Continental Drift caused by

Planetary Magnetic Grip



   Continental Drift is and has been a part of a natural creeping process tectonic plate movement on Earth, but what is responsible for accelerating the spread of the continents about the surface of the Earth? Currently, the scientific field is aware of the magnetic properties embedded within the seabed along the Atlantic Rift. It is this property that the intruder, the 12th, which is presently creeping through the inner solar system and the dynamics of velocity and direction are constantly changing. As the 12th now outbound rises above the ecliptic, its south pole turns towards the Sun's north magnetic pole. As a result, the 12th is being pulled back towards the Sun due to this magnetic attraction. As the distance to the Sun closes, the 12th is then forced down towards the ecliptic due to the increasing density of return particle flow of the Sun. This sets up a release as the magnetic force now removed by the planet dropping towards the neutral magnetic point along the ecliptic, creating an imbalance, due the repulsion force built up on the side facing the Sun. The 12th is propelled at the assembly of planets blocking its escape from the inner solar system.

   The  grouping of planets, held within a close proximity as outbound particle flows from the 12th are contained by the return flow towards the Sun. As the distance closes, retreats between Earth and the 12th, the density of the containment flow increases and decreases, added, the reflective bounce off the repulsive field boundaries of the individual planets. Although, the key is that the Earth when pushed back in its orbital position, the boundaries tighten due to the repulsion force on the backside increases from the planetary alignment of Jupiter and Uranus. Thus, cutting off a retreat for the Earth, as a back stop is established. When the 12th is propelled towards the planetary grouping the planets, not only do they reflect off each other, but a back bounce from the combined Jupiter-Uranus repulsion force from the current alignment as the Earth move backwards in its orbital path (source Zetatalk) provides the reflective force needed to reverse the outbound direction of the 12th back towards the Sun. As an increasing fractional amount of energy is transferred through the resultant opposing action, it is absorbed by the planetary group and dissipated as members of the group ricochet off of each other. The kinetic energy transferred to the planetary grouping is related to initial contact and the frequency of reversals of the Earth until the 12th retreats back towards the Sun. The problem occurs when the ricochet action takes place as the Rift on Earth maintains a temporary lock with the 12th planet.

  It is this action that will fracture the connective links along the edges of Earth's tectonic plates as earthquake swarms are registered around the globe. These swarms caused by a complex interaction between the magnetic lines of force of the 12th and Earth. Where mankind is familiar with magnetic lines of flow exiting the poles of a planet, there many facets to these flow lines. Where the primary lines are evident in research it is not a single jump between the magnetic lines of force. Again a subdivision of particle flow as even more subtle magnetic lines come into play due to equalization, it is this micro lock then release that creates the shutter effect or earthquake swarms on Earth. This semi constant rattle is what breaks down the connective links and bridges of adjoining plates. 

   With the particle containment increasing, the frequency of reflective action, resultant kinetic energy will continue to intensify and a random set of the right reflective bounces and consequential angles and velocities of planetary bodies will eventually allow one of the group to escape as a lateral downward pop. By this time thousands of devastating earthquakes will have occurred on Earth and this will be accepted as life in the survival lane through repetition. Most victims will not be rescued, as all are equally affected more so in the third world countries, which the West will write off. Counter to what the elite hope to achieve, predicting a point of time for passage, it is this a calculation of timing that no scientist on Earth will solve. As each resultant collision sets up a new configuration that constantly changes, complicated by the rotational repulsion streams emanating from the Sun. Computer simulations are old in a fractional second as positions, velocities angles of approach and mass are entered. Even with a somewhat limited understanding of the repulsion force, many working on the project will have no clue. Those few that do have a somewhat limited understanding, will be drowned out by the egos of the inept. By time Earth's so called best have determined that one the planets has escaped, the second one will be set free and the 12th will be approaching Earth forcing it down into the ecliptic. Few will make it to the bunkers during emergency evacuations unless you choose to live there for years of not knowing when in utter depression. Details of the interactions between the planets locked in the containment field, which includes Earth, the 12th, the backside repulsion  barrier provide a line up of outer planets and the Sun, all will be closely examined in the paper Planetary Drama.  

   The Simplistic diagram below was created in the early years of the Grant Chronicles to show that primary separation would occur along the Mid Atlantic Rift, thus the source of the initial tidal waves, Atlantic Tsunamis that will severely affect European coastal countries and also all continents bordering the Atlantic. Many will say, why is God allowing this to happen? He has given mankind the gift of free will, knowledge and the skill sets to many of your leaders and advisors in America to use it to help others or increase one's self worth. Over many decades, America blessed with the wealth to save most, it is man or some of your leaders that chose to restrict the knowledge of upcoming events and let most of you die. If you want to point fingers look towards your past leaders and second, the mirror for most of you are in denial of the truth. God is about allowing the human choice of free will to affect others, as this shows true intent. But many listen to twisted words, events planned to distort the truth as few contemplate the true source and the true ultimate objective. You need to look beyond the veil presented to see the hidden agenda. It is up to you to change this, many speak of change, few follow through, while others are held back through subtle backstabbing from certain trusted advisors. Never be affected by the words of fear by others in panic, for it dilutes the inner spirit. Follow a decision based on your gut feeling, this will be your best choice.




  Will the complex approach Earth as if passage will occur, yes to the horror of those left in control. The strings of moons following will also be propelled and dragged. As the 12th halts and the planet reverses in direction back towards the Sun, the complexes on the outer edges will whip outwards and away from the 12th towards Earth before retreating. Dependant upon the position of the Earth, the vision will appear as extra planets or the extreme a swarm of new moons in the Earth's night sky. Again you, those in what seems as control of this Earth will be given a choice, I hope some of you shall choose wisely. God forgives, the public will not as genocide the underlying goal of those pulling your strings and this is a capital crime. As this is no different than locking the exits in a burning building filled with workers while telling them that all is safe as you leave. Your worry, they would leave the job if nothing occurred. The Business would lose money or worse they wouldn't come to work if they knew the building was going to burn down. Your power and money is nothing compared to the value of even one life. The days of projecting fear to control others is over and so it shall begin.


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