Earth Effects 2

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Written June 2004

Magnetic Diffusion: Scientist have circulated speculation that as the planetary magnetic field diffuses, the protective layer around the Earth would allow gamma and cosmic rays to affect the genetic makeup of humans. Thus, a doomsday scenario for the population the Earth maybe fulfilled. This is so far from the truth. Did anything happened to the astronauts who flew to the Moon? How would the long term affect the occupants on the space station pan out or the idea of distant space travel itself? The 12th planet orbits this Sun every 3650 years, thus the Earthís magnetic field dissipates to a certain degree until each passage is complete, yet life still exists. The poles are wandering as the 12th  planet passes the Sun  at the ecliptic as witness by many. One could personally monitor this by taking compass readings of where the Sun rises or sets over the couple of months from the same spot every. Also keep track of magnetic north putting on the same spot and record its direction with a mark. Erratic temperature swings in the Northeastern US and Europe into sub zero temperatures during the month of January and then in China are just a few of hints that something is amiss. All is not what it seems with mankindís science. 

December Hurricanes and High Wind Storms: The tropical storms just recently spawned in the Caribbean was a rare event and given a small chance to develop into a hurricanes, but one briefly did. Warmer oceans (Heated from the Earthís core), an intense Sun and Earth wobble, will breed the super storms of the coming year. The shifts from record warmth to record cold are resulting in stronger worldwide wind speeds during storms, because of higher air pressure & moisture differentials between the air masses and may allow further out of season tropical storms to develop where none should be. Brazil is devastated form a storm that displaced  a quarter of a million people and New Zealand was hit In February with a freak storm paralyzing both islands with 100 plus mph winds and 8 inches of rain. It is just beginning. 

Repulsion Stream Earthquakes: This is where it is getting interesting, the repulsion stream  predicted to effect Earth on Dec. 30,2003 was 4 days early, pulverizing Iran on Dec. 26. So a more definitive target date with a tighter variance was calculated. Errors in the first calculations overlooked forward orbital progress of the 12th planet, thus a late date was predicted. Adjustments made, the new date of Feb. 6 was released. This was right on target as a 7.1 hit Indonesia. The set passing of the repulsion streams reveals a new twist, which can be referenced at Quake Forecast Updates. 

Interval Quakes: As the rotation of the planet slows and wobble increases, pressure along fault lines will increase linear to the lengthening of the rotational period of the Earth. This will have a dramatic affect on quakes occurring in unusual areas. These areas are now responding to the severe compression and expansions of the crust and do not follow any pattern. Concentrate on the big issue, quakes coinciding with the predicted passage of the repulsion stream    

May Tornado Season: The US has just had another season of 530 plus tornadoes a few less than the record breaking month of May 2003 of 540 plus, but the news reported here that the month was normal. Before the record was broken the highest total was in the 390s.

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