As you Hide your True Nature among the Sheep

The Book of Truth



Written Jan 14

Updated Mar 6


    The world is asleep as they praise the false prophet. His goal as a façade is to focus the attention of the faithful and the world on the poor where there is a transfer of material goods (idols) and little is said about preparing their souls. Just who do you work for when you put the physical in front of eternal life? As was said before, you fool no one among the astute few.

   Watch as all of the faithful are asked to reconfirm their faith by accepting a new doctrine. You will be told there is finally excitement in the Church as the old as segments of Latin is introduced at first refreshing, but later to hide changes; the Truth gives way to the new in order to accept all. You were told the pope would introduce the acceptance of same sex marriages and this has now occurred. You say what is bound on earth is bound in Heaven and this is true, but this pope represents another as the keys of Heaven have been removed from the seat of Peter. This is what Jesus wants, everyone on earth no matter their belief. Remember, Jesus gave you the Truth and the Truth never changes. You will be shown new books in the pews, familiar, but different. Most will not question as so few of you know the Scriptures or even take the time to read the Bible. Remember again, you have told the Mass will be back to front. You sacred servant knows some of your own have already been forced into new vows. Ask yourself if you pledged your life to God, our Lord and Savior Jesus, then who or what is behind this? Not God. Does it feel right? Do you sense tension? Do you have the same feeling you had, when you received the Rite of Ordination? Where is the emphasis on the Eucharist? Just what are you signing?

   Sacred servant, your oath was to serve the bishop and ultimately the pope. But you know the only way a new pope is elected is by death of another, this did not happen as rumors float Benedict was forced out by an inner circle of Cardinals. This is the truth. Know this; this one is faithless, but to the world it is not so, this is the deception of the false prophet. Your Vatican hid the warning of our Mother of Salvation even though it was presented to the world through the innocent, children as if they would lie and you call yourselves people of faith. She let the Sun spin in front of thousands, but you say their eyes were lying. When a child states she or he sees the Blessed Mother and gives details spirituality beyond their understanding and your choice is to mock them? Fools! a warning given only works and saves souls if it is heeded.

   When the orders come to place the new missals and pamphlets in your pews of worship, store them in your basements. When a new Homily is introduced to welcome all, state, the faithful need not change for the new, but we will welcome them and introduce them to the Word of God, which never changes. There are no traitors in the Remnant Army. There will be no change accepted that is different than the Truth in the New Testament. The Word is not subject to human interpretation or change for this is Blasphemy and even more so when it comes from the seat of Peter for you will deceive millions of Catholics and billions of people.

   No pope, bishop, biblical scholar, prophet or chosen one has the right to change the interpretation or rewrite the Word. The Truth never changes just mankind’s interpretation to suit their needs.  Ask yourselves scholars of the scriptures, when did the debate change what you are about to witness like in the sixties with Vatican II? These changes were enacted under the direction of the antichrist and will be introduced to the Church by the false prophet and his new appointees. Know this; the sheer volume and details within these new books, papers and interpretation of the Gospels would have taken many years to prepare, but they are here as this was well planned.

   You say this cannot be so. The false prophet is a man of the people, again where the new focus is on solving poverty, bringing the secular and churches of the world together as with his meeting in May 2014. Just recently, he will appoint 19 new cardinals whose focus is on the poor. Look at those appointed from the Roman Curia as it is this group that will issue change in the direction of the Church masked by those appointees from poor dioceses whose job is to bring help the poor to the forefront.

   This is the diversion to direct the attention away from the small step changes quietly coming to your Mass, many by Christmas 2014, the Sacraments and the perception of sin lessen by bettering the lives of the poor through great philanthropy. Watch as the world accepts these changes many of which few know from lack of spiritual knowledge and if you question, you will be crushed in a way you will think, was this a sign of evil. Was that my pastor or friend who said my loyalty to the Word is old fashion and part of the past that needs to be discarded? Did I just hear this and now I must accept the popular belief? Since when does the pope enact changes to please the people of this earth to bring the many together? The true pope answers to one voice who established this Church, Jesus, not the whims of people.

   No, your beliefs in Christ never changes, just like Him, and then you just need to walk away. You will be enlightened as to your narrow path shortly after. Do you really think the rich would care for the poor unless their master told them to do this for a greater cause, to capture souls before the Second Coming?

   Doubt will freeze your response and some you love, may be lost. Anyway the money they give back is a small fraction of what was stolen from you through interest rates excised by the Federal Reserve in this country, a private bank for profit. Fifty trillion dollars given would not comprise 5% of what was taken. What would that amount given to the world do or influence? This is the plan, but most will not be delivered through fees, purchases with pre selected companies and salaries of selected charities, though it may seem so with the hype and the media.

   Each of you needs to visualize being in the Garden of Gethsemane with Jesus when Judas, the Pharisees and the Romans came. Are you going to run away from men or stand firm next to God, the Son of the Almighty? This is the same test, presented as a different event, in a different time to prove your love of your Savior. Reflect in quiet prayer, where do you stand? For some of you, it is these words that will initiate the tears of conversion as they flow uncontrollable from your eyes and you will give back your free will to the Lord without fear, welcome to the Remnant Army.


A Message to the Faithful


   All you are uneasy and with good reason as the …. is about to hit the fan. All of you need to focus on what are your plans when disaster (chastisements) hits. Do you and your loved ones have a meeting place? Cell service will be down in many areas at some point in time, but opt to Walkie talkies as a backup. Do you have a backpack of clothes and supplies prepared for everyone in your family to grab in seconds? Do you have geographic maps in sealed double plastic bag and a compass of the area you hope is a refuge? Remember the same ingredient in water purification tablets is the same as what is in a bag HTH pool shock. This may save your lives as millions on move will defecate openly above aquifers and piss in the streams.

   What will disturb most shall be the animalistic rapes and murders now on the increase. This is when you call on Jesus first to take away the pain all others will offer lip service. Watch family members in secret during times of turmoil, “their eyes” as they look towards the innocent, and then covertly follow without judging them for safety of the vulnerable. You will ask; has the world gone mad? Yes it has. This is when you need to dig deep and persevere, if not for you then your wife and family. You will show no signs of weakness when you walk in the path provided by God. God does not abandon you, only in fear you abandon Him. The trials are going to be severe as the earth will be purged. It is not for you to talk about, for soon enough all will come running to you for advice. If you expect protection by the Lord, then a real effort to avoid sin must be taken.

   But know this; many of the good will be taken with the evil, fear not, do not waver when faced with death of the body. You will be released and the love of God will encompass you in ecstasy. Death is but a transition that mankind has little knowledge of, but great fear. As you look back you will realize earth was a prison planet controlled by the dark one and you escaped. You ask; what about the loved ones I left behind? Not one would wish their plight on you just for company in pain and suffering. They will join you later. Years to days for you will seems like seconds for them.

   Millions at a time through many events will be taken in the harvest of souls, some good, and many refusing the hand of Mercy from our Lord shall be destroyed. With your effort, this number can be and should be reduced by the prayer of the faithful. The Lord came for the sinners, not the righteous, follow His words.

   You say; I have followed you Christ as a Christian all of my life. I adhere to the scriptures in the Bible. I have preached your Word so that many would follow. I ask; why should a person on their deathbed be forgiven at the last seconds of their sinful life?

    The Almighty speaks, “I created all life and treasure it all, the good and bad. I sent My Son to teach in the ways of the Heavens through My Commandments. Did not the scriptures give you this same example yet you do not learn? My Son forgives all with true remorse. I ask; if you lose your child and he or she came home after decades would you forsake him or her because others stood by you? No, you would welcome the return of the lost one and expect others to celebrate understand forgiveness. This is what I expect out of you. If you read the scriptures, My Son gave you this same example in the New Testament. With that said then live by the Word as a part of your life. To love all that is lost and see it return to that which is of God, a blessing. Model your life by it and reject the hate, for that comes from the dark side.”

   Know this; almost all of you have the events of the rapture wrong. Details were not provided to you, just a prophetic voice to guide you. Yes one will disappear and one left, but this happens at the Second Coming where Jesus comes to gather His faithful and not before. If you wish to leave before, you will be taken in the Chastisements or disasters as a martyr if as a small child in the eyes of God as an obedient to the Commandments of the Almighty.

   For those who stay. It is important to become part of the Remnant Army in order to save souls for your Lord and Savior, Jesus. This is what Jesus expects of you, being the strong. You are the support on the front lines as this is the ultimate mission. You are the light that flickers dimly on earth when there is none. You are the one who will not abandon the human race in their time of need through your prayers of atonement. It is through your suffering, faith that your actions on earth, will tip the scales of justice to save all souls. This is your job. This is why you lived while all around you perished. This is how the Almighty will reclaim almost all of His children, when several decades ago the number was few. Do your part and bring His children Home, can you do this for Jesus and Father?


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