s Ecliptic. When the two extremes occur the crescent appears to lay on its back. The problem with the September appearance was that it occurred within days of the start of autumn. The Earth’s tilt is zero degrees leaving only a 5 degree variance due to the Moon’s orbit. Now you may state what about latitude location on the globe. In the past has the dividing line shifted during first quarter when viewed from Florida to Quebec City, no. Did many locations around the world report the crescent on its back, yes. Again in October many phases of the Moon was shifted to the 1:30 to 7:30 position for the dividing line. Since the normal is 12 to 6 o’clock position. This shift backs the theory that the Earth has been pushed upward away from the Ecliptic plane. Because only a higher would be responsible for casting shadow towards the northern pat of the globe. Other clues are a diffused separator an occurrence when two light sources near by to each other blur the line between shadow and light. 

November 8 Total Lunar Eclipse: The lunar eclipse visible in most of the Southern and Northern hemispheres gave hints that all was not normal. So, what was visible in the Northern Hemisphere in the New York State Area. The Earth’s shadow passed slightly north of predicted path blanketing the Moon in total darkness. This produce a crescent shaped sliver of light reflecting off the Moon, which rotated the curved dividing line from the 12 o’clock to the   6 o’clock position all to the 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock position as the crescent moved from the right side of the Moon around the bottom and the left side as the night progressed. The dark side had a purple hue yet the position of the Moon and the Earth is only suppose to create a lens-effect amplifying the red wavelengths of the Sun through the dust in its atmosphere at or near totality. Totality never happened in the Northeastern portion of the United States as witnessed by millions. Only a movement of the Earth’s orbit pushing it into the upper portion the ecliptic plane from force unknown to mankind, the repulsion force would account for this. If the eclipse was suppose to be total and visible in the southern hemisphere, yet here in the northern hemisphere the bottom of the Moon still received sunlight, suggests further study. One explanation of a movement of the Earth pushed north of the ecliptic plane would account for sunlight along the bottom of the Moon during a total eclipse where no sunlight is suppose to be caste upon the surface of the Moon for 24 minutes, which did not occur. The Moon could only be receiving light along its bottom only if the position of the Earth and The Moon has move north of its original position. Most television stations including CNN broadcast a view of the total lunar eclipse with a sliver of sunlight on the bottom of the Moon. Only those north of may have had a chance to glimpse  totality, but mainstream news did not cover it. 

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