The Attack on the Synagogue

The Book of Truth



Written Nov 18


   World is aghast at the terrorism in Israel. All of you in power whom are part of the G20 know who is behind terrorism and it is not God. Israeli elite who are well briefed on the flow of money supporting attacks on your country for you are connected with them through the many tentacles of the new world order. You fool the world as you point out the violence which is wrong, and I condemn it. But are still hidden, as all in Israel laugh at these words, but this will be short lived. For you the children of God need not suffer this persecution. You, who leads the Israelis again are given a choice, as a child of God you need to make a choice now, as this is your last chance before the dark one sweeps you away by your actions.

   All know those that killed the Rabbis were guilty and for the protection of life only then can you take their lives. Moses told you through God’s Commandments thou shall not kill, but you do as you seek revenge. This is not the way of Abraham. This is not the way of your Father, the Almighty. This is not the way of your Messiah. You punish innocent children by destroying their homes for the crimes of the parents. Arrest them, jail them, remove the threat, but leave the innocent and children alone. Again, I ask, who do you work for? That who forgives and builds love or the one who destroys in the name of arrogance and pride hiding under the cloak of God? You will stand in front God under judgment and say I was protecting your people, He will say you punished My innocents! Lower your head in shame before His Son the Messiah who will judge you.

   The Almighty speaks, “You My children of Israel are the direct descendants of Abraham. You are My children who I have come to claim. I LOVE ALL OF YOU and after 2,000 years of silence I am talking to you through these messages, but will you listen. I am sending you this message to save you as the world will change very shortly. You have heard this message before, but few have listened. I ask all who has that connection you think you have with your God call on Me and I will teach you My ways. I will show you your Messiah. I will forgive your sins. I will welcome you home My lost children with a feast. All I need from you is now is to say, God please forgive Me and I will introduce you to My Son and His great love for you. This is a promise.”

   Now you can listen to your leadership which will lead to war as tensions escalate by design or question quietly your path as it has not work in the past or brought you security. You are the scapegoat in the near future and those that lead you have been compromised, analyze their decisions. If your response to the world that opposes you is to corner the opposition and crushes all hope, then you are an agent of the dark one as under the guise of security. As you instill hate into another generation. As the new world order take hold your nation will fall to its knees and when the US loses cities in your name cries from all Americans will let you go, all to save their nation and will abandon Israel for this is prophesized. It is time for a new plan.


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