The Repulsion Particle Stream Schedule 


Written in Dec. 2003: 


   The first assault on America  due to tectonic movement will occur the southern portion of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, though it will be down played due to remote areas and low populations among the news networks. Tight shots, selected people to interview at selected sites where damage is low. The media will present a position, that all is under control and the establishment will rebuild and restore confidence in the lives of the people. But this is only the first phase for America as Alaskan areas are going eventually give way to the Pacific Northwest and then to the San Francisco and Los Angeles fault lines. The world will be keenly aware of events in the Pacific North West no matter how tightly controlled the media is told to suppress true damage as displaced residents spread a tale of horror. A precursor to the events are the minor quakes as crumple zones in the earthís crust buckle, snap and adjust first as the plates compress against each other, a byproduct of this action is a low frequency thumping or a subtle rumble similar to a drum emitted by the Earthís crust alarming the locals when heard, with the sound increasing especially in the quiet of the night air. There will be a slow build up of tectonic plate pressures that will yield large Richter scale quakes, then equally devastating quakes, which mankind will call after shocks may equal or surpass the original. Scientists will be baffled as to why the pressures at the fault line lines continue increase after major quakes. As most will just become familiar to the true cause and the new rules that will be introduced to mankindís physics.

   In the stretch zones a building here and there will drop at first, a gas main leak here a dike break there, then it just a series of ever increasing cascading catastrophic events such as unexplained rising sea levels along coast lines as the crust falls due to stretch and breakage of support. How will the establishment explain several a breaches in tunnels constructed from reputable firms all different  from leaching water during similar time periods? How will the engineering firms disguise the fatigue stress breaks in bridge support beams that run East to West? How will the establishment the large cracks in many Dams when there where none over the last decades? All events will within an approximate timed schedule (4 day window) for peak events and subsiding to equal intensity events filling the space between the periods increasing in force after each period. All of this based on when the 12th planet passes through a repulsion stream of the Sun and the 6.5 week period between them. This information is based on scientific observation and not to be confused as words from a prophet. Consult the schedule below to construct a pattern, which will disagree with the status quo.


The Partial Repulsion Particle Stream Schedule for the 12th Planet

Dec.30 (the repulsion stream passed Dec. 23) off by 7 days

Feb 6 correct Indonesian quake

Mar 22 wrong the pattern change to a series of 4 passes every 8 days with low Richter quakes


  Remember that each particle stream may have the sufficient power the move the 12th planet to the shift point over time. With dates now given for minor and major events within a 4 day window, but no date for the shift puts the establishment in the same boat as the common man. You can choose to move mankind into a caring mode with God at its center or will it be business as usual with the same self destructive and greed orientated society. It is your choice, it is your test. 

A Quote: A life is a terrible thing to waste, only you can determine what personal mark is left on mankindís history. 

Written Jan. 2003: 

   Now that we are in the middle of January, events on Earth have progressed to the point where the common man has noticed many concurrent changes. Volcanoes erupting on a day to day basis, minor earthquakes shaking the west coast. The December dates past with the earthquakes arriving a week early according to my schedule, so what is next?

  The next set of new earthquakes for North America will happen in Mexico and Central America with quake damage in the Pacific North West, Alaska is the wild card. This is due the forces compressing the plates, which are moving west to east, has now turned south along fault lines.


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