PX Viewing Information


PX Viewing Techniques: 

This will help many who had hoped to see PX, but have had frustrating results with no sighting. 


1.   A large no. 10 welderís lens about 5.25 inches wide, 5 dollars.

2.   A small pair of binoculars that does not spread past the welders lens width, with a magnification of approximately 17, 40 dollars. 

Warning do not look at the Sun without the specified no. 10 welders lens between the Sun and your binoculars or blindness may result. 

Viewing Times: 

Sunset, this is the time when the slight angle between the Sun PX is at its maximum. 

30-10 minutes before sunset. 


You should spend 2 to 5 minutes looking twice a week. 

Setting a Base: 

Look at the Sun during various time of the day initially, most will see only the Sun, let this be your base. 

Lens Flares: 

If you want buy 2 lens, the molecular structure of each lens is different and will not produce the same effect in both lens and for good measure hold one end and change the angle of tilt to the binoculars just to be sure. 

What will I See? 

For most, after some effort the view will be an unimpressive image of a faint ghost like image the size of our Sun to itís northwest. The spacing is similar the view of the double sunset in the original Star Wars. Though a few lucky viewers will have no doubt at what they are observing. 

When I see it what should I do? 

A show a friend fast, because for most the image appears only for a few minutes. 

What if I what to document this? 

Then set up a vigil and put the time and effort into it, only by doing this will you get results, but donít go public. 

After seeing the 12th planet what should I do? 

Quietly prepare your family for change, have your location, food and supplies and most of all trust in God. If your efforts are done in the name of good, you will be fine.


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