North Atlantic Currents


   New concerns have started to rise with mankind that all is not right. The Gulf Stream the lifeline of Europe and western Asia has moved south temporally plunging the affected countries into a new cold spell of 15 degrees centigrade below normal during the summers. Current theories blame global warming, but this effect is counter to all evidence. How are currents long established over time in the  North Atlantic water decreasing in temperature when scientists are stating the opposite should be happening, consensus states we are heating up?

   Scientists well aware of up coming events have a set explanations to quell the human fear which is about to embrace the planet. Most of which will unravel as time proceeds. Global warming although true is not responsible for today’s events. The warming of the Earth’s core and increased tilt and wobbling is melting the poles. The new influx of cold water from the melting ice cap is displacing the original waters of the Arctic Ocean pushing it south. The increased flow of the Labrador Current is now forcing the Gulf Stream towards the equator and as winter approaches and will continue throughout the year, Northern Europe will suffer. For those who saw the Day After Tomorrow this movie or sign was designed to warn you, although the producers thought is was just a good plot, they have no idea of close they came to the truth in some respects. 

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